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The Surprise The Surprise

It was sunset. She stood at the window of the small beach house, watching the last of the sunlight glinting off the waves. She was still damp from their day spent among those waves -- swimming, tanning, and surreptitiously fondling each other beneath the water. Long auburn hair still clung lightly to her back, hiding the bikini strap and giving the impression that she might be topless. The young man watching her from the couch was patient, however. a moonlight swim would not be far away. Still...

"You'd better get out of those wet things" he said. "What there is of them." With a sly smile.

"And into?" she asked, turning to let him admire her well-tanned body. He didn't answer. He didn't breathe. She took that as an answer, removing the skimpy top with flirtatious ease. The bottoms, string quickly parted, fell gracefully to her feet. Naked, still glistening from the waters, she stood before him, back to the setting sun. It wasn't the light that misted his eyes. Long auburn hair--almost to her waist, hazel eyes, full breasts, full figure -- not as lean as any dancer perhaps, but soft and warm to hold. He felt safe when he held her. Or she him. And that beautiful smile! The one that always began and remained in her eyes...... It seemed a very long time before he could speak, and he relished every moment. Then...

"Oh God. God, how beautiful"

"Tell me more" she said.

"Couldn't I show you?"

"Well....not like that" she said, tugging gently at the trunks he still wore. He sighed as the growing pressure of his swelling penis against the fabric was eased, then removed as she continued tugging, drawing the trunks down and off--leaving him naked, stretched out on the fluffy cushions, his erection very, very evident. He was a little self-conscious, she noted. Idiot. He never considered himself in good enough "shape". As long as they'd been dating, he'd never understood that his eyes were much more attractive to her than his prick. Warm, gentle, smiling eyes; that melted her insides when he looked at her like that. Eyes that were framed in a pleasant, loving face; that was framed in soft, dark hair (with lots of curls to play with) and a soft beard that tickled when he nuzzled her in the night. She sighed. A very good man, she thought. With very good eyes. And, she admitted, a very good prick.

"What are you thinking?" he asked.

"Oh, this and that." she grinned. "Mostly this" sliding her fingers between her legs "and that" running their tips along the length of his shaft. He gasped, quivering beneath her touch, and stretched out fully, moaning softly. She stroked him for awhile, letting her fingers drift along his length, over his scrotum, then, mischievously swept them up his sides, over his ribs, and into his armpits.

"AHH! Aahhahahahhah!!!" he squealed, wriggling. "Noooohahahhahohohohahano don't tickle hehheheeeeeeeehh pleeeeehehehehease! don't tickle!"

She realized quickie that she was in luck. Stretching out beneath her, he'd had to stick his arms out under the arm of the couch, but the fluffy cushions and his position made it hard for him to pull them back out. Helpless. She thought. Hmmm.... Quickly she ran to the side of the couch, grabbing hold of his hands and pulling his arms farther out--as far as they'd reach. She noted with pleasure that his resistance was only token. A small cushion stuffed between the arms of the couch and those of her lover insured that he was comfortable. And helpless. Completely helpless.

"Well now," she said "what am I going to do with you?" She giggled, watching him squirm in mock-horror.

"You wouldn't. Please, please no, you wouldn--ahahahaaaaaahahahahahhehehehehaaa!" as he fingertips lightly brushed his ribs. His knees came up -- she'd have to do something about that. Easiest, she thought, just to sit on them. Grinning wickedly, she lowered herself astride him, just below his still-hard penis. Idly, she swirled a lock of hair round and round his member. "Mmmmmph! Mmmm Mmmmmmhaha! Not that, please!"

"Okay" she said, slooooooowly pulling the lock of hair from his penis. "Don't want anything to happen just yet anyway, do we?" She drew her fingernails lightly down his ribs, wiggling them lightly over his tummy. As she did so, she knew her long hair was falling all around him, sweeping over his sides, neck, and genitals. He shuddered, giggling softly. She could feel the heat from his hardness, and the dampness forming between her own legs. But she had all night, she reminded herself. She knew he loved to be tickled. And his every ticklish spot.

"Oh no, stop, please stop! I'll be good! Haven't I been good?"

"Yes, my love, you've been very, very good. I've never had a better birthday present" The weekend alone had been his idea, and he'd almost had to drag her away from work. As a matter of fact... "But you had to tickle me into coming, didn't you?" Wait, she thought. Was that a double-entendre? It was. She could see him trying not to giggle at the thought. "Kitchy kitchy koo, baby boy--Tickle tickle tickle!" she said, lowering her head to stare into his eyes. That did it. He lost control, laughing out loud, and she teased him a little more, not even touching him. "Who's a ticklish baby? Is he a ticklish baby boy? Ootchy cootchy cootchy coooooo, I'm going to tickle you!"

"NONONONOnononono pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasehahahahaha!!! Please no more!!" he collapsed into silent laughter, and she leaned closer, so that her breath and hair tickled his ear as she whispered into it--running her fingers along his naked body all the while.

"Tickle tickle tickle tickle. Kitchy kitchy coo! Does he have a ticklish tummy? Yes he does! He's a ticklish boy! He's so ticklish!" She giggled, joining in his laughter. Sitting up, she watched him recover his breath. She also noticed his erection--still evident--and began to softly stroke it's length.

"Oh! Ooooooohhhhh! Oh god! God I love you!"

"I take it back. I think this is the best birthday present I've ever had."

He grinned, puzzling her. "Well, we'll see."

"And what is that supposed to mean?" she asked, attempting to coax an answer from somewhere other than his lips. He said nothing. "What are you planning, Darling?" His lips quivered, then parted in a very wide smile.

"I can't tell you."

"Can't tell me what?"

"It's a secret."

She was silent for a while, thinking. What kind of secret? What would he do? She gave up.

"Tell me."

"No. It's a secret. You'll see."

"Oooohhhhh. Come aaahhhhhnnnn. Please?" She smiled her sweetest smile "Pretty please?" He said nothing. "Okay, pal. Just remember, you had your chance....."

"No WAIT! What-aAHAHAHAAAAAAHAHAHAHAAHAAAAA!" He began to buck and squirm desperately as she ran her fingers up and down his sides. She swirled them around, making little circles in his armpits, bending down to let her hair sweep along his naked body. He was in trouble, and she knew it! She'd found out a long time ago just how sensitive he was all over--especially when he was just drying off... "We have ways of making you talk, honey" she said "What is it? What is it?"

"I... I... hahahahhheheheheeeeeeeeoooooohhaaaaa"

"Come on. Kootchy kootchy kooo! Tell me."

"Naaaaahahahahah I can't I can't! Pleasepleasestohahahahahahapppp! MERCYhheeeeeehhee! Mercy!" She slowed her pace, gently caressing his sides and stomach. He giggled occasionally, but managed to catch his breath.

"I'm waiting....."

"Oh god. Oh god. Really, beloved, really it'd be better if you wa-oooohahahaha!!! STOPSTOPSTOPSTOPSTOPAAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!!" He collapsed into helpless gibbering, laughing, and squirming as she repeated her performance. She took much longer, this time. She scrabbled her fingers along his tummy, running them up and down his ribs, then under his arms, and over his shoulders, tickling his neck and his ears. He was laughing too hard to beg for mercy, or do anything but squirm under her (and his naked body squirming under her naked body was not doing wonders for her concentration). She began to kiss and lick and tickle him, running her tongue around his ears, pausing to whisper "He's a tickle-baby! He's a tickle-baby boy!" before the tension she could feel in the penis pressed between them gave her a warning. Abruptly, she sat up, looking down at him giggling himself to a breathless stop. She noticed with some satisfaction that he remained rock-hard.

"Had enough?" she inquired innocently. "I'll bet you'd like me to do something about this" she said, drumming her fingertips lightly along his shaft. "wouldn't you?" He gasped. He was on the very edge, and they both knew it. Of course, so was she, but she didn't think he knew it.

"Ooooooohhhhhhhh. Pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaassssseee" he begged. She bent down to gently kiss the tip. He breath was warm against it, and he gasped.

"Does that feel good" she asked huskily.

"Oh yes. Ooooohhhh yes." She licked it lightly, then blew gently on the spot, causing him to groan in pleasure.


"Oh yes, yes...."

"What's the surprise?"

How cute. she thought, when he actually whimpered. Then he said "Will you let me up?"

"Of course. After you tell me what it is."

"I--" He looked up, a little fearfully (a little hopefully, she thought) "I really..... just....."



She sighed. Then she reached behind her. Just within reach was the end-table where she'd left her aloe-vera lotion. Well within her reach were his untouched, ticklish feet. It was a little tricky, getting the cap off, and the slippery lotion smeared all over his wriggling toes, but she hated to turn around, and miss seeing the growing look of horror on his face.



"Please, honey, please, not my feet! Not that!"

"Are you gonna talk?" she asked, sliding one finger along his instep.

"YES! YES! Pleaheeeehehehese! No more!"

"Okay. But if you don't talk this time..... I'll do THIS!!!" She lay back suddenly, so that her head was between his lotion-soaked feet. Wrapping one arm around each ankle, she wriggled her fingers up and down his soles, working them in between his toes, scratching her nails lightly along his instep. She felt him writhing helplessly under her, and was almost afraid he'd pull the couch apart. So, she thought, she'd better make sure he was plenty weakened.... He was in agony/ecstasy. She'd never tickled him this much, ever! He could barely think, except of the devilish tickling of her fingers. Then he felt something poke him in the ribs! He screamed in helpless laughter, as she prodded and poked his ribs and armpits with her toes--never letting up on his own toes with her fingers. If she were the concert pianist of tickling, this was her Carnegie Hall. And he was her Steinway. He thought he might pass out, as her fingers, toes, and tongue explored his helpless body. It seemed to go on for hours, then he felt her weight shift as she sat up again. As she did, her pubic hair brushed against his penis, bringing him mind-numbingly close to the explosion she'd been tickling him too hard to permit. He groaned

"Ooohohoho! No more! No more I'll talk I'll talk I'll talk!!!!"


"It's... it's....it's"

"Kitchy kitchy..."

"It's a RING! It's a RING! "

She was dumbstruck. For what seemed forever, there was silence.

"A ring?"

He looked up at her, sheepishly. He was soaked with sweat, gulping in great gasps of air, and still quivering beneath her. He'd never looked better. "I... I'd really wanted to be on my knees for this." Silence again, then "Please, please marry me?"

"Yes. YES!" She threw herself down on him, smothering him (almost literally) with kisses. As she did, without thinking about it, she slid him inside of her, and the long-denied explosion took place. In both of them. They hardly noticed. Still kissing, still throbbing, they slipped into unconsciousness for a little while.

He woke to feel her lips on his, and responded as well as he could, still trapped as he was. When she was satisfied that he was awake again, she sat up, looking deeply into his eyes. As he looked into hers.

"I love you." she said.

"I love you." he answered, but she caught the slight twitch of his lip, and asked,

"What is it?"

"Well" he said "You do know that from now on, if anybody asks I can tell them you pinned me down and tickled me until I proposed?" She sighed. Well, she did love him for his sense of humor....

"All right, mister" she said. "Just for that I'm going to tickle you ALL... NIGHT... LONG.....

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