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Alison Alison

I remember being on a field trip in the 10 grade with my science class. I think we had all done some kind of science project and had displays up in this elementary school's auditorium with parents, teachers, administrators walking in and out. Anyway, it was all day, and we had alot of free time unsupervised.

I had been spending alot of the dead time with my friends Jeff and Alisen. Alisen was about 5'4'', dark hair and blue eyes and a nice figure. She wasn't beautiful but she was pretty. Anyway, we're all kidding around, and Alisen and Jeff start "wrestling". Finally, Jeff got her into a full-nelson with her arms pinned over her head.

"Oh, tough guy, huh?" Alisen asked.

"Bet you can't get out!" Jeff said.

Alisen struggled for a few seconds, but of course, she couldn't get out and she knew it, so she just kinda stood there smirking, with Jeff now totally unsure of what exactly to DO with her. I was watching this with great interest. I had never tickled Alisen, but I had seen her demand foot massages from male friends who then tickled her - I knew she was ticklish. There she was, totally helpless, with her armpits and ribs totally exposed. Anyway, she stood there, smirking. Then she said to me,"Help me out, please, huh? You're a gentleman. Unlike Jeff. Jeff's just a big bully."

It was now or never time. Besides she had asked for a "hand".. heh heh heh. I ran over to her and started tickling both armpits with both hands. Her reaction was terrific and immediate.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Nooooooooohahaahhahaha!" - Alisen's laugh was very loud and a steady "Ha Ha Ha".

"So, somebody's ticklish?" - I asked.

"Yes, somebody's ticklish! Now cut it out, you dork!".

That was one thing about Alisen. She had a playful bad attitude and often made demands when she really should have been humbler. She was strong willed, of a dominant nature, but helpless against tickling - a very exciting combination! "Oh, I'm a dork, am I?" - I curled my fingertips into the direct centers of her pits and began wiggling and contracting them.

"Ah HA HA HA HA... yes you arrrrhhhhhaaaaahahahahaha!"

"Take it back!... or else!" - I told her. Jeff thought this was really funny and mentioned that he was disappointed I was having all the fun!

"Make me!".

I wasn't kidding that she never knew when to be demure. Needless to say, I proceeded to "make her". "Tickle,tickle,tickle!", - I crooned. I slid my hands down to her rib cage and was probing her ribs and the spaces in between and getting some wonderful giggling. "Tickle tickle!" - I whispered into her ear as I very slowly ran my fingers across her ribcage. She looked into my face and opened her mouth to say something, but as I tickled, she winced, and all that came out was "HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE!" I continued tickling lower down on her sides, and she kept giggling, but I soon came to realize that she was most ticklish further north. Tickling her ribs and sides got some giggling, but she laughed explosively when her pits were given the finger treatment. "Know what I think?" - I asked as I poked her belly.

"What hee hee?"

"I think you're armpits are the most ticklish!".

Instantly her eyes widened and she started to struggle. "NOOOOOOO... they're not, they're not!" - she said frantically. I put my face about 2 inches from hers and began lightly stroking and probing her armpits with just the tips of my index fingers.

"Heeeeeeeeeeeee! Hee hee hee hee ha ha ha!".

"Does that tickle? Poor ticklish Alisen!" - I whispered in her face. Alisen was trying not to look at me, because I was making her more ticklish. I traced her armpits thoroughly and drew circles all over her underarms with my fingertips. Alisen bit her lip and tried to hold it in. I began using all five fingers, swirling, dragging, scrabbling, alternating hard and light. As I increased my tickle torture, I stared deep into her blue eyes and teased her: "Tickle tickle tickle.... you're ticklish and you KNOW it... it's only a matter of time. There's only so much tickling your armpits can stand. And I'm just gonna stand here and tickle and tickle and tickle until you start laughing! You know you have to laugh." I started giggling into her face (she was bright red and about to explode) and then began my fiercest tickling attack into her armpits.


I thought it was great that she just blurted out anything she thought might make me stop. Finally, when she was sagging under Jeff's hold and she was knees down on the tile laughing so hard she was crying, I stopped. "That'll teach her!" I said to Jeff, who nodded approvingly. (Jeff probably said things during the interlude, but I was so focused on tickling Alisen I barely paid attention to him!)

Alisen picked herself up, and not 5 seconds after being made into a shrieking, laughing, begging maniac, was being ballsy again. She gave me a great smile and said, "Just wait! I'm gonna get you!!!". Unfortunately, she never did. That was my one tickling experience with her. But it was a good one!

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