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Bono Bono

I'll never forget that day when I went to U2's studio in hope of meeting. Waiting sat on a bank in front of the studio, I saw a girl aged about twenty who opened the door and went in.

"Oh" I thought "is it okay to go in? That's good!"

I stood up and followed her. When I was inside, I heard a man's shout: "Hey you young lady! What're you doing in here?"

I stopped. Were I wrong to come in?

Then I heard someone was running towards me so I stepped behind an opened door and looked out from there. That girl who went in before me, was running with a piece of paper in her hands, and two men I didn't know - they must have been technicians or securities or something like that - were after her. One of them caught her, but surprisingly she freed herself quickly and hit him on his throat. He stepped back breathless and shocked, and when both of them grabbed her, they finally managed to put her on the floor on her back into spread eagle, so they could use their weight to hold her down. One of them held her arms, and the other one held her legs.

"Just call the police!" she shouted. "I have nothing at all!" And really, she already didn't have the paper.

"What's going on here?"

Oh my God. I would never miss this voice. It was Bono. He was dressed up like The Fly, black leather and dark shades. He looked so cool… and I couldn't appear! Who'd believe I meant no harm when I hid?

"This little wild cat lifted your sketch" one of the men answered "and hit me when I wanted it back. Incredible."

Bono sat down on his heels beside her.

"Where is that paper?" he asked.

"I have no any kind of paper!"

"So where have you put it?"

"I have nothing!" she repeated.

"Okay, you little wild cat" he lowered his voice, "I'm very sorry, but if you don't tell I'll have to apply… physical force."

The way he told these last two words and that little, evil smile appeared in his face – like in the end of the Fly Video – thrilled me. I leaned out further to see what's next.

"I'm ready to waste your time" she said with a cheeky smile.

Bono didn't answer just lightly put his fingers on her sides and belly, where the tank top she wore left her skin uncovered. I felt my heartbeat racing as I found out what he planned. And she got it too: she wasn't so confident as some seconds before.

"Okay" she said, "it's under that table there."

In the moment I knew he found her great weakness and when I saw he sat back beside her after getting the paper, I knew she was doomed.

"Hey, what do you want? I gave your paper back, so let me go!"

"Oh yes, you thought if you say it quickly, you'll get away with… but you were soooooooo wrong… I want you to learn the lesson and not to forget it. What a behaviour is this, to hit this poor man who only did his work?"

He lightly ran his fingertips over her belly, and when he saw her body tensed, he started to tickle her stormily. She bit her lip, held her breath, tried everything to stay still, but seconds later she broke out loud, uncontrollable laughing, and desperatedly fought to free herself or at least to avoid his wiggling fingers, but held down firmly with her legs stretched and her arms over her head, she had no chance.

The sight was strange and somehow irresistibly sweet. He really knew his stuff. He carefully, handily tickled her out of her mind with running all his ten fingers all over her sides, ribs and belly, gently but vigorously enough, never stopping for a moment. But the point when it became really unendurable was when watched her reactions he started to discover her most sensitive spots. Half a minute and she was screaming for mercy.

Surprisingly he stopped immediately. She took a deep, relieved breath. But her relief was short lived. Bono got closer to her face. "Okay" he said with a maddening cute smile, "quarter a minute. And you count the seconds."

What a trick! I wouldn't have been surprised if she even had forgotten how many seconds quarter a minute are. And I already knew why he went closer to her head – to reach her wickedly exposed armpits. Her eyes filled with fear when she saw his fingers approaching them.

"Oh no, please, please, pleeeeease, you can't be so cruel! Bonooooonoooooooooo!"

Her last words lost in hysteric laughter as he touched her hairless, smooth skin. Tickling both armpits continuously in the same time, he drove her crazy. Her body twitched and jerked, her unstoppable laughter filled the air. She had to see that begging is useless now, and it's better to count obediently. She could gasp out a number in about every fourth or fifth second, but she managed to do it. She almost finished.

"Ten… thirteen…"

"No" Bono said not stopping for a moment, "that's wrong. You mustn't skip numbers. Start again."

Her eyes widened but she could take a deep breath somehow, and she started again:


"Oh, noooooo" Bono purred in his softest voice almost made me to jump into his arms, "it's wrong again. I told you to count seconds, and this was much quicker. Just to make it easier to you, I don't mind at all if you count slower – you can count as slow as you would like to – but don't hurry. Start again."

Meanwhile he intensified the tickling a little bit, which caused her laughter turned into a scream and she frantically tried to pull her arms down. But soon she had no strength to struggle any more, what just made the tickling even more effective. Certainly this way it was much harder to count than before: she stretched this "quarter a minute" almost three minutes long, but Bono stopped in the moment she uttered fifteen. It wasn't even five minute since he appeared. When the two men let her get up, I think we thought the same: it would have been better to ask for a souvenir than trying get one without permission…

When she was on the other side of the door, Bono picked up the paper from the floor, and turned exactly towards me! I absolutely forgotten about myself, and I've just realised I went out of cover. But he realised me - God knows, when - and I didn't see because of his shades. What to do now?!

"Hi, honey!" he said. "You came in the right time! Could you please take this paper to that girl has just left? She really deserved it, but I gotta go."

I got the paper and ran after the girl. Meanwhile I've got Bono managed to sent me away I didn't even realised… smart. I caught her up soon, she wasn't far yet.

"Hey, wait! Bono sent this."

I gave her the paper. She took it with disbelieving surprise, and when she turned it, a silly grin appeared on her face.

I leaned closer to read what's on the side of the paper was blank before. It was Bono's hard to read handwriting, he surely wrote it just after she left.

"Blue eyed boy meets a brown eyed girl, oh oh oh, the sweetest thing - isn't it? Bono."

— ◊ — — ◊ —

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