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First session First session

Hi. I have been a long time member of TMF and have made a few posts but have usually been more comfortable just lurking. However, for about the past year or so I have been trying to meet someone around my area for some tickling. I've had many failed efforts here, but through a great turn of fortune, I joined a tickling group on another site, met a girl who lives very nearby, talked for hours on end, and before we knew it we both were dying to have a tickling session asap.

This is certainly not a slight on TMF, just funny how things worked out.

Anyway, to the more interesting stuff. We met face to face for the first time today at a diner. She was not comfortable going to my place yet or using any bondage, so she decided she wanted to drive somewhere secluded where I would tickle her in the backseat of her car.

After an agonizingly long drive (although we had a great conversation all the way there) we pulled off a side road and parked. We exited the car and both got into the backseat. This girl, whom I shall call Anna, was very cute. 20 years old, about 5'3" with long dark hair, an athletic figure with very strong sexy legs, and about size 8 feet. Her face was also beautiful as well.

I started by slowly removing a shoe and lightly moving my index finger over her right sole. The flinch was very strong; this boded very well. I spent a couple minutes lightly tickling each foot as she giggled constantly and twitched and turned but really did not resist.

After a couple minutes of this I got to business. I pulled off the right sock to reveal a narrow foot with very soft smooth sole. I had promised her that she could use the safeword "banana" and I would stop anytime she said it. I dug into her arches and she burst into hysterics. She could not go more than five seconds without incoherently babbling "banana banana banana." Her feet were very ticklish, especially in between the toes which i explored heavily with fingers, toothbrush, and tongue, all with explosive results and frequent mention of the aforementioned fruit.

After a few minutes on the feet I moved up to her upperbody. First I began pinching at her sides. This sent her thrashing about wildly trying to get away, almost falling off the backseat. I had to hold her down while I tickled her here in order to keep her on the seat. I also found that the area just below the stomach and right above the hipbone was one of her worst spots. She screamed and begged so hard here, but loved it just the same.

Every time I gave her a break she was ready to go a few seconds later. Eventually the session devolved into a very aggressive full body tickle rapidly moving from armpits, stomach, sides, waist, knees, thighs, and feet. I really thought she would pass out from laughter but she loved it. She also made the unfortunate mistake during a break of picking up a hairbrush to fix her hair. Oops. I promptly took that from her and she discovered that the hairbrush led to the strongest reactions yet on her feet, especially right underneath her toes.

Later on the session I gave her a chance for revenge. I hadn't been really tickled in a while and was curious how it would go. I discovered I really am only ticklish when I am nervous or in anticipation. She started on my feet and I was in hysterics for a short while. However, quickly the laughter subsided and she became frustrated. The same occurred for my upperbody. She seemed disappointed so I quickly reversed the roles and she resumed laughing until it was time to leave.

This was certainly an unbelievable first tickling session. Beyond the tickling, we both hit it off immediately and will definitely be seeing each other for more laughs in the near future.

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