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Mexican girl Mexican girl

When I was a little girl I liked Matchbox cars and playing cops & robbers in the street rather than dressing Barbies. So my friends were typically boys rather than girls.

One time I was playing in my room with the boy I liked best. I was the "victim" in the game that day. He had just tied my wrists crossed behind my back with a shoelace. It was probably my idea. I remember secretly fantasizing about being one of the captive heroes or damsels in distress on TV. Without knowing the word "kink" at that young age I understood that I didn't want to be caught playing tie-up games. If we had ever talked about it we probably would have called it "hanky panky."

My parents were downstairs and the house was quiet. The danger of this game dawned on me. I tried pulling my hands free and found out the kid could really tie a knot! I felt my first ever rush of bound helplessness and it was thrilling. Kneeling on the floor, I imagined I was a star in an action movie. Then the boy decided to "torture the victim" by tickling. I'm extremely ticklish! At first he did it gingerly, a dig in the ribs, a squeeze on the side. I was jumping out of my skin with excitement (/arousal) mixed with shame of having my fantasy exposed and fear of being caught. I fell over on the floor. Whichever way I flipped he tickled what was available. With a grin on his face my friend kept experimenting with me and ignoring my protests. I was bursting to laugh out loud and to scream at him.

So far my mother hadn't heard my little stifled squeaks and the thumping on the floor but surely she would soon. I pictured her coming upstairs and discovering me in my naughtiness. I was too naive to realize that I could blame it all on the boy and say he tricked me and took advantage of me. I was ashamed of having such excited feelings and loving this sweet torture. It had to stop.

Now I was desperate to get loose. Unable to avoid the maddening fingers, struggling to keep quiet, humilated by my trusted friend, I worked to get my hands under my bottom and around to my front. Finally I had squeezed my bottom between my arms and gotten my hands to behind my bent knees. But now I couldn't straighten my legs! My "friend" took cruel (/delicious) advantage of my vulnerable situation. His just fingertips walked right over the line. He tickled me THERE! And I was powerless to protect myself!

I bounced like a Mexican jumping bean and shrieked. He ran out of my room. I got my legs all the way out from between my arms and pulled at the shoelace knot with my teeth. I finally got free just before my mom called me to tell her what was going on. My secret was safe.

This experience was heavenly and it was horrible. A violation of trust. An awakening of lust. If we had been older it would have taken our friendship to a whole new level. But as it was, I was done with this boy and now I'm not even sure of his name...

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