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Just Say Red Just Say Red

Wendy and Jerry had been dating a couple years and were now living together. They had a great relationship, both in and out of bed. They both knew they had a lot in common but neither realized just how much.

Jerry had one fantasy that he never had the guts to admit to Wendy. He liked to be tickled. Not just a poke here or there, but he fantasized about being tickled non-stop for an extended period of time. Wendy discovered early that Jerry was very ticklish and would, on occasion, tickle him, but not for very long. And since Wendy wasn't ticklish, he couldn't instigate a tickle fight.

Wendy was very happy when she found out Jerry was ticklish. She loved to tickle, had since she was a little kid. Not being ticklish herself, she had a distinct advantage over her friends and boyfriends. But because Jerry was so ticklish, Wendy was always worried he would get mad if she tickled him too much so she refrained. Both felt awkward that tickling turned them on.

Although Wendy hadn't confided in Jerry, her life long best friend, Linda, knew of Wendy's love of tickling. Wendy had told her more than once how she'd love to get Jerry tied up and tickle him but said he'd never go for it. Linda had always encouraged her to be honest with him about her thoughts, feelings and fantasies, but Wendy was too worried she'd scare Jerry off. So Linda decided she'd help her friend out.

Linda was over visiting one day and was going through her purse when she pulled out a pair of handcuffs. "Never know when you're going to need these," Linda joked and set them down. "You know, I think that's why Bob stopped seeing me."

"Because you carry around handcuffs?" Jerry asked.

"Well, maybe not that. In fact, at first he said he liked his girls kinky and even let me cuff him to the bed. I was just running my hands over his body and realized he was ticklish. I thought it was cute so I started tickling him. He freaked, but I thought it was funny so I kept tickling him for about five minutes. He was laughing so much he couldn't talk much but when I finally stopped, he started yelling and swearing at me. So naturally, I tickled him some more, telling him to be nice. He quickly apologized so I stopped and let him go. He didn't say much afterwards but the next time we went out, he said he wanted to see other people."

Wendy knew what Linda was up to so she played along. "Jerry would freak too. He's so ticklish. Aren't you Jerry?" Both girls looked at him and he blushed.

"Is that true Jer?" Linda said. "Would you freak and beg and cry if you were tickled like that?"

Jerry wasn't sure what to say. He couldn't admit that he would actually like it, so he just said "No, I wouldn't cry or beg. It's just a little tickling."

"Oh come on," Wendy chimed in. "You are the most ticklish man I know. There is no way you could take being tied up and tickled. You'd be begging for it to stop."

Linda was starting to think her plan might work so she gave it another push. "So you think you could take it Jerry?"

"I can't lie and say I'm not ticklish, obviously, but Wendy tickles me quite a bit and I've never gotten mad or begged or cried." Jerry was starting to get turned on by this discussion but was hoping it didn't show.

"Sounds like we have the makings for a bet here. What do you think Wendy?" Linda said, hoping her friend would take the ball and run with it.

"I agree," Wendy said. "Jerry, I bet we could make you beg us to stop tickling. If you can last an hour without begging, I'll be your slave for a week. I'll cook for you every night, do your laundry, you could have your buddies over for poker and I'll wait on you hand and foot. I'll have to give you a blowjob whenever you want, or anything else for that matter."

"An hour? I might not beg if you tickle me an hour but I might have a heart attack. Ten minutes," Jerry suggested. His heart was racing at the prospect of this.

"For a love slave for a week?" Linda said. "You can do better than that."

"Alright, fifteen. And what happens if I lose?" asked Jerry.

Wendy was giddy at getting her hands on Jerry and would have agreed to anything but Linda kept it up. "Half an hour. If you can stand being tickled for just 30 minutes, you get Wendy as your slave for a week AND I'll take you out to dinner sometime. If you can't, Wendy, what do you want?"

"Just one night of being my slave. One night of cooking me dinner, giving me a massage and anything else I want. What do you say? One week and a free dinner if you win, one night if you lose," Wendy offered.

"That's a hell of a deal Jerry. All you have to do is take a little tickling, as you put it," Linda encouraged.

"20 minutes," Jerry negotiated, trying not to act excited, although secretly he was ok with an hour.

"30, Jerry. Just think, in half an hour, she is all yours for a week,"

"What constitutes begging? Jerry asked. "I'm sure I'd instinctively say please stop' or something like that."

"How about you just say the word, red, if you want us to stop, and we will immediately," Wendy suggested, trying to hold back her excitement as well.

"I can't believe I'm thinking about this," Jerry lied. "But the thought of having you at my beckon call for a week is too good to pass up. You're on.

Both girls laughed, jumped up and gave each other a high five. Linda grabbed the cuffs and Wendy took a hold of Jerry's arm and pulled him towards the bedroom while he tried to act reluctant. Actually, he wasn't so sure he could take this. He knew he liked to be tickled but to be tied up, unable to fight back, two of them tickling for 30 minutes straight, he wasn't so confident.

"Ok Jerry, you can leave on your shorts but off with the shirt and socks," Wendy instructed. He did so slowly. "Alright, on your back, hands over your head." Jerry complied as Wendy secured his wrists to the headboard.

"Got anything for his legs? Pantyhose or something we can tie them with?" Linda wondered out loud.

"I know," Wendy said. Running to the closet, she got out two bathrobe ties and soon Jerry was spread eagle and feeling very helpless.

"I don't know about this," Jerry said nervously.

"You can say red right now if you want," Wendy said, praying he wouldn't. "But you wouldn't be that much of a wimp, would you?"

"No, I can take it, I think."

"Ok then, it's 2:27 now. I'll set the alarm for 3 and at 2:30 the tickling will begin." Wendy set the alarm, then took her place straddling Jerry's waist. She could feel the bulge in his shorts and took that as a good sign. She was getting very turned on herself.

"Are his feet ticklish?" Linda asked.

"Oh yea, he's ticklish everywhere. Aren't you Jerry?" Wendy answered, with an evil grin on her face.

"Cool, then I'll start down there. Ready Jerry?"

Jerry peeked at the alarm clock. 2:28. Soon they would start. How will he handle this. The seconds ticked away slowly.

Wendy added to his concerns by saying "Now I don't want to be his slave for a week, Linda, so tickle him as good as you can. Don't let up or give him any breaks."


"Oh don't worry. I don't want to buy him dinner either. I've had a lot of practice over the years tickling my sisters, cousins, boyfriends. I'm a very skilled tickler as you will soon find out, Jerry," Linda taunted.

Jerry watched the clock. As soon as it turned to 2:30, he heard Wendy yell "Go" and the tickling began.

Wendy already knew Jerry's hot spots and immediately began squeezing his ribcage, up and down, while Linda scratched her nails over both feet. Jerry erupted into a combination of laughter, snorts and squeals to the delight of both girls.

"Wow, he really is ticklish," Linda remarked.

"Yes he is. He's a little, helpless, ticklish boy, isn't he?" Wendy said in a baby talk voice, looking right into Jerry's face, loving the wide grin and eyes that were starting to water up. "You'll never be able to take 30 minutes of this Jerry. You might as well give up now and save yourself all this."

Jerry wasn't sure Wendy was wrong. But he wanted this, even fantasized about it, although it was already so intense. "Never," he bravely responded in between laughs.

"I was hoping you'd say that. Get him good Linda," Wendy encouraged her friend.

Linda was pulling back Jerry's toes and getting a good reaction by scratching the base of them. Wendy, meanwhile, was alternating her rib tickling with digging into his underarms, another great spot she knew from previous experience.

Jerry peeked at the clock. 2:34. Only 4 minutes' he thought to himself. The tickling consumed all his senses.

Wendy noticed his reaction. "Yes, still 26 minutes left Jerry. Just admit you were wrong, say the word, red, and this will all be over," Wendy said, laughing. Jerry just shook his head no, and kept on laughing.

Linda crawled up the bed, kneeling beside Jerry. "It looks like he's more ticklish up here."

"Well, he's got some really good spots down there too," Wendy responded. "But, yea, this is the better half. You take his underarms and I'll get his ribs."

Jerry couldn't believe how much it tickled. He could feel his ribs and underarms being tickled mercilessly, he was laughing as hard as he ever had in his life, frantically yanking at his bonds to no avail. He wasn't even sure why he had secretly wanted this. It was so hard to take. He thought about saying red but fought the urge. He could see, through the tears in his eyes, how much enjoyment Wendy and Linda were getting from tickling him senseless. They laughed at his predicament and verbally teased him.

"You're so ticklish, Jerry," Linda remarked. "I can't imagine how it must feel to have your arms over your head, no way to pull them down, no way to stop us from tickle torturing you. Our fingers making you laugh and squirm, but that's all you can do. It must tickle so much, doesn't it Jerry?"

"He can stop us, can't you Jerry," Wendy reminded him. "Just say red and we will stop. Otherwise, we're going to keep this up for 20 more minutes, just tickling every vulnerable, ticklish spot on your body. Just say red and we can get down to you being my slave for the night. Go ahead, Jerry, you know you want to."

Jerry didn't know what he wanted. He had two beautiful women running their hands all over his body, just like he'd dreamed about. He was still very turned on but this was so maddening. He had a hard time catching his breath, he was getting light headed, it tickled so much.

Linda added lightly tickling Jerry's neck to his torment. Her nails scraped from his shoulders up to his ears and under his chin, causing Jerry's head to move like a bobble head doll to the amusement of the girls. Wendy had found another really great spot where his inner thigh met his waist and she returned to it again and again. She also noted that Jerry was still rock hard.

"Hey, we're halfway done, Jerry," Wendy said, looking at the clock. "Just think, you only have to endure what you've already received. Only 15 more minutes of non stop tickling and you win. But I know how hard this is for you, baby," she added sympathetically. "There's no harm on giving up. You've already taken more than I thought you could. You've done good considering how helplessly ticklish you are. Just say red, honey, and I promise we'll stop."

Maybe it was the lack of oxygen, maybe it was that all his most sensitive spots were being touched, every nerve ending ignited, but Jerry was more confused than ever. He was torn between the thoughts of wanting the tickling to end or continue. Wendy had slid down his torso, working his inner thighs, knees and then feet. Linda was moving her fingers rapidly from his hips up over his ribs, under his arms to his neck.

Wendy was starting to realize she might lose the bet but didn't care. This was worth the price. She loved seeing her boyfriend tied up and tickled relentlessly, and he didn't seem to hate it. Actually, he had almost a blissful look on his face and there was no denying he was excited.

Linda was enjoying herself too. She loved Jerry's reactions to the tickling, the way he laughed and other funny noises he made, the way he bounced around and pulled on his restraints. She was delighted that there were so many great spots to tickle. Every rib was hyper ticklish, especially one spot where his ribs met his underarms. Oh, how he responded every time she tickled him there.

The girls moved around Jerry's body like a merry-go-round. One would be at his feet, one on his upper body, then both at his feet, then one tickling his ribs and one his underarms. Jerry thought he might actually pass out.

When the alarm went off, the girls were shocked time was up already, but it had seemed like hours to Jerry.

Linda spoke first. "Wow, I can't believe you made it Jerry. After seeing how ticklish you were when we started, I was sure you would be a goner within 5 minutes. Congratulations. I owe you dinner."

"I can't believe it either," Wendy added. "But a bet is a bet. At your service, master."

"Well, I'll leave you kids alone. Thanks, I had a blast," Linda said as she got up and walked towards the door.

"Thank you, Linda," Wendy replied. "We certainly got him good even if we didn't break him. Next time, we'll tickle him for an hour." Jerry rolled his eyes, the girls laughed and Linda left.

Wendy laid beside Jerry, snuggling up to him. "Are you going to untie me?" Jerry asked.

"Yes, in a minute, but there's something I want to ask. I couldn't help but notice you have been hard this whole time," she said, reaching down and squeezing his erection. Jerry moaned. "Do you like to be tickled?"

Jerry realized it was no time to be embarrassed. He really cared for this girl and they have been completely open about everything else. "I wasn't prepared for how intense it was and I was constantly torn about wanting you to stop, but, yes, I do like to be tickled, especially by you, and I have never been so turned on in my life."

"I can't believe this is happening. I have always loved tickling you but I always stopped myself. I was so worried you'd get mad at me. You are so ticklish and I'm not, I thought you'd get pissed if I took advantage of that."

"Well, we know now and I think we've just taken our relationship to another level. Now, if you'll untie me, we can satisfy another urge we both have right now."

"Of course, anything you want master," Wendy joked. "But I thought I might give you another option. If you let me take off your shorts and tie your legs back up, I could tickle you some more. There would be a new sensitive area to tickle and I would like to test it out. I promise you the best orgasm of your life before I'm through."

"That sounds good to me. And I think for the next week, one of the things I want you to do for me is tickle me every day."

"As you wish master," and they both laughed. Wendy untied his legs, pulled off his shorts, then tied him back up.

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