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Fangs Fangs

Part 1

Thirty year old Sergeant Mitzi Calhoon just couldn’t believe it. Another one? she asked as she saw missing persons report. Her recently appointed partner, Matthew Seevers had just plopped it down on her desk. He nodded yes to her question.

This is out of control, she said.

He sighed, and agreed. Mitzi was in the process of pinning up her long, straight blonde hair so that it would stay out

of her face and off her shoulders. It was department policy actually, and it did look more professional. She couldn`t

have a thing like her natural beauty distracting the people she worked with. It probably made folks take her more

seriously. While finishing up with her hair she added, One missing female is one to many, but three? In two weeks?

She began reading the file. The girl reported missing was named Jenny Peters. OK, fill me in on this one. What do

we know? she asked. As she continued reading, Matt spoke. "As usual, the missing is female, was last seen at

night, and her body has not been found. Also our suspicions were correct. There is a common link to all three

cases. Remember we couldn`t be sure if the second woman used a taxi or not?" Mitzi listened intently as Matt continued.

"Well we can pretty much assume she did, because Jenny Peters and the first woman were last seen around the time

they usually grabbed a taxi. On Friday Mitzi had received a memo that she had been assigned to handle this recent onslaught of missing women in the Los Angeles area. Sergeant Seevers was on loan from the New York Police Department because of his expertise in the missing persons field. Evidently the L.A.P.D. was receiving big time heat from the public and media for their inability to crack this mystery. "We have a slight lead with this girl," Matt added. Mitzi looked up at him.

"And what is that?" she asked. Matt continued, "We have a witness that saw her get into a taxi at the corner of 5th

and Tasker." "Reliable?" she asked him. "Apparently yes," replied Matt, "The officer who took his statement seems

to think so." Mitzi began scanning the report again. "Let`s get over there right away," she said.

5th and Tasker was kind of on the outskirts of the downtown district. There was an old man sitting with his back against the wall, his beat up guitar lay beside him. As sergeant Calhoon and Seevers approached he picked it up and began to play an old beatles song. He even tried to sing it. He tried in vain. "Donation for an old man?" he asked, as he motioned towards his empty cup. Matt smiled and dropped in a dollar. "Are you Freddy?" he asked the man. The two sergeants wore civilian clothes.

Being that most of their work was undercover, they rarely wore uniforms. "Are you cops?" asked the man in return.

They each introduced themselves, showed there badges, and asked him if he was Freddy again. "Yes," Freddy

answered. "We need to ask you some questions," said Matt. Freddy nodded yes to them. Mitzi spoke up, "You

told one of our officers that you saw this woman get into a taxi two nights ago." She held out a picture of Jenny.

The man answered quickly. "Yes I did. Nice girl. After she gave me some money she hopped into a yellow right

there." He pointed at the corner only 15 feet away. The officers glanced at each other, then Matt said, "What did

the taxi look like? What company was it from?" "What did it look like?" Freddy replied, "I told you it was yellow."

I don`t know about no company." "Did you see the driver?" asked Mitzi. He thought for a moment. "Not real good, it was a man I think. He had a hat on so I didn`t see much."

Freddy chuckled, "Just between you and me, I was looking at the girl`s legs, they was somethin else." The officers

smiled at Freddy to make him think that they enjoyed his company and liked talking with him. They knew he was

their only lead so they had to be nice. After exhausting all of their questions and not really getting anything more out

of Freddy, they thanked him and left.

As they drove back to the precinct they talked it over.

"What was the other two women`s approximate locations at the time of their vanishing?" asked Mitzi. Matt referred

to his note pad. "One about 5 minutes from here, and the other about 10." Mitzi sighed, "It appears we have a man

posing as a taxi driver, don`t you think?" "That`s certainly the way it looks," replied Matt. "That`s not much to go on," said Mitzi, "but I`ll call in an APB for any suspicious or improperly marked taxi cabs in the city." She reached for the police radio. "No," interrupted Matt, "we can`t do that! Once word gets out to the entire force, it`s bound to hit the media, then the person responsible will see someone is on to him and lay low for a while, maybe forever."

Mitzi considered his line of reasoning` . "Look, sergeant," added Matt, "I know you want to crack this case. Believe

me if we involve everyone else, you won`t get this guy." "So what do we do?" she asked. "We set him up. Make him

think we`re NOT on to him." Mitzi figured out where this was going. "You want me to be the bait I presume?" "Yes,

and I`ll be close by the whole time," he assured her. She thought for a moment. It did make sense. She was just a

couple years older than Jenny and the other women. She would make a good victim. And they knew the approximate

area in which this was happening. It could work. "Let`s do it," she said. Matt put his hand out and shook hers. "Great, but we have to go the distance with this. Jenny could still be alive, and even the others if we are lucky, so you have to let this guy lead us to them, unless of course it is obvious that he is about to kill you." Mitzi agreed.

That very night Mitzi hit the streets wearing some pretty sexy clothes. She didn`t dress like a hooker or anything, but Matt definitely noticed her beauty. With her hair down, and heels clacking against the cement, she was definitely and attention getter. Even at night her light green eyes shined brightly. Of course her gun was loaded and ready in her purse. She spent the entire night calling taxis and riding them while Matt followed in the unmarked car and listened to over the wire she was wearing. As soon as she was sure the taxi driver was not their man, she would have him let her out. They ran out of cash around 1 A.M. and they called it a night.

The next evening about one hour into the game, she hit the jackpot. She had waved down the taxi and got in.

Instantly she had a feeling about this one. The driver was a man. He wore a hat and never turned back to look at her.

"Where to?" is all he said. "Downtown, the State Building," she replied. Matt followed at a distance. He knew she was always going to the State Building. When the man didn`t turn at the obvious next street that would lead to it, Mitzi`s heart began to pound. She opened the button on her purse and placed her hand against her gun. Matt figured it out just a few moment later, and adrenaline rushed inside of him. He fixed his eyes so exactly on the taxi that he failed to see the car in the next lane start to swerve into his lane.

The car struck the front of his and swerved out of control into oncoming traffic. A truck traveling the other direction

swerved into Matt`s path as it tried to avoid the first car. It struck Matt head on. Mitzi was unaware of the collision,

as she tried to keep herself calm. "You missed the turn back there," she said. The man didn`t answer for a few

seconds. "Sorry," he said as a divider between the front and the back quickly closed off with a dark, thick glass.

Mitzi pulled her gun as she heard the doors lock. She tried opening them and the windows. No such luck. As a

strange smoke began to fill up the space around her, she aimed her gun and fired at the driver through the window.

It bounced off, leaving only a slight crack in the obviously bullet proof glass. The driver was quite startled to find out that she was firing at him. He slumped down in his seat to avoid a possible bullet. Mitzi began to breath the mysterious smoke as she could hold her breath no longer. It took affect quickly, and she fired three more shots at the glass, and then fell unconscious. Meanwhile Matt had backed his car up and continued driving. With one punctured front tire and a smashed radiator, he tried to relocate the taxi. Traffic was quite busy and the taxi had crossed an intersection where the light had already turned green for the crossing traffic.

With the cars speeding across it, Matt could not get a clear view of what was beyond the intersection. Much to his grief, he could not even be sure if the taxi had gone straight or turned at that street. He had lost her. She was gone.

Mitzi awakened to find herself bound securely in a cold, dark place that resembled what she would call a dungeon.

She was completely naked. Her wrists were gripped by wide leather bracelets that were attached to chains, which

were in turn attached to the ceiling. Her arms were being held over her head. they were straight and hardly movable.

She was positioned on her knees, with her bent knees strapped down tightly to a smooth wooden part of the floor

with the same kind of leather bracelets. Her ankles were also in leather shackles. They were pinned down against

the wooden floor, causing the soles of her feet to face out behind her. There must have been a hole of some kind

where her feet were, because they touched nothing, but just hung there on the open air. Her mid-section was free

to move around a little, and her long blonde hair partially covered her breasts. The only light around to speak of were four candles placed randomly around the large room. Most of the floor was concrete. She assumed it was still night time. Her next thoughts were of Matt. Where was he? How could he let this happen? She spent the next few minutes trying to quietly perform a circus act and escape her restraints. Of course, it was no use. This equipment was

for one thing and one thing only, to hold someone in a helpless, inescapable position.

A door opened far across the room. Mitzi could not see that far because only the area around her was lit. She heard footsteps approach. As the figure drew closer a hazy silhouette began to appear. It was a female! Her tall, curvy

body showed through her highly transparent single piece of clothing. It was a night-gown of some sort, but looked

very old. It was black lace and it`s length was down to the mysterious woman`s knees. As the dark haired woman

stepped into the light of the candles, Mitzi got her first good look. She was very pretty, and looked no older than 30.

She wore her long curly hair up which showed off her exquisite double pearl necklace. Her slender arms lay

softly at her sides. Her fingers appeared overly long because of the length of her nails, which were black. She was exotic in appearance, very attractive. Her skin was pale and smooth. High cheek bones protruded under her large dark brown eyes. She wore black open-toed high heels. There she stood a few feet in front of Mitzi. "I am a police officer," Mitzi informed her, "I was followed here, it`s over. Just let me loose and give it up." As a smile broke on the beautiful woman`s face Mitzi`s eyes widened. Mitzi was shocked!

"What the hell?" she thought to herself. It was the woman`s teeth. She had fangs like a bat or something! Two on top

and two on bottom. The rest of her teeth were normal. It was no holloween gadget either. Those were hers. Mitzi said nothing. The woman spoke. Her voice was low and very soothing. "Jerard brought me another nice catch, you are very pretty," she said, "and you were not followed here. You have been here for nearly 24 hours." Mitzi`s hope sank upon hearing those words. She asked the woman, "Y-Your teeth, they are......" "Yes," the woman interrupted, "I think you refer to us as vampires. My name is Basha." Mitzi instantly became aware of the goose bumps all over her body. Maybe it was the cold air around her, but something about Basha`s voice was very relaxing, even stimulating. Basha walked over to the controls on the wall. She began to adjust one of the pulleys which straightened Mitzi`s arms a bit more. Mitzi`s voice grew weak as she became more fearful. "What do you want with me?" she asked submissively. Basha`s smile appeared again.

"Well, my dear, first I need to tell you that your silly books about vampires aren`t very accurate. We don`t want to just suck everyone`s blood." As Basha walked around behind her Mitzi asked, "What else do you do?" This beautiful

woman`s voice was so relaxing and captivating that Mitzi found herself longing to hear her speak again. There was

no response. Suddenly Mitzi felt Basha`s fingernail tracing little circles on her lower back. "Whatever we want," said

Basha. Mitzi became horrified as she realized the extent to which she could be tickled while bound like this. It couldn`t be! There was no way this woman had brought her here for this! No one does things like that! Oh my god, what if that is what the woman was going to do? Mitzi had to be the most ticklish woman on earth. This would be torture. She pulled her back away only to have it followed by the Basha`s long nail. After trying to avoid the tickle sensations for a few seconds, Mitzi pleaded while giggling, "Wait! Please hold on! Don`t do that, please!" The vampire stopped tickling.

"Why?" she asked tauntingly. "Just because," Mitzi answered, "there is no need to do that." Then Mitzi sensed all of the vampire s nails connect on the souls of her helpless feet.

"I think there is a need," joked the woman. "NOOOO!" There was no holding back the sensations when it came to her feet. Mitzi`s laughter roared instantly. "EEEEEEEE! Ha ha haaah! Nooooah ha ha ha ha ha ah!"

Her torso jolted around as much as it could, but that did not ease the tickling on her feet. She tried to cover one foot with the other but her feet were strapped just far enough apart that they could not cover for each other. The woman`s black fingernails danced freely over Mitzi`s feet. "HAAAAh ha ha he! Please no! please no! Haaaaaaa ha ha ha aaaaa!"

Her laughter echoed through the large dungeon. Basha had done this before. She was an expert. Mitzi had been tickled before on her feet, but never had it felt this extreme. How did Basha know all of the exact places on her feet to tickle? It`s like she had been doing this for years. Her laughter continued as Basha amused herself.

"Ha ha ha ha ha! N-Noooo! He ha ha ha haaaaaaaah! Hellllllp! Haaaaaha ha ha ha ha haaaa!"

The chains rattled as Mitzi thrashed around in her bonds. She pleaded and screamed but also at times somehow seemed to enjoy it. Now and then she stopped begging and simply submitted to it, letting herself laugh hysterically. After five continuous minutes of using her nails on Mitzi`s soft feet, Basha stopped.

She walked around in front of Mitzi and kneeled down facing her. It was hard to break a sweat in the cold air of

the dungeon, but Mitzi was beginning to. "I think I`m going to like you a lot," taunted Basha. Mitzi was still breathing heavy as she asked, "What are you? Where are the other women?" Basha ran a fingernail over Mitzi`s belly and sides as she answered, "They are not far away. They were both quite ticklish, but I think you are more so." Mitzi flinched her stomach and pulled it away. Basha continued, "As to what I am, you wouldn`t believe me. Let`s just say I am very old and for many centuries I have captured and dominated women like you. I used to do lot`s of different things to them. You see, although not being human, we do have emotions and even sexual desires. My fetish if you will, has always been dominating helpless females. Beautiful ones though. They have to be beautiful. Then about a hundered years ago I tried tickling one of my captives just for the thrill of it. It was somewhere in India. I had an extremely attractive young lady stretched out in front of me and I poked around at her ribs just to see her reaction. She instantly screamed, laughed, and begged. I was very pleased with the great power I had over her body and mind with just a light poke here and a little scratch there. It`s funny how laughter is understood in any

language, isn`t it? I instantly fell in love with tickling my playthings. I have done nothing but tickle my captives since then. I think I have become quite good at it, don`t you?" Mitzi did not answer. She was busy contemplating what was to happen to her. Her initial fear had been confirmed. Basha was going to tickle her extensively. Her feet were just the beginning.

As Basha began to speak again, she lightly probed and poked around Mitzi`s torso. Not enough to cause loud laughter. Just enough to keep Mitzi tensed and adjusting to try and escape her fingers. "I move around from time to time, so as not to take a chance being discovered. I have been around this earth a couple times. I really enjoy Los Angeles though. I only arrived a week ago. There are so many beautiful and ticklish women to enjoy." Mitzi mustered up the courage to beg, "Please don`t tickle me anymore. I won`t be able to handle it." Basha stopped everything and looked her straight in the eye and said, "You don`t understand, I won`t be able to handle it if I didn`t tickle you."

With that she placed her feminine hands and fingers around Mitzi`s sides and began to pinch and probe. She was awarded an instant reaction. "AAAAAAAH! NOOOO! Ha ha....ha ha! Haaaaa! Ha ha ha ha helllllllllllp! Ha

ha haaaaa no ha haaaa ha hahaaa ha haaaaha ha ha ha!"

The chains rattled above her head. Mitzi couldn`t close her mouth long enough to articulate any words. Basha quickly stepped up to a higher level of tickling, all the while her fangs showed through her smile. She knew exactly where and how hard or soft to tickle. She wasn`t using her nails anymore for surface tickling. She was digging and moving between and around Mitzi`s exposed rib cage. Mitzi quickly shed her first tear of the evening. "HAAA HA HAH AA HA HA HAAAAAH! PL-PLEEAAH HA HAHA AA HA HAA HA HAAAHA HA HA AHAEEEEEH!" Wiggling her torso around gave no relief, as Basha simply relaxed her arms and let them go with the flow and stay attached to her sides.

"HA AAA HA AA HA HA HEEEEEEEAH! OOOH! AH A HAA HA HA HA HAAA HA HA HA!" Then Basha made a distinct movement up to Mitzi`s underarms. She placed her thumbs in each arm pit and her fingers around to Mitzi`s upper back. Using her fingers to hold her hands in place, she used her thumbs to vibrate and probe wildly around her armpits. This caused Mitzi to jolt like she had received an electric shock. "EEEEEEEEEEEEH! HAAAAAAAA HA HA HA HA HAAA HA S- STAAAH HA HA HA HA HAAAA. "

The smile on Basha`s face enlarged and her fangs fully showed for the first time. Amidst swinging her head left

and right, back and forth from the tickling, Mitzi caught a glimpse of her dominant ticklers pleased expressions. But

those thoughts and any thoughts quickly left her mind. The only thing her mind was doing was trying to process

this vast amount of data being reported about tickle senstations on her underarm regions. The information her mind sent back in return was this,


Uncountable tears exited her green eyes as her red, wet face began to cause her blonde hair to stick to it.


Basha moved her hands down just below her breasts. Her thumbs she placed in front and her fingers fanned out over her ribs. Together she vibrated all of them in the most maddening places.


Mitzi discovered that it was hard to even open her eyes with laughter this intense. Her permanent smile seemed to push her eyes closed, only allowing tears to exit. Now the sweat had really began to surface. Mitzi`s glistening skin shined amongst the candlelight. For many minutes Basha said nothing as she eagerly tortured this beautiful woman in front of her with perfect tickling strokes and vibrations. At times she would become so pleased with her work that she would show her fangs and hiss like a cat. In any other situation, that animalistic display would have scared the hell out of Mitzi. But nothing was scary now, just unbearable. For the final two minutes or so Basha kept her soft hands just above Mitzi`s hips on both sides. She had found a place on her that caused the wildest, strangest, strongest laughter from Mitzi. Basha worked her magic.


Finally, she halted her attack. Drops of sweat splashed randomly on the cold floor as Mitzi hung by her arms exhausted, weak and giggling. She mustered up strength to softly say, "n-no more." Basha gently brushed Mitzi`s

wet hair behind her ears revealing a larger portion of her pretty face and said, "I promise, no more tonight. I have things I have to take care of." Mitzi let her head hang down to rest.

Basha continued,

"I will see you tomorrow night when I awaken." As Basha turned and disappeared into the shadows, Mitzi began to realize that her bound body was alive with pleasure. In fact, as near as she could tell, tonight she had come very close to orgasm.

Part 2

As these thoughts filled her head she heard someone speak. "Thirsty?" said a female voice. Mitzi slowly raised

her head and saw two very pretty women appear from nearby shadows. They smiled and approached her, one had a glass of something in her hand. They had apparently been in the room the whole time, watching! They were vampires also. Though their mouths were closed Mitzi could see the bulging sections inside their lips caused by their fangs. Also, their nails were long and black. What a strange feeling it was to be naked and exposed in this position and be looked at by others who wore clothes. Her breasts were there for all to see, like she was on display. The women were not shy with their eyes. They looked Mitzi over eagerly. Then the shorter one of the two put the glass up to Mitzi`s mouth.

"Go ahead, it`s just water. It will help you rest." Mitz`s looked into the glass. It looked like water. At least it wasn`t red. She allowed the young beauty to tip the liquid into her mouth, and she drank. It was very refreshing. She detected a slight taste other than water. It was a bit salty, but that was no doubt due to the sweat on her lips. After she drank it all the two vampires just stood there and looked at her, smiling. Moments later Mitzi fell sound asleep.

Laughter awakened Mitzi from her sleep. But it wasn`t her laughter. It was still cold and she had no concept of

how long she had been unconscious, but she felt very refreshed. She quickly realized the new position that her

naked body was in. She was flat on her back, strapped down securely at all limbs and joints. Her body unmistakenly

had been bathed thoroughly. There was no sticky sweat on her body, and her hair was very soft and smelled like

a flower garden. When had they bathed her? How long had she been asleep? Again there were only a few candles

lighting the room. The laughter erupted again. It sounded quite close, but definitely in another room. It was a

woman`s laugh. She was begging for mercy, an act Mitzi had recently been forced to learn. It didn`t take a brain

surgeon to realize the woman was being tickled. Strangely enough though, Mitzi just relaxed and listened. Images of

Basha having her way with her filled her mind. Again, to her surprise, her body began to react. Her lower belly

tingled pleasantly deep inside as she listened to every inflection of the woman`s laughter. Her breasts firmed up and pointed to the ceiling. But wait! What on earth was she thinking? She was probably next! There was no way she could make it, not in this new position. Her ribs were utterly calling out for fingers. This was different from her

other restraints. At least in those she had some options of movement, some way to ease the tickling for a split second.

She now realized fully that she couldn`t move any part of her body. Her toes were in some kind of contraption that held them slightly bent back and still. Her middle even had a leather strap tightly over it holding her firmly to the table. Her torso was completely unable to move. As these thoughts raced through her mind, she sensed moisture

between her legs. What were these feelings overcomeing her? She had never viewed tickling this way before. Here

she was all alone, and thoughts of her being tickled by a beautiful, intelligent creature, were making her extremely

hot. Why? One part of her was scared to death of what the next tickle session would bring, yet the other part longed

for it, needed it, wanted it badly. Her mind went blank as she heard the door open, then close. Soon Basha appeared

out of the shadows and greeted her.

"Good morning."

"What time is it? What day is it?" Mitzi replied.

Basha circled around the table as she answered,

"It doesn`t matter, does it? Time is to demanding of us."

She eyed every inch of Mitzi`s body and quickly discovered her little secret.

"What have we her?" she said as she stopped at the foot end of the table. "I do believe something has excited you

recently. Do tell me what it was."

Mitzi was embarrassed as Basha stared. She didn`t answer.

"You heard me tickling Jenny didn`t you?" she said sarcastically. "This is an unexpected surprise. I venture to say that being tickled turns you on."

Basha already knew it did, but acted surprised. She walked around and bent over slowly to Mitzi`s ear and


"Well, since you had a surprise for me, then I have one for you." She stood up and called out, "Jenny?"

Out of the shadows walked a naked Jenny Peters, the very person Mitzi was searching for. She was much better

looking than the picture Mitzi had of her. Brunette, medium build, light eyes and a near perfect figure. She looked a

little nervous as she walked up beside Basha. She was still flushed in the face from her recent tickle torture in the

other room. "Jenny, are you all right?" asked Mitzi. "Don`t speak with her at all," Basha interrupted. "Do as I have

instructed you or it`s back to your room for the heaviest tickling of your life." Mitzi`s put two and two together.

Basha had given the tortured and ticklish Jenny a choice to either tickle the police woman who came searching for

her, or be tickled in a way she had never been. Jenny must have cracked under the pressure. She would agree to

anything as long as she could have just one night without being tickled until morning. Basha smiled at Jenny, then

at Mitzi. As she disappeared into a nearby shadow she warned Jenny, "Remember, I can tell if you are not putting

everything into this. You won`t get a second chance." Mitzi saw fear in Jenny`s eyes after that statement. Jenny had

made up her mind. She turned and walked over to Mitzi`s feet and slid her fingers up both arches simultaneously.

Mitzi again was reminded that her feet were very exposed for tickling. She shrieked! "AHHHH!" Jenny continued

with more fingers. Mitzi knew Basha was watching from the shadows but couldn`t worry about that right now. "AHHHH! DON`T! HA HAH AAAAH! PLEASE DON`T!" Jenny said nothing. She unleashed all of her fingers now, dancing them across her soles. Then she stayed on the sole of Mitzi`s left foot but slid her nails from side to side across the base of Mitzi`s toes on her right foot. That move officially started this evenings tickle torture for Mitzi.


Jenny wasn`t taking any chances with Basha watching. She tickled 110% percent. Although she wasn`t as used

to tickling as Basha, her novice strokes were very affective. Mitzi pulled at her bonds as her feet absorbed the tickling.


uninterrupted foot torture for nearly ten minutes, then stopped and moved around to Mitzi s left side. As Mitzi

caught her breath and looked into Jenny`s eyes, she saw something new, something mischievous. Once Jenny

cracked a smile there was no mistaking it. She was suddenly genuinely enjoying her role as the tickler. She got on the table, straddling Mitzi and planted her fingers on each of Mitzi`s underarms. "NOOOOOOOOO!" screamed Mitzi as she began to vibrate her strong hands deep into her pits.



Mitzi`s body convulsed as much as it could in the tight restraints, but her underarms were held still by the straps around her elbows and forehead. Never in her life had she felt so utterly helpless. She stared into Jenny`s wild eyes and produced the laughter that her ticklers desired.


Her eyes produced her first tears.


Jenny moved down to the sides of her rib cage and randomly poked and jiggled the flesh around them.


In the midst of all this Mitzi again sensed her own arousal. It was much stronger than it had been before. She sensed she was dangerously close to that fine line where there was no turning back. As she tried to focus on this her feet were attacked. She knew instantly it was Basha. Her well placed strokes were unmistakable, and her feet quickly fought to escape.

"AHHHHHHHH! N-NOOO AH AH A HA HA HA HAAAEEEH! STAAH HA HA HA HAAAAAH HA HA!" This double tickling sent electric tickles bouncing all around her body. As she would try and react to one tickle, another would jolt her without mercy or let up. She couldn`t laugh fast enough. She found herself still laughing from a torturous stroke to her ribs while she felt the newest sensation on her feet. Jenny had found her most ticklish spot and was working it over. It was just above her hips on her sides. Just when one wouldn`t think Mitzi could laugh any harder, louder, or with more emotion, she did.



Once again her entire body was shimmering with moisture from her fight against her bonds. Her inner thighs were on fire. For a split second at a time, her body held out the tickling and awarded her with a small taste of the pleasure

that was soon to erupt inside her. She was sent over the edge when Basha moved around behind her head and attacked her open underarms with fervor. With wickedly excited Jenny still tickling her lower sides, she was at the point where she thought she would die.


Basha worked down a ways to the sides of her breasts and stimulated her ticklish upper rib cage to it`s extremes. Seconds after that move Mitzi`s entire body exploded with unprecedented pleasure. If her body could of, it would have heaved in rhythmic motion.

Through her squinty eyes she could see Basha`s fangs exposed as she hissed in an erotic pleasurable way. The

feelings at that moment in Mitzi`s body were the most awesome she had ever and probably would ever feel. Her fingers curled tightly because her toes couldn`t. All of her stomach muscles tickled strongly with a pleasure unknown to her in the past. She laughed hysterically while she moaned privately inside.



Her pleasure subsided and then repeated two more times as Basha and Jenny continued to tickle her entire body. She found herself much more ticklish during the few moments just after her orgasms until the next one began to surface. How could she hate and love something so much at the same time? Was she losing her mind?

Her tickle torture went on for hours until Basha called it a night. She had no strength to talk as Jenny was escorted out of the room by the two vampire women. Basha dipped her finger into Mitzi`s deep belly button. It was full of sweat. She wet her finger and slowly brought it to her mouth and tasted it. She smiled and said,

"I think I will keep you. See you tomorrow night."

The End

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