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Montana Daze Montana Daze

One woulda thought that Angela would`ve learnt her lesson after that Lil redhead done gave her a proper ass-whuppin` at the roadhouse.

Ole Tom here again, and I gotta tell ya I ain`t seen so much entertainment since I moved here to Montana after I done my time in the service.

Well, ole Stuck-up britches did settle down a little bit after that night. Oh, she still looked down her nose at most folks but tended to dress a lil differently. Gone were the too-tight jeans and gawd-awful pink tube tops (`probly `cause most of the gals in the area had heard about that night and visually teased her by wavin` and strokin` stiff turkey-feathers; then chortlin` and gigglin` when they saw her nipples pokin` out hard as rocks as the buxom blonde flushed cherry red!) Naw, she went to baggy flannel shirts and loose shorts, and thank GAWD she got rid of those pukey pink boots, tradin` `em in for hikin` boots.

Be that as it may, the blonde floozie was still a bitch at heart. Now, she didn`t flirt as much with the boys as she used to, but that didn`t mean she wasn`t still a cantankerous busty ole cow who could still piss off the Pope on Easter !

The way I see it, Angela had a mean streak runnin` through her that she ain`t had time to deal with. Today, them fancy folks callem` "issues", but folks up here still see `em as bigotry.

Now, my spread is far from town - out close to the reservation, and I`ve been friends and gained some respect from the Shoshone that live there. Time to time I`ve helped `em when the Bureau of Indian Affairs tried to screw `em - threatened to take it to Nationwide News if they didn`t back off - and won most every time. We trade on a reg`lar basis and get along purty good - not carin` whose white, red, `er whatever.

Big-boobed Angela, though, looked down her nose at the Shoshone, like they wasn`t real people, and went out of her way to rip `em off every chance she got. When ole Sam wasn`t mindin` the General Store, that snotty blonde would charge the Sho`s twice as much as anyone else and pocket the profit for herself ! Now I didn`t find this out till one day I was out at the reservation tradin` cattle and the Whitefeather twins pulled me aside for a palaver.

Now lemme tell ya, if ya ever had a picture in your mind of an Indian Princess, you`d be lookin` at the Whitefeather gals ! Toned, long black hair, hourglass figgers, and the sweetest brown eyes you`ve ever been lost in ! Known `em since birth, they`re the heart and soul of the Shoshone. Nursed me back from pneumonia one year - and been in their debt ever since.

But don`t ever piss off a Shoshone woman ! They tend to get a little mean when ya do that ! I mean REALLY mean ! They`re lovin` and sexy as all get out but they`re more protective than any woman I`ve ever met !

Well, they told me they had a score to settle with Angela, and sayin` nuthin` I just kinda tipped my hat back and quirked my eyebrow up. They told me the tale and offered to show me receipts as proof - I snorted once and tole `em their word meant more than any paper to me.

Bluewater giggled, and with an evil grin asked me if I wanted to watch what they had in mind ! Knowin` how much I hated the busty blonde`s attitude, all I had to do was give `em a grin ! Whitecloud giggled then, "Tom-tom, you are a very naughty old man !" I tousled her hair like I`d done since she was a baby and they told me what they had in mind.

Some days later we met up in town, and Whitecloud and I went to the barn where ole Sam stored seed, straw and such like. She pointed me up to the loft an tole me to rest comfortable between some bales of straw. "No noise now, naughty man !" she giggled as she kissed me on my cheek and I swear I blushed for the first time in years. As I watched, she tossed the loose end of a lariat over an overhead beam and laid out the noose in the soft dirt of the barn. Coverin` it up with dirt, she set her trap and waited.

Bluewater on the other hand, had gone into the General Store, knowin` that Sam wasn`t there, and ordered some seed and straw from Angela. True to form, the snotty blonde gave the Indian beauty a scornful look, sniffed at her, and charged her twice as much as any white person.

"Your items are in the barn" she pronounced, hoping that Bluewater would go fetch them herself.

"Don`t know where ya keep `em Miss Angela" she said submissively, "…you drag `em out for me, I`ll come get `em"

Resignedly, Angela huffed and strutted and jiggled her way to the barn.

Even wearin` that loose flannel shirt, I could see the blonde`s big boobs jigglin` and jouncin` under the fabric. Struttin` angrily, she wasn`t prepared for Whitecloud`s powerful jerk on the lariat which perfectly snared her ankles together ! With a mighty heave, the Indian Princess yanked the buxom blonde off her feet and slammed her upside down against the wall of the barn ! Swiftly, she tied off the rope, leavin` a screamin` Angela flailing helplessly against the wall !

Ain`t never heard a woman swear that much ! Fortunately for Angela, her thick socks kept the rough rope from cuttin` into her trim ankles, but with all her flailing arms, she still couldn`t reach the ground. Those hikin` boots of hers were yanked up almost to the floor of the loft above, and I gotta tell ya, it was sure enjoyable to watch !

After tyin` off the rope, Whitecloud scampered out of sight, only to appear moments later, pokin` her head out from the loft above - mere inches from Angela`s strugglin`, trapped boots !

Bendin` her head up, Angela saw Whitecloud`s smirking face and continued to cuss at her loudly. "Untie me you Injun` Bitch ! DO IT NOW!" she screamed defiantly.

Well, I`ve tole ya before that Angela wasn`t the sharpest knife in the drawer, and she continued to rant and rave until Whitecloud whipped out her huntin` knife ! Suddenly, a squealin` bitch turned into a whimperin` lil baby when she saw the sun glint off the blade of that knife ! Hell ! Even my huntin` knife wasn`t that big ! (And the Shoshone are known to hone a razor-edge on every knife they own !)

Fearing true physical abuse, Angela began to whimper, cry, and plead with Whitecloud not to cut her with her knife. Grinning evilly, the sexy princess inserted the tip of her knife between the first crossings of Angela`s boot laces and with a quick "FLICK", cut them in two. Slowly, teasing wickedly, Whitecloud worked her way up the blonde`s hiking boot, easily cutting away the laces ! Soon, not even the blonde`s struggling foot could keep the boot in place and the Indian Princess negligently peeled it from her foot and tossed it away !

In a slow, fiendish manner, Whitecloud did the same to Angela`s other boot until her wriggling socked feet were presented helplessly before her ! The blonde still whimpered and cried in terror - knowing that the vengeful Indian was going to slice her feet to ribbons with that sharp knife ! Whitecloud tormented her even further by plucking the toe of her sock and stretching it out, while she neatly slit it open with her razor sharp knife ! Soon, Angela`s tiny bare feet were laid bare and defenseless, wriggling helplessly just inches from Whitecloud`s revenge-filled eyes !

Whitecloud re-sheathed her knife, then started wriggling her fingers; her long red nails flashing in the sunlight ! Well, I`ll tell ya, I never saw that blonde`s blue eyes grow so big in my life ! Damn near bugged out of her head as she saw Whitecloud`s fingernails movin` closer and closer to her pink bare soles !

Oh, Angela tried to reach up to stop her, but was too out of shape and a tad too topheavy to do it. Slumpin` back to the side of the barn, all she could do was whimper and beg !

"No… please….. don`t…. pleeeheheheheeeeeeeeze !" she started gigglin` as she knew what was coming !

She wailed and squealed louder`n all get out when Whitecloud started to slowly drag those long nails of hers up and down Angela`s frantically wiggling feet ! Her big ole boobs danced and jiggled like a bobble-head and her arms waved uselessly, but that big ole blonde could do nuthin` but yell out her laughter as Whitecloud tickle-tortured her bare wrinkled soles !

That vengeful Princess tickled ole big boobs bare feet for 10 minutes straight, and turned her into a sobbin`, quiverin` lump of a woman who could only hang there and take it as her arms dangled useless towards the ground.

Sumpin` else I noticed; Angela`s big ole nipples were threatenin` to poke holes through her strained bra and flannel shirt ! Miss bitch was gettin` so turned on that I could`a hung my Stetson from those big hard nipples !

`Bout that time, Bluewater strutted into the barn and smirked with evil delight as she watched her twin sister ticklin` those helpless bare feet. Angela`s face was beet red and cryin` like a lil` baby when Bluewater walked up next to her. Wickedly, she pulled her own huge knife and showed it to the cackling blonde.

Tear-blurred they may have been, but Angela saw that big ole knife and bugged her blue eyes out once again; hoarsely beltin` out big belly-laughs the whole time ! While Whitecloud continued to trace every meaty wrinkle of the blonde`s tender soles, Bluewater flicked her razor sharp knife across the top button of Angela`s strained flannel shirt ! It popped away, showin` that incredible cleavage jigglin` and dancin` to Whitecloud`s ticklish tune ! Don`t know how them big udders managed to stay inside that bra, what with her hangin` upside down and all.

Bluewater sliced off every button, until that sweat-soaked flannel shirt slithered right off the hysterically laughing blonde ! I could see them goose-pimpled nips of hers tryin to escape from that industrial strength bra and knew that it wouldn`t be too long before Angela lost that too !

But Bluewater turned her attentions next to Angela`s shorts. Evilly, she unbuckled the woman`s belt and SLOWLY pulled it out of the belt loops. Taking time to wriggle a long fingernail into the blonde`s belly button, she unsnapped the shorts and drew the zipper down! Her knife slid through the seams on the sides of Angela`s legs like a hot knife through butter and within seconds, her shorts joined her shirt on the dirt floor of the barn.

Now I ain`t never seen anything as erotic as this busty blonde hangin` upside down - barely wearin` only bra and panties and gettin` the livin` shit tickled out of her all too obviously tender bare feet ! `Gotta tell ya, my jeans were fit to bust and I was almost hurtin` myself with the strain !

Well, Bluewater`s knife made short work of that strained bra and those panties (with a rather noticeable damp spot). Angela, hangin` nekkid as the day she was born, had long since stopped squealin` ! Tickled her so bad she couldn`t even get a giggle out ! Didn`t surprise me when she finally passed out from lack of air !

The twins grinned with delight at each other in victory, then proceeded with the next step of their plan ! They blew me a kiss, and had to know I was `bout to bust open my jeans !

Bluewater dragged out an old sawhorse, and manhandled an English saddle over it. Now, for those of you what don`t ride, and English saddle ain`t got no horn. Kinda like a saddle what didn`t grow up. Just a place to plunk yer butt, but you damn sure wouldn`t wanna try to rope cattle with it ! She strapped it down in place, and Whitecloud started lowering the barely gaspin` Angela down.

They lowered her down so her tummy laid right across that saddle and then set to work! They tied her thighs right above the knees to the legs of the sawhorse, spreadin` that pink lil blonde wider than Saturday Night at the Roadhouse ! Then they bent her legs up, wrapped rope around her ankles, and tied them off to her thighs so`s her pink bare soles were stickin` straight up in the air ! Then they bound her wrists and hoisted them up towards the rafters so those big ole jugs just sloshed and jiggled free as a bird !

Now, I knew them gals planned to humiliate the blonde bigot - I jess didn`t know how far they would go ! Bluewater brought out a tub of udder cream and a paint brush and set to work a`paintin` those pretty lil bare feet !

For those folks that never worked a dairy farm, udder cream is used by the milk farmers to keep the cows teats smooth and soft from the daily milkin`. That`s why dairy farmers have such soft hands ! That cream`ll soften up ANY skin ! Well Bluewater was paintin` it on Angela`s bare feet like there was no tomorrow ! Even passed out, the buxom blonde giggled and squirmed as the brush stroked up and down her pink soles. Gotta` say, Bluewater didn`t skimp on the cream ! She slathered those cute lil soles until there was near an inch of udder cream glistenin` across those wrinkled arches !

Whitefeather had a different idea in mind. She came back to the trussed up blonde with a shavin` mug, brush, and safety razor ! As soon as she danced that foamy brush up twixt Angela`s tender thighs, those dinner plate blue eyes sprang wide open onct again and I ain`t never heard a woman groan and moan that loud before in my life ! Humpin` like a whore, that blonde danced them big hips of hers up and down as Whitefeather shavin` creamed her curly blonde mound ! She shuddered so hard I thought she`d break that big ole sawhorse in half ! Didn`t take no college educated idiot to figger out this filly was cummin` her brains out right about then !

Most hilarious part was when Whitefeather started shavin` off those blonde curls ! Each stroke of the razor caused Angela to shiver, shimmy and groan ! And after each stroke, Bluewater twirled a stiff turkey feather around her painfully hard nipples ! The two played the bitchy blonde back and forth until she was damn near exhausted from her orgasms and her pussy was as hairless as the day she was born !

Didn`t think they could get any more fiendish with this gal, but that tub of udder cream came back out and Bluewater started paintin` them jigglin` udders ! Giggles and moans were forced out of Angela as her overly tender boobs were treated to a heavy coating of the moisturizing cream. Not to be outdone, Whitefeather dipped her hand into the tub and started slathering a great gob of the cream up and down the nearly insane blonde`s bald pussy and fingerin` it in between her moist pouty lips !

Thoroughly coated with cream on her most ticklish spots, Angela writhed and wriggled in the best damn show I`ve seen since Kansas City ! Bitchy blonde she may be, but I gotta tell ya that was the sexiest cowgal I`ve ever seen in my life !

I tell ya, even I was scared when I saw the look on Whitefeather`s face as she came back towards the barely gasping Angela ! She was holdin` a hairdryer in her hand, and when she plugged it in and looked towards the blonde`s defenseless bare soles, I knew she was in one heap o` trouble !

The heat from the hair dryer almost seemed to melt the thick coating of udder cream but instead of it drippin` off, it just soaked into the skin faster and faster ! In minutes Angela`s pretty lil bare feet were as tender as the day she was born ! Whitefeather moved up towards the blonde`s danglin` boobs as Bluewater came around to gaze lovingly at her super-tender bare feet; stiff turkey feather in hand !

The hot air from the hair dryer hit Angela`s creamed boobs at the same time that Bluewater started flicking the end of that feather up and down her super soft soles !

"OH GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!" Angela screamed, "NAAAAAAAAWWWWWHAHAHA..

AAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!" she screamed insanely ! Never saw a cow pump out faster`n than Angela did at that point ! That ole sawhorse creaked and squeaked as she furiously tried to break it apart ! Believe that`s when she lost her mind !

While Bluewater turned her upturned soles a furious shade of pink, Whitefeather finished heatin` up her boobs and shifted the hair dryer to warm up a purty moist hairless pussy !

Ole blondie-big-boobs, didn`t laugh so much any more as she did bark like a dog ! Most that came out of her raw throat were guttural rasps that I couldn`t say were laughs or moans ! I lost it myself right about then !

Noddin` to each other, the twins decided to finish the swindlin` bigoted bitch off. Givin` her a few minutes to wheeze and shudder, the gals waited till she calmed down before their final tickle-attack !

Bluewater SLOWLY started flicking her tongue across Angela`s tender upturned soles while Whitefeather circled her long nails around and around the blonde`s painfully hard nipples !

I could tell this gal was finished as her eyes clamped shut and she just seemed to enjoy wriggling her nekkid body anywhere near the twins hands ! She shivered and quivered when Bluewater started to suck and nibble at her toes and Whitefeather slithered her left hand deep within those moist pouty lips; her right hand milking away at her teats like she would any cow !

Angela babbled and squealed as she lost all control of her body and surrendered to the Princesses` ticklish assault ! Like any true bar-slut, she humped and wriggled to the twins tune, shamelessly offering up her body to their fiendish massage !

After all was said and done, I kicked back and rolled up a smoke. They left her tied to the sawhorse, nekkid and shudderin`, and after I`d settled down myself a bit, I played the hero and cut her loose. Offered her my shirt, though, as I told her I had no idea where her clothes were !

Dated Angela after that. Strange thing was, we`d be driving along in my pickup and she`d always wriggle her bare feet into my lap ! Wonder what caused her to do that?

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