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Susan`s opportunity Susan`s opportunity

Hello everyone, my name is Susan and i recently had an experience

that was incredible. i feel like such a little devil after what i

did, but if you were in my shoes, would you do the same?

it all started when i was working late at night in the office. i was

drained after looking over this stupid report. my boss wanted me to

check the details of this report before he made this presentation

tomorrow. it was 11pm and i kept trying to keep myself awake. i was

on the 3rd floor of a 4 story building and there was no one around.

dont get me wrong, i do love my job. working in a marketing firm was

exciting and it is what i always wanted to do. it was just that the

hours were long and my boss is very demanding. usually i was tense

all day, but there was one thing that always brought a smile to my


can i let you in on a secret? i feel funny describing this others,

but i have a thing for women. i guess you could say i am a lesbian,

but i consider myself "bi". sex with a man was always good, but

there is something about women that drives me insane. women are so

soft, so tender, so....delicious. i remember a few of my experiences

and they were definitely memorable. you know what i really like

about a woman? her feet. i feel silly saying this, but a woman's

foot is so beautiful. i LOVE women's feet. there, i said it. i can

suck on a woman's toes and tickle her feet all night. yes, you read

it right. i like to tickle their feet. there is no sweeter sound

that the sound of a beautiful woman, laughing uncontrollably when my

fingers are stroking the sensitive bottoms of her feet. i spent

hours during my day looking at the footwear of my female coworker's

feet and would wonder what was inside their shoes. i really loved it

when they wore open toed shoes and displayed their perfect piggies.

there was many a time when i wanted to remove their shoes and tickle

their feet while they laugh helplessly. i remember this one time,

when a coworker of mine was sleeping on a couch in the break room

with her feet up on the arm of the couch. her shoe was dangling off

her toes, exposing her arch and i just couldnt resist. i pulled her

shoe off and stared at her foot. i tickled her toes a little bit and

she had the sweetest giggle in her sleep. i wanted to torture her,

but i let her sleep. but i digress...

anyway, it was getting late and i leaned back in my chair trying to

focus. i decided to get up and get myself some coffee. as i walked

through the office, i noticed a ton of construction signs everywhere

in the other side of the building. i forgot that they were doing

some repair work on a portion of the ceiling on my floor and the

floor of the 4th floor. what kind of crappy building is this anyway?

it also sucked that i had to walk all the way over across to the

other side of the building just to get coffee. as i poured the

coffee into my paper cup, i heard a crash and i jumped like a bomb

went off. i looked around and there was no one around. then i

thought i heard a voice. i went to investigate and when i turned a

corner i stopped in my tracks in complete surprise.

before my very eyes, i saw a pair of legs dangling in front of me. i

looked up at the ceiling and i saw a woman stuck in the ceiling. her

upperbody was still on the 4th floor and her lower body, from the

bottom of her breasts down, was now hanging out of the ceiling. i

was in shock. the woman wore a blue blouse, with black slacks, what

appeared to be nylons on and black flats on her feet. her legs began

to squirm and i could hear her trying to pull her self up.

"Help....somebody help me....i'm stuck." she called out.

i didnt say a word. i just couldnt believe my eyes. i slowly walked

up to the dangling legs and saw an id badge clipped to her belt. i

read the name and my eyes went big. it was Kate from accounting.

who, you ask? let me tell you about Kate. this woman was BEAUTIFUL.

she was about 5'7" tall, long blond hair, nice soft puffy lips, blue

eyes, and her breasts were really, really nice. i'm guessing a nice

"C" cup. i stole many glances at her whenever she would come to my

floor and oh! the things i would do to her!

"is anyone there? anyone?" Kate groaned. "how stupid am i? how could

i not see the stupid signs! now i feel like a complete idiot! how am

i going to get out of her?"

i kept my mouth shut. i should have said something, to try and help

her, but i was in awe. i say her slow swaying legs and i saw her

shoes. then an evil, evil thought occured to me! she was at my

mercy! i have been wanting to see her feet forever! she ALWAYS wore

those stupid flats or some other kind of shoe that would cover her

feet. she MUST have beautiful feet. or at least i hope so. i have

been disappointed before when i get to see a woman's foot and they

are ugly. doesnt that suck whenever that happens? my mind was

racing. should i do this? or should i help her? my mind was playing

tug of war with my "angel" telling me to help her and my "devil"

telling me to have my way with her. i saw her wiggle her foot and my

"devil" won. there was no way she would know it was me that was

going to have a little fun with her. hehehehehehehehehehe!!!!!

i walked up to her and let my fingers slide across her shoes. she

began to wiggle and i think she felt me. i traced my fingertip on

the bottom of her shoe and her leg kick.

"is someone there? help me please! i'm stuck and i cant move. i cant

even lift myself up." Kate pleaded.

i then reached up and pinched the sides of her knees and i was

rewarded with something really nice!

"EEP!!! hey, be careful. i am REALLY, REALLY ticklish!!!! help me

okay?" Kate giggled.

her laughter was music to my ears! plus, the fact that she mentioned

her ticklishness kicked my "devil" side into high gear. i continued

to pinch the sides of her knees and her legs began to kick. she

really was ticklish! this is going to be fun!!


she laughed.

her legs started to swing a bit and she began to kick. i cant have

that! i looked around the room and found some saran wrap. an evil

smile formed on my face and i began to wrap her knees and her shins

together with the saran wrap. i wound it up pretty good, now she was


"HEY!!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!!! LET ME GO!!!!" she demanded.

i then got a chair and stood on it. i was now face to face with her

belly and i gently began to pull the blouse from her pants. i could

hear her lightly panting as i knew she was concerned about what's

next. i pulled the blouse out and exposed her tummy. my goodness!!!

her belly was so gorgeous!! it was firm and looked very smooth and

soft. i blew on her belly button and she began to giggle.

"hehehehehehehehehehe!!! s-stop that! that tickles...." she


i continued to blow on her belly button, then i lightly took my

nails and stroked her belly. soon, her laughter became harder and

her body swayed more. i held her legs with one arm and used my free

hand to tickle her tender belly. this must have been driving her

crazy as her laughter flowed freely from her lips.



the way she squirmed her body in my arm was getting me hot. i loved

feeling her soft skin on my fingertips as they danced over her

belly. i poked her belly button and she let out a loud shriek. she

really was ticklish! i tickled her sides and she continued to laugh

harder and harder. i dont know how long i tickled her, but it felt

great. i could tell she was out of breath.

"why....why are you doing....this to me?" she panted.

i stayed silent and i got off the chair. her legs swayed a bit and i

saw her shoes. oh yes!!!! i was FINALLY going to see her feet. i

licked my lips in nervous anticipation. i was going to uncover one

of my desires. i grabbed the heel of her flat and began to tug. she

must have realized what was happening as she began to sway harder. i

grabbed her legs with one arm and used my other hand to tug off her

shoe. OH-MY-GOODNESS!!!!! even though she was wearing sheer nylong

hose, the look of her foot stunned me. i looked inside her shoe and

saw that she wore a size 9. i looked at her toes and her toes looked

scrumptious!!! her toes were long, but not finger-like long.

surprisingly, she wore no polish, but the nails were trimmed

perfectly. she had perfect feet! i dropped her shoe to the floor and

it made a loud thud and i think that woke her up even more.

"please...please....dont touch my feet....." she begged.

i removed her other shoe and stared at her other foot. man, does she

have wonderful feet. i am going to *SO* enjoy this moment. her toes

began to wiggle and i think she knew what was about to happen.

"please....i know you are a woman..." she began.

what? did she know who i was? how did she know?

"i...i...can tell by your hands....please miss......please dont

tickle my feet... you dont know what i does to me....i beg you..."

my eyes popped open like saucers!! i dont know what it does to her?

i guess i am going to find out. i lightly traced the tip of my

fingernail along the bottom of her nyloned foot and i heard a

giggle. oh was her foot warm! it felt so soft and tender! she must

have had these shoes on all day! i stroked my finger again and more

giggles. i tickled the tips of her toes and i felt her legs spasm.

soon, i went for broke. i scurried my fingernails on the bottom of

her nyloned soles and i was rewarded with the most delicious




i continued to tickle her foot bottoms. she was moving around quite

well and i had a hard time holding her legs. her feet kept trying to

cover one another as i tickled each sole. her toes scrunched around

my fingers when i went for the undersides of her toes. i managed to

slip my finger out and resumed tickling her sole. she was begging,

pleading, and screaming to stop tickling her. i couldnt help myself.

i slowly raked my fingers from her heel, across her arch, across the

ball of her foot , then off her toes and she was laughed and laughed

and laughed. i did the same to her other foot and she was giggling

like a helpless school girl. now, it was time to have some more fun

with her feet. i managed to pull the tip of the nylons off her toes,

then i tore them open. i began to peel the nylon off her toes, and

off her foot, up to her ankle. i proceeded to tear the other nylon

and repeated the procedure. now her bare feet were exposed. i laid

on the ground and looked up at her soles. her soles were beautiful.

they had a nice color of tender pink and i looked at how soft her

soles were. ever look at feet and you tell they are ridiculously

soft? i let her breathe a little more and i gazed at her feet.

"please...miss...please let me free....my feet cant take it

anymore...." she moaned.

i sat up and now my lips were next to her toes. lust filled my mind

and i took her big toe of her left foot and began to suck on it. i

heard her giggle as my tongue swirled around her big toe, lapping it

up like a lollipop. i then switched to her other toes and i was in

hog heaven! her feet tasted sweet and i enjoyed feeling those warm

toes in my mouth. i then took my fingers and lightly stroked the

bottom of her foot. she began to giggle again and i sucked her toes

even harder. then i heard her moan. was she actually getting off on

me sucking her toes? that must be it! i guess she is getting turned

on! well, i cant let her down can i?

"oooooh.....please dont......my toes...feels so

good.....hehehehehehehe" she whimpered.

this drove me into an extra gear and i went ot her right foot and

enguled her big toe. i sucked on it hard and tickled her foot at the

same time. i could feel her other big toe on the side of my cheek

and this must have been driving her insane. i sucked on each

ticklish digit for minutes and i could tell she was enjoying it. she

kept moaning and her toes kept wiggling inside my mouth. i think she

even liked the light tickles on her tender pink soles. i pulled her

toes out of my mouth and stared at the saliva covered digits. i then

began to tickle her tender soles and she began to laugh harder. i

found this one cool spot on the ball of her foot and she was

laughing her silly head off. the feeling of her foot skin was

wonderful. i then went behind up and pulled her feet up, where her

toes were pointing down. i looked at those pink soles before me and

i licked her soles with my tongue. she giggled whenever she felt my

taste buds in her arch. i licked her soles clean, then i began to

tickle her feet again. i wanted to verbally tease her while i tickle

her, but then she might know who is doing this to her. as i tickled

those perfect peds, i saw her hips sway. hmmmm, do you

think.....well, only one way to find out.


i let her legs drop and she just hung there motionless. i pulled the

chair up and stood on it. i looed at her tender belly, then licked

her belly button. i heard her giggle, then moan. then i saw her belt

buckle. my "devil" inside kept telling me, "let's tickle her pink

place..." and lust overcame me. i undid her belt. and unbuttoned her

pants. i unzipped them, then with a tug, i pulled her pants down,

exposing her panties. the pants were rolled down to her knees, where

the saran wrap was. i looked down and i could see her precious feet,

still sticking out from her pants, her toes wiggling.

"....oh......mmmmm, why......." she moaned.

i lightly touched my fingers on her covered mound and she let out a

gasp. oh yes!!!! this was going to be fun! i still couldnt believe i

was doing this! i grabbed the sides of her panties and i tugged them

off her hips and down to her knees. i slowly looked up, now my eyes

were locked onto her pussy. i almost fell out of the chair. her

pussy looked so wonderful. she was shaven clean and i could see the

pink folds of her lips. i kissed the spot, right above her mound and

i could feel her shudder. i looked closely at her pussy and she was

wet. miss trapped in a ceiling was getting off on what i was doing

to her. i then gently blew on her lips and i heard a loud moan. i

then took the tip of my tongue and lightly licked her lips.

"ooooh yes!!!! ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh" she moaned.

i began to lick her womahood like a kitten to milk. my tongue went

over her pink, puffy lips and soon, my tongue went inside of her.

her hips began to buck as though she was trying to hump my tongue. i

licked her juices and swirled my tongue all over her vagina and then

i held her ass. her ass was very soft and i began to grab the cheeks

hard, then soft. hard, then soft. then, i used my fingers to lightly

tickle her pussy. she began to giggle as my fingers played with her.

".....please....why are you teasing me.....hehehehehehehehee....."


then i looked at her swollen clit and went to work. my tongue

swirled around the love nubbin and i felt her body tense up. i

grabbed her ass and i sucked harder and harder on her clit, then

followed up with light tongue teasing and i could tell she was edge.

i licked her clit one more time and i felt her body shudder. i

leaned back a little bit and i could see her love juices flowing

freely. i saw some dripping down her leg and i licked it up. i

licked her love honey and she had plenty of it. i blew on her pussy

and she was quite sensitive now. this whole ordeal had my head

swimming and i almost fell out of the chair. i sat down on the chair

and i was incredibly horny. i looked up at her helpless legs and i

brought myself to a rocking orgasm. i laid back in the chair,

staring at her pink feet. i reached out and began to tickle her

soles again as i recovered from my orgasm. her feet twitched and she

continued to giggle as my fingers tickled her arches. i then looked

at the time and saw that it was 1 am!!!! i tickled her for almost 2

hours!!! i could tell she was completely spent as her feet twitched.

i looked up at her and saw her bare pussy, with her pants around her

knees and her barefeet twitching. i then heard a noise and panicked!

i got on the chair and pulled her pants back up. before i finished,

i kissed her pussy again, then pulled the pants up around her waist

and zipped it up. i looked at her feet and decided to leave them

bare as i took her shoes. i wanted souveniers. i then put the chair

back at the table and quickly got out of the room. as i ran through

the hallway, i saw cleaning supplies. the cleaning crew was here! i

got out of the building without no one seeing me. thank goodness!

the next day at work i arrived and i heard some laughter. i went to

see what it was about and some of my coworkers were telling me of a

story of Kate in accounting was found by the cleaning crew last

night, stuck in between floors.

"oh really?" i tried to play if off.

"yeah girl!! the cleaning crew said they found Kate stuck in the

ceiling and someone stole her shoes! when she was pulled out, she

looked like she went through an ordeal. i wondered what happened to

her?" my co-worker told me.

"i dont know. poor Kate!" i said as i walked away. when i turned the

corner i ran into Kate!!!! "uh, hello Kate?"

Kate just looked at me and a smile formed on her face. she then

winked at me and then she walked away. do you think she knew it was


well folks, that's my tale. now, if you had a chance to do what i

did, would you do it?

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