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Kristen`s Ordeal Kristen`s Ordeal

I cant believe it. i mean, what happened to me was something you would think

would never ever happen. it is quite difficult to put into words, but i will

try. well, let me start from the beginning. my name is Kristen and i'm a 24 year

old leasing consultant at Pine Meadows apartments. what do i look like? well,

i'm about 5'3" tall, weighing about, hey wait a minute! a girl is never supposed

to tell how much she weighs, but i will give you a hint. i am between 105 to 115

pounds. is that good enough? i have long brown hair and my eyes are a soft

brown. as for my ethnicity, i am a mutt. i am a mixture of Mexican, Persian, and

Italian. sound good so far? i think i am pretty average looking, but i have

enough self esteem to know that i am not ugly.

my fateful meeting occured on a lazy Sunday afternoon. it was close to closing

time and i was wrapping up my day with my weekly reports that i have to finish.

it was 5:45 pm and the office closes at 6pm. i was getting excited to go, then i

saw someone approaching the office. no!!! why now? this woman walked in to the

office and i was taken aback by her size. she looked like an amazon! she had to

be at least 6 feet tall, and looked well built. she did have a very warm smile

and she walked up to the desk.

"hello, i am looking for an apartment to rent." she told me.

"hi! my name is Kristen, what's yours?" i asked.

"Angel. nice to meet you Kristen.." she replied.

"what kind of apartment are you looking for Angel?"

"a one bedroom apartment. i got a job nearby here and need an apartment quick.

what kind of apartments do you have?" she asked, smiling.

"well, our one bedroom apartments are a pretty nice size and did you want a 1st

or 2nd floor apartment?"

"2nd floor would be nice..."

"well, would you like to look at the model?" i asked, although i was really

anxious to leave.

"sure! that would be nice!" she smiled.

we both stood up and she followed me out the door. for some reason, i could

feel her staring me down. it's not like i was wearing anything special. i wore a

blue blouse, with black slacks, sheer tan nylons and my black heels. i turned

around and i should have realized something right then and there. she had a

lustful look in her eyes, but i disregarded it. i am not lesbian or anything, so

i wasnt really worried. we were walking across the complex and made some small


"so, what do you do Angel?" i asked.

"i am a fitness instructor. i love to work out. it gives me such a rush! do you

work out Kristen?" she asked.

"no, i dont have enough time..."

"you could have fooled me! you look really good! nice, firm body, beautiful

face. you look delicious..." she said with a wink.

"uh, thanks." i replied. i was a bit taken back from her comment. did she

really say i look "delicious"? what was that supposed to mean? we continued to

chat a little bit and i was amazed on well toned her body was. from the looks of

it, she could probably beat a man in a streetfight. we finally made it to the

model apartment and i unlocked the door. we both went in and she lit up like a

Christmas tree. the model apartment was furnished for show and she instantly

looked around. i showed her the kitchen and explained all the features that we

have. i showed her the living room and the outside balcony. she was really

excited and i started to smile a bit. she seemed really cool. we laughed over

things, like furniture and other crazy stuff that she was telling me about.

"oh Kristen! this looks great! can we see the bedroom?" she asked.

"sure!" i had her follow me into the bedroom and we looked at the features of

the room. the bedroom was quite spacious and she even sat on the bed. then we

walked over to the bathroom and she grinned when she saw the vanity mirror and

the huge towel cabinets.

"these are nice! how big are the cabinets inside?" she asked me.

i smiled and i opened up the cabinet door. i explained to her about the recent

remodeling job on the apartments and then i reached up to the top shelf, which

made me stand on my tippy toes. "this one is kind of high so you would EEP!!!" i

shouted. my hand shot to my side and i faced her. she had a huge grin. she just

tickled my outstretched ribcage!

"i'm sorry! i just couldnt resist! are you ticklish Kristen?" she asked.

"uh, no..." i lied. "not really. you startled me.."

"i dont think so....i think you are ticklish. kitchy kitchy koo!" Angel teased

and reached for my ribcage.

"NO!!! DONT!!!" i screamed as i back up in the corner. i saw her wiggling

fingers getting closer to me and i froze. i am DEATHLY ticklish!! it is one of

my greatest weaknesses! i saw her fingers getting closer and when she made


"ooooooooh!!! you ARE ticklish!!! Kristen is a naughty girl for lying to me!

come her ticklish girl!!" she teased.

i tried to make a run for it! i couldnt believe this woman was trying to tickle

me! this is supposed to be a professional meeting and here she is, trying to

tickle me! i managed to get past her, but she simply reached out and grabbed me

in the ribcage. i fell to the floor in a heap and cackled in wild laughter as

her fingers dug deep into my ribcage. using her strength, she easily picked me

up from the floor and tossed me onto the bed that was in the room. there, she

tickled me even more. what the hell was happening here?

"ooooh!!! ticklish Kristen is trying to get away...i think it's time for

lobster claws!!!!"


STOP!!!!" i laughed.

she continued her assault on my sides with her strong fingers and i was

convulsing wildly. i could feel her fingers digging into my sides and then

travel to my ribcage. ticklish sensations shot through my body like electricity

as she then teased my belly. she pulled my blouse out of my pants and exposed my

soft tummy. i started to swing at her and i guess she didnt like that.

"BAD BAD Kristen!!! you are such a naughty girl! you know what i do to naughty

girls? i TICKLE them!" she told me, then she straddled me.

i could feel my hands going over my head as i laid on my back on the bed. her

legs wrapped around my thighs and with one hand, she held my wrists over my head

onto the bed. i froze in fear as i saw her free hand approaching my bare belly

and when her fingers made contact, i screamed like a banshee.



"laugh little Kristen, laugh for Angel. youhave such soft skin. kitchy

kitchy...." she teased.

her evil fingers then dug deep into my belly button and i went into silent

laughter. a million thoughts ran through my head at this moment as i was being

tickle attack and felt so weak and helpless. she was incredibly strong and all i

could do is wiggle my feet around. she stopped her tickling, then i felt her

unbuttoning the rest of my blouse. i was already exhausted and the only thing i

could do was beg. "...please....please no more....no more tickling..."

"oh no my sweet! your tickling has only begun. i am going to enjoy teasing


i tried to look through my tear soaked eyes and shivered as i felt my blouse

coming off, leaving me in my bra. her eyes lit up as she stared at my heaving

chest. i had a black lacy bra on my chest and from the looks of it, it might be

coming off!

"so sexy...oooh Kristen, i think we are going to have a LOT of fun..." she


my eyes then popped wide open and saw her fingers approaching my armpits. if

she tickled me there, i just might explode. dammit, she did it!




"that's right my sweet, laugh for Angel. i am going to tickle you

senseless...." she whispered as her fingers continued to torment my armpits.

it is hard to describe exactly what i am feeling right now. i feel her figners

circling into my smooth armpits, across my delicate skin and the only thing i

could do was laugh. this woman was tickling me into jello and there was nothing

i could do about it. i could hear her teasing words, which only drove me further

into insanity. i felt so weak and so helpless. it was as though i was a little

girl and she could do whatever she wanted to do to me.

"you are sooo cute! suck a tickly tickly little girl!!! beg me Kristen, beg

me!" she ordered.

i couldnt even beg. i was too busy laughing hysterically to even have my brain

formulate words. she was tickling me nonstop and i couldnt do anything. then,

out of nowhere, she stopped. she got up off of me and my lungs brought in a lot

of precious oxygen. she sat on the bed next to me as i laid there trying to

recover. i knew i had to get out of there, otherwise, she was sure to tickle me

again! i rolled over exhaustedly and fell onto the floor. i could feel her

leering eyes staring at me as i tried to crawl my way out of the room. i was so

tired and so drained from the tickling, i could barely even crawl. i made it to

the doorway and i heard her teasing voice.

"where do you think you're going sweetie? oh no, i'm not done with you yet...."

she taunted.

i tried to crawl, but then i felt her foot on my rear end and she gingerly

pushed me to the floor. i laid on the plush carpet face down and knew i was

trapped. i still giggled under my breath as my body was still wracked with

ticklish sensations. then i felt her grab my ankle. she started to drag me

across the room by my left ankle and the front of my body felt the plush carpet

sliding on my skin. my cheek felt the plush carpet as well as i offered no

resistance, my arms sliding on the carpet as well. i saw the doorway getting

further and further away, then finally we stopped. my mind was becoming mush as

i didnt know what she was going to do. i felt her thighs and legs wrap around my

left leg and i was trapped. then i felt something. it felt like her finger

tapping the sole of my high heel.

"i wonder.....i wonder what's inside this shoe. could there be....PIGGIES?

hmmm, i wonder......" she teased.

i started to giggle again as i realized what she was going to do! she was going

to go after my foot! oh no! if she tickles my feet, i will die! i felt her

fingers on my heel and she moved my shoe around. then she tugged gently and i

could feel my heel come out of my shoe. "....please....dont take off my

shoe....." i pleaded.

"i'm curious sweetie...i want to know if i will find piggies inside this

shoe..." she taunted.

i couldnt let her tickle my foot! i will totally fall apart if she does. i

curled my toes to try and keep the shoe on, but it was no use. she plucked my

shoe off and now my nylon covered foot was trapped between her legs, my sole

facing the sky and i couldnt move. my foot was totally at her mercy.

"oh look!!! Kristen does have PIGGIES!!!! oh, such cute little piggies.....i

wonder if you have TICKLISH PIGGIES....." she teased.

my chubby toes clenched tightly in anticipation my impending torture. i could

feel the tip of her fingernail landing on my heel, then she S-L-O-W-L-Y dragged

it across the nylon surface, across my heel into my arch and finally off the

ball of my foot. it was the most intense feeling i have ever had and i could do




"ooh such a tickly tickly foot!!! i know these nylons must be driving you crazy

huh? my fingers just glide all over your ticklish sole! ah kitchy kitchy koo!!!

you are just so ticklish....you do have another foot!" she taunted.

she stopped tickling my left foot, then she managed to grab my right ankle and

trap that one as well between her thighs. she pluck off my heel and tossed it in

front of my face. i looked at the inside of my shoe and knew she was going to

torment me.

"my my my....Kristen has TEN ticklish PIGGIES!!! i absolutely love piggies! are

these piggies ticklish? lets find out..." she threatened.

i could feel her grab my toes and pull them open. she actually managed to keep

all ten of my toes bent backwards, exposing the delicate undersides inside the

nylons. she then used her other finger and glided it across my toes. i exploded

in hysterical laughter as her finger tormented all over my toes. the nylon

seemed to make my skin extra sensitive and she finally let go of my toes, only

to concentrate on the balls of my feet. my body started to convulse as the

ticklish sensations ripped through my feet and through my entire nervous system.

she never wavered her strokes as she gently skittered her nails across the balls

of my feet and into my arches. she even danced her fingers across the pads of my

toes. my fists were banging into the carpet and my head laid on the carpet and i

just laughed and laughed and laughed. she tormented both of my heels and i

laughed harder. i didnt even know my heels were this ticklish, but when she

found a spot on the ball of my foot, i desperately wanted to pass out. then she

stopped again. "...please...no more

tickling...please...please...please....please..." i whimpered.

"you have such precious feet! but these silly nylons are in the way! i want to

touch your......BARE.....feet." she laughed.

i then felt my nylons getting ripped and peeled off my feet, exposing my soft

foot skin to her. i continued to whimper like a wounded animal and my toes open

and closed reflexively. a rush of giggles poured from my lips like fine wine as

she resumed her hellacious foot tickling. i thought the nylons made my feet

ticklish, but my naked feet were even worse!!! she explored every inch of my

barefeet, including the tender skin between my toes. she found another hotspot

by tickling the line where my big toe met the ball of my foot. tears flowed from

my eyes as her nails skittered all over my fleshy sole. all i could hear were

her words.

"kitchy kitchy kitchy kitchy!!! tickle tickle tickle tickle!!! laugh Kristen,

laugh as i tickle your sweet feet! these feet are mine now!!" she boasted.

it was as though my feet were hers. she just tormented my feet with reckless

abondon. she raked her nails up and down the length of my soles, from the pads

of my toes to my heels. then what she said, scared me to death.

"time for a nice little game of PIGGIES!!!! this little piggy went to market!!!

tickle tickle tickle!!! this little piggy stayed home!!! tickle tickle tickle!

this little piggy was ticklish! tickle tickle tickle! and this little piggy

wanted more!!! tickle tickle tickle!! and thiiiiiiiiis little piggy just laughed

and laughed and laughed!!!" she teased.

my mind was mush now as i laid there on the floor, feet trapped in her lap and

laughter flowing from the very depths of my soul. and her evil game of piggies

finished me off. i was completely spent. my body offered no resistance and she

just tickled my poor feet. after what seemed like an eternity, she finally

stopped and released my ankles. i was done. my hair was matted to my sweaty

face. my body tingled all over and i could offer no resistance as she scooped me

up from the floor and laid me on my back on the bed. i could see her sadistic

smile through my tear soaked eyes.

"now Kristen dear..you are just so tasty looking...let's get a look at you.."

she told me.

i felt her unclasp my bra and i began to whimper like a wounded animal. she was

going to expose my breasts. how humiliating. i felt so weak...

"oooh!! what pretty titties here! nice soft brown nipples, nice soft breasts. i

like this..." she cooed.

i shriek when she began to massage my breasts. i didnt realize my breasts were

ticklish! i giggled like a schoolgirl as she groped my breasts. please help


"i think Kristen likes me tickling her breasts! your nipples are standing up

for me...." she teased.

she was right!! for some strange reason, i was getting turned on. does being

submissive to another woman excite me? i guess so as i felt my nipples get REAL

hard. she flicked away at my nipples were her fingers and continued to tease me.

i started to grind my hips as the tickling and teasing of my breasts was getting

me really horny. soft giggles came from my lips and my nipples were on fire!

what was going on?

"now, let's get a look at you completely...." she told me.

she stopped her nipple tickling and she then placed my arms by my sides and she

straddled me. this time she faced my feet and her legs pinned my arms to my

sides. my chin touched her rear end and i was trapped. i then felt my pants get

unbuttoned. she was going to strip me completely!!! there was nothing i could do

as i heard the sound of my zipper coming undone. through my hazy eyes, i could

see her back and i wondered just how far she was going to take this. she softly

tickled me across my panty line. every nerve in my body was on edge as she

slowly slipped my pants off my legs. she grabbed my ankles and lifted them in

the air as she removed my pants off my feet. she then let my legs drop down and

i could feel her looking at my panties. she then placed her fingers on my

panties and all i could do is gasp.

"is there a pretty pussy under here? hmmm Kristen? is there a pretty pussy for

Angel?" she teased.

i could have exploded right there. the way she teased me had me going on all

cylinders. i began to breathe heavier as she slowly removed my panties, exposing

me. she removed my panties of my ankles and i could hear her sniffing my

panties. i was getting so wet and so horny, i could explode at any moment.

"yes she does...yes, she does have a pretty pussy... i like pretty pussies.."

she whispered softly.

i felt her play with my pubic hairs as she gently tugged at them. i felt her

hands spread my legs, exposing me to whatever she desired. she began to slide

her finger across my vagina lips and my body tensed up. i shamelessly began to

grind my hips, wanting to release so badly. she then inserted a finger inside of

me and i moaned loudly.

"that's right girl....fuck my finger...your pussy is all mine...." she teased.

she continued to finger me and she even began to tickle my inner thighs with

her other hand and i couldnt help but giggle. the sensation of tickling and her

finger inside me drove my mind into orbit. she then teased my clit with her

thumb and i just damn near passed out. i could feel an Earth shattering orgasm

coming and it wouldnt relase because she kept tickling my thighs.

"does Kristen want to cum? i bet she does...BEG ME!" she ordered.

i had no choice. i was so damn close. "please..please Angel...make me cum!"

"that's a good girl...." she smiled.

she teased my clit with her thumb and it hit me. i saw every star in the

universe as my orgasm hit. i saw flowers growing in the snow as the most

powerful orgasm i have ever had ripped through my tormented body. what a


"oooh, you are a squirter...that's right little girl...let it all out for

Angel...." she teased.

i must have squirted out Lake Michigan as i finished. my eyes rolled in the

back of my head and i felt her get off of me. she kissed me on my lips as i

finally passed out. my body then floated to the heavens...

i woke up with my head spinning. i looked around and saw that i was still

laying on the bed, naked. i slowly got up and Angel was no where to be found. i

had to get out of here and i began to put my clothes back on. i sat back down on

the bed as i realized my panties were gone as well as my shoes. she must have

taken them. i put my clothes back on and i walked barefoot back to the leasing

office. i locked up for the night, got in my car and started to drive home. i

realized there was something in my pocket and i reached inside. it was a note! i

opened it and read it. it was from Angel! it read:

"dearest Kristen, i enjoyed tickling and teasing your body into oblivion! your

panties are with me as well as your shoes. i want to smell your pussy and your

precious piggies at all times. i decided not to get the apartment, but i will

always be around. who knows, you just might see me again. and when you do, your

body, especially your feet and your pretty pussy will be mine again..kisses,


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