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The captive Baby Sitter The captive Baby Sitter

As the fall evening grew cooler, Julie wished she had brought a sweater

as she stepped up to Lucy Jensen's front door. All she wore was a floral

sleeveless dress and flats, and she was feeling the chill in the air. It

had been years since Julie had done any babysitting, not since high school,

and as she now rang Lucy's doorbell, unfound memories of the brats she had

been asked to watch on those occasions flashed through her mind. It was no

wonder that when Lucy, a single mother whom she had gotten to know this

semester at community college, had asked Julie between classes this morning

if she could watch her daughter tonight, Julie had hesitated.

"Please say you will," Lucy had said sweetly, wrapping her long, slim

fingers around Julie's hand. "I've got a date tonight with someone very

special and my mom's got the flu. I don't know who else I can ask at this

short notice."

Lucy was very nice, and very pretty: winsome, with smiling blue eyes and

short blond hair. Julie had liked the feel of Lucy's hand around hers, and

couldn't help but be a little jealous of Lucy's date.

"It wouldn't really be like babysitting," Lucy had reasoned. "Karen's

sixteen, after all. I just get worried leaving her alone in the house.

Besides," she had smiled, giving Julie's hand a gentle squeeze, "I think

she'll really like you. I know I do."

"In that case, how can I refuse?" Julie had smiled back . . .

"Hi. Are you Julie?" A teenaged girl with long blond hair and blue eyes

stood in the open doorway.

She wore a soft cotton blouse, jeans and black socks, and had a bright grin

on her face.

"That's me," Julie smiled back. "You must be Karen."

"Yup. Come on in. Mom's already left," Karen explained, closing the door

behind them. As they walked into the living room, another girl with

somewhat darker, shoulder length hair, dressed in a sweatshirt, shorts and

white socks, walked in from the kitchen.

"This is my friend Keri," Karen said.

"Hi, Keri."

"Hi," Keri smiled shyly.

Julie raised one eyebrow. "So I'm babysitting the both of you, is that it?"

Karen rolled her eyes, still grinning. "We're not that bad."

Julie laughed out loud. "It's no problem."

"Cool," Keri smiled more broadly. "I just nuked some popcorn, if you guys

want some."

The three settled down in the living room with popcorn and soft drinks,

Julie on the sofa, Keri in a big leather recliner, and Karen on the

carpeted floor on her stomach, turning on the television set and flipping

through channels with the remote. At one point Karen set down the remote to

grab a fistful of popcorn, and a scene from an old film appeared on the

screen. In it, an escape artist was hanging upside down in a tank full of

water, endeavoring to free himself from the confines of a straight


Keri began to giggle. "Hey, Kar, you remember when we tied Sharon up last


Several kernels of popcorn sputtered through Karen's lips as she laughed.

"Yeah. She couldn't get loose. She started to really get scared, even

though she was laughing."

Julie grinned. "You know, when I was little, and we played cowboys and

Indians, I was always the white settler woman who got caught by the

Indians. The other kids would tie me up, but I always got loose."

Karen looked back at Julie with her head propped up on one hand. "Really?

"Yup. Always managed to wriggle out."

"I'll bet Keri and I could tie you up so you couldn't get loose."

Julie smirked. "I don't think so."

Karen sat up. "Wanna bet?"

"Oh, please," Julie rolled her eyes.

Keri spoke up now. "Dare you. Double dare you."

Julie had long ago recognized that not once in her life had she been able

to resist a dare, and it was quickly becoming evident to her that this time

was not going to be an exception. She thought for a moment.

"What are you going to tie me up with?"

The two teenagers looked at each other.

"If it's rope, forget it," Julie said firmly. "Rope burns."

"Don't you have some old stockings we can use, Kar?" Keri asked.

Karen turned the television set off and stood up. "Good idea." She ran off

to her bedroom and came back with two pairs. As Julie sat forward on the

sofa with her wrists together, Karen took one stocking and wrapped it

tightly around Julie's wrists, ending up by tying what she thought was her

best knot.

Julie wriggled her arms around and around and back and forth for several

minutes and managed to free herself.

"Hey!" Karen exclaimed, disappointed.

"Let me try." Keri said. She took the stocking from Julie, who, smirking

knowingly, again offered her wrists for bondage. Keri looped the nylon

around and between Julie's wrists, finished with a knot and stepped back.

It took Julie several minutes longer, but just as a satisfied grin began to

form on Keri's face, Julie again freed herself.

"See? That was too easy."

"Okay," Keri said. "We'll try it one more time. But this time, you sit in

the recliner, okay Julie?"

"Sure," Julie smiled, stepping over to the recliner and sinking into it,

"but it won't make a difference."

"We'll see," Keri said, stepping behind the back of the recliner. "Gimme

your hands."

Julie raised her hands over her head, and Keri pulled them back behind

Julies head, again wrapping the stocking tightly around Julie's wrists. As

she did this, she looked at her friend and nodded at Julie's legs. Karen

caught on immediately and grabbed another stocking.

As Karen approached Julie, Keri pulled Julie's arms toward her, yanking

Julie back. Julie's weight against the back of the recliner forced it to

open up, and the footrest brought her legs up.

"Hey!" Julie started.

"Relax," Karen said, winding a stocking around her bare ankles. "We're just

making you


"Now wait a minute," Julie protested, "you guys are going too far." She

tried to lift herself up, but Keri had already stretched the nylon down and

was tying the end to the rear base of the recliner, pinning back Julie's

bare biceps on either side of her head. Karen quickly bound Julies ankles

together, brought the loose end of the stocking down beneath the footrest

and, stretching the nylon tautly, fastened it to the connecting rods.

When both girls were done they stepped back to admire their handiwork.

Julie was indeed struggling against her bonds, yanking at her wrists and

wiggling her feet. She tried this for several minutes before finally

realizing that she wasn't going anywhere.

"See?" Keri grinned.

"Told you we could do it," Karen agreed.

Julie relaxed. "Okay, okay, you win. I can't get loose. You can let me go,


Karen laughed out loud. "No way!"

"C'mon," Julie said.

Karen looked Julie over and noticed that Julie's flats had slipped off her

heels and were dangling on her toes from her constant wriggling. She

reached down, placed her index finger behind the heel of Julie's left shoe

and flicked her finger up quickly, sending the shoe flying off of Julies

bare foot.

"Hey!" Julie cried.

"Oops," Karen giggled. "You lost your shoe." She reached down again and

flicked off Julie's other shoe.

"Hey!" Julie cried again. "Give me back my shoes!"

Karen nudged her friend with her elbow and winked. Keri grinned back, and

the two knelt on the floor on either side of the footrest. Karen studied

Julie's bare soles. The balls and heels of her feet were flushed pink, and

the skin on her arches and beneath her toes was pale. There was no musky

odor, but rather the very slight fragrance of perfumed soap.

"C'mon, guys, let me go," Julie whined.

"Know what I read someplace, Julie?" Karen asked.


"I read that in the Pacific islands, when the tribes went to war with each

other, they would torture their prisoners. The men would torture the male

prisoners, and the women would torture the female prisoners . . . "

"Karen," Julie warned nervously, "this isn't funny any more. Let me go."

"And the men used all kinds of nasty tortures on the male prisoners, like

burning them with hot coals, or burying them up to their necks on the beach

and waiting for the tide to come in. But you know how the women tortured

their female captives?"

"Karen, please . . . "

"I'll tell you how. They tickled their feet."

Julie's eyes widened. "Karen, no! Please!"

In unison, each girl brought one hand toward each of Julie's bare feet and

began to gently caress the soles, gliding their fingers very lightly up and

down, up and down. Julie bucked, yanking frantically at the nylons binding

her wrists and ankles. She wasn't giggling yet, but she clamped her eyes

shut, shaking her head from side to side, burying her face into her

stretched biceps, trying with all the will power she could muster to cope

with the terrible

tickling sensations on the soles of her feet.

"Stop! Stop it! It tickles!"

The two girls kept tickling while Karen went on with her history lesson.

"Yup, they would just tickle their feet, very slowly and very lightly, just

like this, all over . . . "

Karen slowly glided her fingertips across Julie's right sole, around the

outer edge of her foot, and began to gently stroke the top of her foot,

from the tops of the toes to the ankle, while Keri continued to softly

caress Julie's left sole with the soft pads of her fingertips, up and down,

up and down. A smile finally grew on Julie's face.

"Tee-hee-hee-hee-hee. Stop it. Hee-hee-hee-hee-hee. It tickles."

No matter how much Julie wiggled her feet, Keri kept stroking up and down

Julie's left sole, never changing her technique, always lightly running the

five fingertips of her left hand from the ball of the foot just below the

toes, slowly down the sole, along the arch and edge of the foot, down to

the soft heel, and then slowly back up again, gently, almost lovingly, as

if Julie's bare sole craved Keri's soft touch. Karen ran the fingertips of

her right hand up and down the top of Julie's right foot several more times

before gliding them up over the tips of the toes and back down to the sole,

stopping just at the top of the arch. She then began to wiggle her

fingertips there, slowly, lightly teasing the skin.

Julie began to laugh out loud now. "Sto-hah-hah-hah-hahp!


Karen continued her oration while she and Keri tickled and tickled.

"Could you imagine being one of those women being tortured, Julie? Two

women, or maybe even three or four, tickling and tickling all over your

bare feet?"

With that, Karen brought her left hand up and began to lightly wiggle her

fingertips along the skin on the top of Julie's right foot while the

fingertips of her right hand wiggled just as slowly and lightly and

fiendishly along Julie's right sole.

"And they would never stop, Julie," Karen said. "If the women tickling you

got tired or bored, there were always more to take their places. They would

just tickle and tickle your feet."

Keri followed suit, tickling with both hands, flicking all of her

fingertips just a bit more quickly, but just as lightly and teasingly, on

every bit of skin, all over the sole and top of Julie's left foot. Julie

was in hysterics now, guffawing and thrashing as wildly as her bonds would

allow, pleading and begging the girls to stop tickling her feet between

insane shrieks of laughter.

"Hah-hah-hah-hah-hah! Sto-hah-hah-hah-hah-hahp! It ti-hi-hi-hi-hicles!

You're tickling my


The two girls were merciless in their torturing of Julie's bare feet. The

lightness of their touch never wavered. Both girls had very short nails,

and they never scratched, never allowed their fingertips to do any more

than flick teasingly on the skin. They were oblivious to Julie's screams of

laughter, and hardly more than a grin appeared on their faces. They were

immersed, totally fascinated with the sensations they knew their fingertips

were producing on the skin of Julie's feet. They tickled and tickled.

Ultimately, all Julie could do was laugh and laugh. Her mind could not even

form the words she needed to plead for mercy. All that existed in her

universe was helpless laughter and the awful constant tickling from the ten

dancing fingertips that felt like ants crawling all over her bare feet.

Just as Julie thought she was about to lose her mind and consciousness

seemed to begin to cloud over, the tickling stopped abruptly.

Julie's laughter ceased just as suddenly, and as she fought to regain her

breath, she opened her eyes and saw what had interrupted her torment.

Three women had entered the living room. One of them was Lucy, who was

closing the door behind them. The others were an Italian-looking girl with

curly, shoulder-length brown hair and a Mexican with an ebony pony tail

ending at the middle of her back. All three were dressed to kill, with very

high, very clinging evening dresses, sheer stockings and heels. They stood

there, taking in the sight of the two teenaged girls kneeling at the bare

feet of a bound and helpless Julie.

"Looks like we missed the real party, ladies," the Mexican girl smirked.

Lucy placed her hands on her hips and looked sternly at Karen. "What's

going on?"

"We were just tickling Julie's feet, Mom," Karen said as innocently as she


"Lucy, untie me, please!" Julie cried out. "They were driving me crazy!"

"Karen," Lucy said calmly, "go up to your room. We'll talk later."

"Yes, Mom," Karen sulked. She rose and headed toward the stairs.

The Italian-looking girl shot a withering stare at Keri. "That means you

too, Keri."

"Yes, Mom." Keri rose and followed Karen up the stairs.

When they heard Karen's bedroom door shut, the three women walked over to

Julie. Lucy knelt at Julie's right side, Keri's mother at her left, and the

Mexican at her feet.

Lucy stroked Julie's damp forehead. "Oh, Sweety. I'm sorry, hon."

"It's okay." Julie enjoyed Lucy's touch for a moment. "Can you untie me,


Keri's mother also reached over to stroke Julie's hair. "I hope you'll

understand that the girls didn't mean any harm," she said sweetly. She

leaned over and softly kissed Julie on the cheek.

"This is Monica, Julie, that special someone I told you about," Lucy told

her. "Are you sure you're okay?" Lucy then also began to plant soft kisses

on Julie's forehead and right cheek.

"No harm done." The thrill of having these two beautiful women lavish such

loving attention on her was almost enough to make her forget the torment

their daughters had just inflicted on her. "It's just that they were so

tickly, and I'm so ticklish."

The Mexican girl started to stroke the tops of Julie's feet soothingly with

the palm of her right hand.

"Poor thing. I'm Esperanza, Julie. Now that we're here, maybe we can help

you to feel better." With that, Esperanza lowered her lips to Julie's toes

and softly kissed the tip of each toe one by one.

"Poor thing," Lucy cooed over and over again, caressing Julie's brow and

kissing her cheek.

"Yes, poor baby," Monica whispered, letting her kisses stray from Julie's

left cheek to the underside of her left biceps, kissing softly up to the

elbow and back down to the biceps, sending chills through Julie's spine.

The tender kisses that these three women were planting on her cheeks and

arms and toes were sending electric pleasure throughout Julie's body,

impulses that seemed to culminate between her bound legs. She could feel

herself moistening, feel her clit beginning to swell. She moaned.

Lucy brought her face away from Julie's and began to run the tip of her

right index finger's long nail along the underside of Julie's right biceps.

She smiled sweetly.

"You know, I've noticed the way you've been stealing looks at me this

semester. I like it. And I like you. You're so sweet. I love your smile.

And I love your laugh. You really sounded so cute when we walked in and the

girls were still tickling your feet." Having said that, Lucy lowered her

mouth to Julie's smooth, shaven right armpit and, with the tip of her

tongue, licked at it once, very slowly.

Julie giggled abruptly. "Hee-hee-hee-hee-hee! No, not that!"

Monica grinned wickedly and brought her own mouth to Julie's left armpit,

interspersing soft kisses with light, quick flicks of the tip of her


"No-ho-ho-ho-ho! Plea-hee-hee-hee-heese!" Julie laughed out loud.

"Well," Esperanza spoke up, "I guess I get these tasty feet." With the flat

of her tongue, Esperanza licked once, slowly and steadily, from Julie's

left heel up to her toes.

She went to Julie's right foot and licked once in just the same way, from

heel to toes. Back to the left sole for one lick, then back to the right

sole for another lick, over and over, while Lucy and Monica licked and

licked Julie's bare armpits. Upward licks, over and over again. Like

kittens lapping up milk.

Julie was in hysterics for the second time tonight, but this time the

torturous tickling was compounded with Lucy's constant whisperings of,

"Poor thing. Sweet, sweet thing," between licks at Julie's right armpit.

Julie also felt her crotch getting wetter and wetter.

Julie's squeals of laughter suddenly heightened in pitch, and Lucy and

Monica stopped licking to see that Esperanza was now using her long

fingernails, quickly fluttering the tips up and down Julie's sensitive bare


Monica returned to attack Julie's left armpit, using her own long

fingernails in light, downward scratches. Lucy reached down with her right

hand and tickled all over Julie's ribs and stomach.

"Aw," Lucy teased, "Poor Julie's ticklish. Tickle, tickle, tickle."

"Hah, hah, hah, hah!" Julie screamed. "Ple-hee-hee- heese! No more!"

Lucy showed no mercy, though, and as Monica scratched lightly at Julie's

left armpit and Esperanza continued to tickle and tickle all over Julie's

bare feet with her long fingernails, Lucy propped herself up, placed her

hands on either side of Julie's rib cage and tickled.

"Kootchie, kootchie, koo. Tickle tickle, tickle." She dug her fingertips

into Julie's ribs all over, up and down, over and over again, tickling and

tickling with the same fervor her daughter had displayed when she had

tickled and tickled Julie's bare foot.

Lucy tickled Julie's tummy, went back to her ribs, back down to her tummy,

and then quickly

reached down, grabbed the hem of Julie's floral dress and pulled it up

above her waist. She reached up beneath the dress and found Julie's

breasts. Julie was wearing a satin bra, and Lucy tweaked at the nipples,

lightly scratching at the tips of the nipples through the fabric with the

tips of the nails on her index fingers.

"Tickle, tickle, tickle. Tickle, tickle, tickle."

Julie was frantic. Her deep guffaws were quickly interspersed with

high-pitched squeals of laughter.

Monica savagely tickled both armpits, Lucy tickled her nipples and her

ribs, Esperanza tickled and tickled her bare feet, and the entire time her

crotch was getting wetter and wetter, and her clit was tingling, almost

burning, getting more and more swollen.

Lucy sensed this and withdrew her hands from Julie's nipples and ribs. She

reached down, placed the palm of her right hand on the crotch of Julie's

satin panties. When she felt the tip of Julie's swollen button beneath the

fabric, she wiggled the tip of her middle finger over it very quickly.

"Julie's ticklish here, too," Lucy cooed. "Julie's a very ticklish girl.

Tickle, tickle, Julie. Tickle, tickle, tickle."

Monica now had gone back to licking Julie's left armpit, up and up, over

and over, while she

squeezed and fondled Julie's breasts. Esperanza was endeavoring to cover

every square inch of bare skin on Julie's feet with her tongue.

Lucy continued to tickle the tip of Julie's clit through the fabric of her

panties. It was too much. The tidal wave of sensation overwhelmed Julie.

The tickling of her clit had become unbearable. Her laughter stopped for a

moment. He breath caught in her throat. Lucy said the word "tickle" one

last time, and Julie grunted so hard that she thought her throat wouldn't

bear the strain. There was an explosion of release within her, and then

another, and then a third and a fourth. Her grunts softened, turned to

moans, and she realized that the tickling had stopped.

"That was so cool," Esperanza said and began to undo the stocking that held

Julie's ankles.

Monica rose, stepped behind the recliner, undid Keri's handiwork and then

looked at her watch. "Christ," she said, "look at the time. I've got to

work tomorrow."

"Same here," Esperanza said. She got up and planted a soft kiss on Julie's

lips. "Nice meeting you, Julie. Hope we can do this again soon."

Julie could only nod.

"Me, too," said Monica. She leaned down, kissed Julie on the lips and

turned to Lucy, who was still kneeling at Julie's right side. "Keep my brat

until tomorrow, okay? And don't be too hard on Karen."

"Well, it was no way for her to treat the baby-sitter, but on the other

hand," she reached over to take Julie's right hand, "I think it worked out

for the best. Right, Julie?"

Julie smirked, still exhausted. "Just wait until it's your turn."

Lucy laughed. "Oh yeah? I double dare you."

At that, Julie grinned, because not once in her life had she been able to

resist a dare.

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