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Feathering the Nest Feathering the Nest

My freshman year at college was a time of broadening horizons for me, and not just in the classroom. I'm attending a large University near Los Angeles, but I grew up in a small town up the coast, and I was pretty nervous about going to live in the Big City. That spring, when I enrolled, I checked at the school housing office to find an affordable off-campus room. There was a big bulletin full of rooms for rent to students, so I jotted down half a dozen or so and started making Calls. The first three people I called had already rented their rooms out, but on my fourth call a lady named Alice answered the phone and told me yes, her room was still available. 'But only to a single woman, and I don't want any smokers.' I told her that I didn't even Have a boyfriend just then, and cigarettes make me gag, so she invited me over to chat the Next afternoon. The next day I knocked on Alice's door. She lived in a pretty two-story house just one bus away from campus, in a quiet neighborhood. A redheaded girl a couple ofears older than me answered the door and said, "Penny? My name is Sandra, and Alice is In the kitchen. Come on in." Sandra led me through the house into a big kitchen where Alice Was stirring a pot of soup. She was dressed in shorts and a blouse and looked about thirtyfive, I thought, with dark curly hair and a big smile. We made our introductions, and soon the three of us were chatting over cups of tea around the kitchen table. "I do have a few ground rules, Penny," Alice said, "but Sandra has roomed here for a couple of years now, and she can tell you they aren't too harsh." "First, I have to be sure that you're over eighteen. I don't want to be responsible for a minor." "I'll be nineteen in December, Ma'am, " I said. "Oh, please call me Alice. 'Ma'am' makes me feel like a Grandmother." Alice laughed and her eyes sparkled. "I keep my rooms inexpensive because I like to see young people going to college. But that means that I don't want any foolishness. No parties, no drugs, no loud music, and you carry youshare of the housework. Can you handle that?" It didn't sound any worse than living at home, and I was already falling in love with that house, so I said yes. "Wonderful," Alice said. "Sandra can show you the house, and you can decide for sure if this is the place for you." Sandra showed me around. The house was airy and well-lighted, and my room was even larger than the one I had back home, with a big four-poster bed and a chest of drawers. "This is great," I said. "I'll Take it." Sandra grinned. "You'll like it here. Alice is great, and it's a lot better than living on campus, especially for someone as pretty as you. The frat rats would never give you any peace in a dorm, but I've never met a boy who'd try to get past Alice." Blushing from Sandra's compliment, I went to find Alice to make arrangements for the fall semester. That fall was a whole new experience for me. I'd never lived away from home before, and Sandra had been right about college guys. I started dating Terry, a junior, and often got home la. Sandra and Alice never seemed to go out much, so they were usually in bed by the time I came home. One night, though, Alice was waiting up to talk with me. "It was your turn to the dishes tonight," she said. "This is the third time Sandra or I have had to cover for you. If you're going to live here, you'll have to carry your own weight." I was very embarrassed. I promised to do better, and I did for a while. Then one Saturday a couple of weeks later it was my day to sweep and mop the kitchen. Early that morning Terry came by to invite me to Disneyland. Disneyland had been a fantasy of mine since childhood,and Terry was very persuasive. Thoughts of mops and brooms flew right out of my head when he gave me his "hopeful puppy dog look." Terry and I spent the entire day at Disneyland. We necked on the rides, and by the time we left my head was spinning from more than just Space Mountain. We parked in Alice's driveway and cuddled awhile longer, and I finally remembered the kitchen floor. I knew Alice would be m enough without bringing Terry in, so I reluctantly untangled myself, kissed him good night, and went in to face the music. When I got inside Alice and Sandra were watching television in the living room. I started to apologize, but Alice said curtly, "Never mind. We'll talk about it in the morning. Go to bed." I went up to my room, undressed, and went to bed. I was still worried, but as I fell asleep, my thoughts were of Terry. I woke up to the feeling that something was wrong. As I opened my eyes Sandra was just finishing the knots on a scarf that bound my left ankle to the bedpost. My other leg and both arms were already tied down, holding me spread-eagle on the bed. Alice stood nearby, watching, and I blushed furiously as I realized I was wearing only my panties. "Hey! What is this?" I said. Alice answered coolly, "I explained the rules when you came here, Penny, but you didn't take me seriously. This is to help convince you." She picked up a pair of scissors from the nightstand and cut my panties off wittwo quick snips. "Stop that, you bitch!" I yelled, in fear as much as anger. "Such language! You'll wake the neighbors!" Alice quickly balled my panties up and pushed them into my mouth as Sandra tied them in place with another scarf. Alice and Sandra sat on the bed, one on either side of me, and Alice continued, "Now that I'm sure I have your attention, I'd like to go over the rules of the house with you one more time." As she spoke Alice absently trailed a finger down my right side. I jumped and squealed into my wadded panties. Alice looked startled. "Why, Sandra," she said, "I do believe that our little Penny is ticklish! Go get my toy box, dear. I think we'll be able to teach her a real lesson now." Sandra grinned down at me and left the room. While she was gone Alice amused herself by running her hands over my body. In less than a minute she'd found every one of my weak spots, plus a few I hadn't known about. I was gasping and trembling, and it seemed like my whole body was ticklish. Sandra came back caying a small suitcase and a glass of ice cubes. Alice was lightly stroking my ribs, and I was making little cries around my gag and straining against the bonds that held me open to her. "Put those down on the dresser, dear," Alice said. "I think bare hands will do fine for now." Sandra sat down across from Alice, as I glanced nervously from one to the other. Alice smiled and nodded, and my real torture began. Sandra began twirling her fingers in my armpits as Alice intensified her attack on my ribs. I jerked frantically at the scarves, but the gag turned my screams of laughter into moans and whimpers. Alice's fingers danced across my tummy, and Sandra tickled my neck and the undersides of my breasts. I bucked up and down on the bed, and Alice frowned. "Hold her down, Sandra," she said. Sandra straddled my stomach, pinning me to the bed while her fingers went back to my underarms. Alice worked her way down, tickling my thighs, knees, and calves as she moved toward my feet. I shook my head desperately: I couldt stand having my feet tickled! Alice must have noticed my reaction. As Sandra paused to find a fresh spot on my ribs, Alice called her down to the foot of the bed. "I think we can do the most good here," she said. Both of them knelt by my feet and began scraping their fingernails across my soles. I don't know how long it lasted. I couldn't even laugh, but just rocked my head against the mattress as my toes curled and my feet jerked and twisted to escape the tickling. Suddenly I realized I was getting turned on! My pussy was wet with juice, and my nipples felt hot and swollen. Sandra could tell what I was feeling, because she said to Alice, "Look at her. She loves this." Alice smiled. "Let her rest for a moment." When the tickling stopped I slumped against the bed, exhausted. Alice knelt between my legs, still smiling. She stroked my damp bush and said, "Do you need some attention, darling?" My eyes widened over my gag as I realized what she meant. I'd never let a boy go down on me before, let alone a woman!lice lowered her head and began nuzzling my pussy, and I moaned as tingling waves seemed to sweep through me. Sandra was nibbling my ears and whispered "You love what we're doing to you, don't you?" I moaned again against my panties, and Sandra chuckled as she worked her way down my throat and began swirling her tongue across my nipples. Alice and Sandra teased me expertly, bringing me to the trembling edge of orgasm and then dropping me back and starting over, again and again. Soon I was arching against my bonds as hard as I ever had from the tickling. Then Alice brought over the ice cubes, and she and Sandra began running them over my soles, thighs and tummy as I squealed and thrashed. They alternated like this for over an hour, Sandra told me later. They would stroke and tease me almost to climax, then bring out the ice or begin tickling me again. I was frantic, and even now I can remember only bits and pieces of that incredible session. Alice and Sandra stripped off their clothes, and Alice untied my gagnd straddled my face while Sandra worked me over with a vibrator from Alice's toy box. "Suck my pussy, Penny," Alice commanded. "You don't get to come until you bring me off!" At first I refused, but then Alice tweaked my nipples and Sandra began licking my swollen clit as she fucked me with the vibrator. I cried out and shuddered,. and began licking and sucking Alice with all of the pent-up passion of the last two hours. Alice was grinding against my face and her cries of pleasure were rising in pitch as Sandra kept tonguing my slit, and as I felt an orgasm building again I realized that Sandra wasn't stopping; they were finally going to let me come! Alice gasped and arched against my mouth as I exploded in an incredible climax. I screamed and every muscle in my body pulled against the scarves as one orgasm after another swept over me. Sandra kept licking me as I writhed and cried, and finally a spasm of pleasure carried me completely over the edge into unconsciousness. I came to in just a few minutes to fi myself untied and cuddled in a blanket between Alice and Sandra. I clung to Alice and cried like a baby from sheer emotional release. Alice hugged me and stroked my hair as Sandra rubbed my back gently until I fell asleep. Sandra told me later that she had been through the same sort of experience at Alice's lovingly fiendish hands in her freshman year. Alice kept us both in line for the rest of the year, and any violation of the "house rules" brought swift "punishment." One day, for example, Sandra failed a biology test and spent that evening tied across the back of the couch while Alice reddened her ass with a paddle and I wrote "I will study harder" one hundred times on Sandra's wriggling soles. Late in the spring term, Alice's birthday approached, and Sandra and I planned to make it especially memorable. That night we were waiting in Alice's closet when she came home from work, and as she changed out of her office clothes, we pounced. Sandra grabbed Alice just as she was stripping off her pantyhose, knocng Alice onto the bed and pinning her. Alice struggled, but we had fastened nylon cuffs to the bed beforehand, and we had her wrists tied down almost before she knew what was happening. Sandra sat on her legs and held her down while we slipped a vibrator with a long cord into her pussy. We tied her knees and ankles together to hold the vibrator in, then tied her feet to the foot of the bed. Finally Sandra lashed Alice's toes together with a cord and we stepped back to admire our handiwork. "All right, girls," Alice said angrily. "You've had your fun. Now untie me." Sandra and I giggled like schoolgirls, and I reached down and unsnapped Alice's bra, which opened in front. "Happy Birthday, Alice," Sandra said. "Penny and I want you to relax and enjoy yourself tonight. We'll take care of everything." Alice spluttered and threatened until Sandra shut her up with a penis gag. As Sandra fastened the straps of the gag I pulled a pair of long, stiff feathers out of Alice's toy box. "I think we should start light andork our way up. How about you?" Sandra grinned, and we started to work. Feathers don't tickle, exactly. Used properly, a stiff feather combines a maddening tickle with a very sexy tingle. As we slid the feathers over and between her toes, Alice tried desperately not to react. Then Sandra teased her feather in long circles around Alice's nipples, and Alice groaned and arched her breasts up for more attention. "Greedy," Sandra laughed, and pinched Alice's nipples to make her jump. We intensified the tickling very gradually. I began prodding Alice's feet with the hard tip of my feather while Sandra trailed her fingers up and down Alice's bound arms. Alice could barely mover her feet at all, but her toes spoke volumes as they wiggled, and her eyes bugged out each time Sandra's fingers danced in her armpits. She was laughing helplessly now, but the gag reduced her to mews and whimpers. I moved away from her feet and Alice sighed with relief, then began writhing again as I tickled her labia and slid the feather upnd down her slit while Sandra concentrated on her ribs. her muffled cries were getting Sandra and me incredibly turned on, and we undressed hurriedly, then kissed across Alice's bound body. We fondled one another with one hand while our free hands tickled Alice's breasts, belly, and thighs. Poor Alice was going crazy from the combined sex show and tickle torture we were giving her. Sandra and I came up for air after a long kiss and I could see the need in her eyes. I smiled and looked down at Alice quivering with lust and laughter beneath us. "She's been having all the fun," I said. "Let her do a little work for a change." I set up a chair at the foot of the bet and removed Alice's gag. "Please let me come," Alice gasped. "I'll do anything you want!" "I'm glad to hear it," I said, "because we're going to tickle your feet until you suck us both off!" "Oh no! Please!" Alice began, then dissolved in hysteria as I began raking her soles with my nails. Sandra straddled her and Alice began licking desperately as Iontinued tickling. Poor Alice. Sandra reached back and pinched Alice's nipples every time her tongue slowed down, but she couldn't keep her mind on Sandra's pussy while I tortured her feet with fingers, a scrub brush, and ice. Finally, though, Sandra's moans and sighs changed to the sharp cries of orgasm. I kept working Alice over until Sandra's spasms subsided, then gave Alice a brief rest. As I positioned myself over Alice's mouth she said, "You will pay for this, you know!" I grinned and signaled Sandra to begin. A stiff-bristled brush was a great inspiration to Alice; I'd never gotten such passionate head. Soon I was shaking with orgasms, but I told Sandra not to stop. "You promised," Alice sputtered between gales of laughter. "I fibbed," I grinned. Then I switched on the vibrating dildo and began massaging Alice's clit as she arched against my hand with a cry. The combination of the vibrator and Sandra's skillful tickling brought Alice to climax in just a few minutes, but I didn"t stop. We made her comegain and again until her hair was plastered with sweat and her cries were weakening. Finally I turned off the vibrator and untied her, and Sandra and I tucked her in with kisses. "You little bitches," Alice murmured dreamily as she droppedoff. Alice still pretty much runs the house. My grades have improved and I nearly always do my chores now, though I don"t mind too much being "punished" when I slip up. Sandra graduates this year and will be leaving soon. I'll miss her, but I'm looking forward to helping Alice show her next boarder the ropes, so to speak.

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