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Amusement Park Hysteria Amusement Park Hysteria

Peggy was very excited about the coming of the new amusement park. Ever since she was a little girl, she has always loved the amusement park.

All the games and rides. The fun house, and, especially, the house of


There was something about being frightened that Peggy enjoyed. She

wasn`t quite sure what it was, but it was a feeling of helplessness. An

escape from the everyday, run-of-the-mill lifestyle. Perhaps it was

because she could allow herself to become entranced by the ghosts, and

goblins, knowing that no harm would come to her. Whatever the reason

was, it was surely an obsession with Peggy. She had a macabre sense of

adventure, and amusement. She was always the first one to go to the

latest horror films, no matter how gruesome, and she seemed unusually

excited by tales of Medieval torture chambers, and

descriptions of unusual torments.

One of Peggy`s favorite accounts, was that of Tickle torture.

She was very excited by the thought of this type of punishment. Of


being as ticklish as she was, Peggy could only imagine the madness it

must have brought it`s unfortunate victims, but it fascinated her just

the same.

It was a comfortably warm Saturday evening, when Peggy went to the debut

of the new amusement park. The stars were shining brightly, and a warm

whisper of a breeze, whisked it`s way through the crowded park. Because

this was the debut weekend for the park, it would be open all night. The

weather couldn`t be better, and the turnout was fantastic.

To Peggy`s utter delight, she was to find out that the park

offered the largest horror house for 15 states! It was a feature


that sported a special sideline attraction called "Dungeon Masters." The

theme of this attraction was "Real Drama" as it would have happened in

15th and 16th century Europe. Supposedly, there were to be recreations

of actual tortures, performed on torture equipment, painstakingly

detailed to that of the actual instruments used in their time.

As it turned out, it seemed that the "Dungeon Masters"

attraction was the biggest success of the evening, handling lines some

500 people long. Outside the horror house, which looked more like a

Transylvanian castle, there were robed figures, both male and female,

with ghoulish masks and make-up, coaxing patrons to the line. From

inside the castle, were heard hideous screams, and ghoulish moans.

Maniacal laughter permeated the soft evening air. Excited and

anticipatory guests waited patiently for their turn to enter the evil


After waiting on the long line for a while, it seemed obvious

that Peggy was not going to get into the attraction any time soon, but

she had an idea! Being the spoiled daddy`s girl that she was, and not

wanting to wait for anything, she decided that there must be a better way

to get into that castle. Not only soon, but also, free! Looking at the

tall 23 year old brunette, one would never figure her to be the type so

bold and spoiled, as to risk breaking a line that size just to get into a

fun house. But that`s exactly what this beauty intended to do.

She walked around to the back of the castle-like building, and

unsuspectingly, sneaked under the security fence. Everyone was so busy

having fun, that they thought nothing of this. Peggy worked her way

closer to the building a little at a time, hiding behind bushes on her


There in the back, was a large, wooden door, bearing a large



Peggy thought how easy it would be to say that she got lost. What`s

the worst they could do to her. She could charm her way out of


Ignoring the sign, Peggy pressed the lever on the large door to find

that, to

her surprise, it was opened. Perhaps the owners thought no one would try

to get in through there, being there was a sign and all.

Peggy opened the door slowly, peeking in both directions as she

entered. As she crept slowly inside, she could hear the ghastly sounds


"Pre-recorded sound effects." She rationalized.

She came upon long corridors that were very dark, and the deeper she

dwelled, the darker it got. After turning endless corners, and bumping

into many walls, it occurred to her;

"I`m lost!" "For real!"

Peggy could hear the distant chatter and occasional excited

screams of the visitors, but each turn she made, seemed to lead her

farther away. Now she was really in trouble. She couldn`t find the

crowd, or the exit! In the realization of being in a purgatory between

escape and discovery, Peggy could feel her heart beating faster, and

harder. Suddenly, the desire to gain her objective seemed weaker. It

wasn`t quite so important as it was before. She turned another corner.

Something leapt out at her! It was only a plastic monster. As the

sounds of the crowd seemed closer, Peggy figured she was not far from


"Just a little closer kid." You`re almost there." She whispered to

herself in an effort to console her anxiety.

As she groped the walls, she walked straight into someone! She gasped in

a startled fashion, and then sighed in relief.

"I`m sorry. Can you tell me which way the crowd is moving?"

There was no reply. In the darkness, Peggy could make out two robed and

hooded figures. Suddenly, the figures grabbed her and began dragging her

down the dark hallway! Peggy tried to fight the two of them off,

screaming, and demanding for them to let her go, but they were too strong

for her to escape their grasp.

They continued dragging her down the corridor, never speaking a word.

Peggy figured since she was obviously caught, she might as well confess,

and get it done.

"Okay! You caught me." You can let me go now." I won`t give you any



Again, no response. No indication at all that they even heard her!

One of the two robed figures swung open a door. The door marked

the entrance to a large room. Peggy asked in a concerned voice.

"Is this the exit? Where are we?"

The shadowy figures brought her to what felt like the middle of the

room. She could hardly see anything. Just outlines of what appeared to

be a stone floor. The room was empty except a large, heavy looking piece

of furniture. Peggy could not quire make out what it was. She wasn`t

sure what is was, but the figures were leading her there, leading her

toward it. Suddenly, the two figures began grabbing at Peggy`s clothes.

Peggy fought like crazy to keep them away, but they grabbed her harder,

and started stripping her of her shorts, and T-shirt!

"What the Hell is going on here? What are you doing to me?"

The silent captors finished their stripping job, and replaced

the garments with a burlap material, which fit like a short skirt set.


sneakers and socks were also removed, and replaced with leather

slippers. A rope was tied around the waist of the garment to serve as a

belt, after which time, Peggy was forced to the floor.

Her back was pressed up against a thick wooden post, and her

wrists were bound behind her back, around it, with several loops of

braided rope. As one figure tied her hands, the other sat on her legs to

keep them from kicking. Peggy was fighting as hard as she could, but to

no avail. After her wrists were secured, each figure held a leg, and

began removing the corresponding slipper.

The struggling girl`s ankles were firmly placed on what felt

like a padded ledge. It wasn`t until she heard the "Bang" of wood on

wood, that she realized she could not move her ankles. Whatever they had

placed her in, was holding her fast, with no slack for mobility! After a

few seconds, it occurred to Peggy what she had been placed in.

"Stocks! Oh my God! This is impossible! What`s going on? Someone talk

to me! Please!"

She still got no response from her shadowy captors. Instead,

one of them walked over to her, and placed a pillow under her buttocks,

and behind her head. She could not figure out what the reason for this

was, and she really did not care. All Peggy could think about was

getting the Hell out of there.

Suddenly, and with no warning, a gag, with a long strap was

fitted into the terrified girl`s mouth, and buckled tightly around the


pinning her head to it. Her head was now completely immobile, and her

eyes were wide with fear and anxiety as they scanned the room for some

kind of clue where she was. The two captors exited the room, leaving

poor Peggy bound helplessly and unable to speak!

After about 15 minutes, she could hear what sounded like pipe

organ music in the distance. The sound grew closer and closer, and Peggy

strained to scream for help. As the eerie music played on, a dim, red


went on, slightly illuminating the room with an iridescent glow. What

Peggy saw was shocking. She gasped at the sight. The room she was in,

was decorated exactly like a medieval dungeon, complete with manacles on

the mortar, and stone walls. Her situation became even more desperate as

she saw part of the wall in front of her slide open to reveal a giant,

Plexi-Glass, viewing window! Standing on the other side of it, were all

the people who paid for their tickets to see this!

Peggy became absolutely frantic at this point, trying to reach

someone out there with her pleading eyes. She struggled, but it was just

no use. Her bondage was genuine, and final. There was no room for

movement. The only part of her body that could move effectively, were

her bare feet and toes. Of course, the crowd figured she was wiggling to

demonstrate her helplessness. Peggy screamed as best she could, but the

sound was effectively muffled by the gag. Her eyes scanned the crowd,

desperately, praying that someone would figure out her awful plight.

"Why are they all just standing there, watching me? Somebody do


The helpless girl`s mind raced furiously as she watched the

crowd`s anticipation for what she did not know, was yet to come.

Just then, the two figures reentered the room. She can see them now.

They are two men, wearing hooded robes, with crosses embroidered on the

front. One of them picked up a nearby microphone, and addressed the crowd:

"Ladies and gentlemen; Of all the things you have seen tonight, few can

compare with what you are about to witness. During Medieval times, the

dreaded Inquisition imposed many types of tortures on their hopeless

victims. The effectiveness of this particular torture was so high, that

it was incorporated as a regular practice, used frequently in many other

dungeons all over the world. We recommend anyone who is squeamish, to

leave now."

As the speaker put the microphone down, the crowd huddled closer to the

window, gaping in excited, and curious anticipation. Peggy was still

squirming, even more so now that she had heard that little speech. Her

continuous struggling only proved repeatedly, the inescapability of her


Peggy`s two robed captors walked to a small table, situated directly

behind her. She could not turn her head to see what they were doing,

which only exaggerated her already frantic mental state. She could only

hear movements behind her, but the sudden facial expressions of the crowd

in front of her, made her panic even more.

Suddenly, she could see them reentering her view. One was

holding a stiff Turkey feather, and the other was wielding a


brush. Peggy`s stomach dropped hard as she realized what was about to

happen to her. Her greatest fascination, and, greatest fear, was about

to come true in the most horrible way! Her incredibly desperate attempts

to escape just seemed to rivet the crowd more intensely to her


As the first man lowered the feather toward her helpless bare

right foot, Peggy squinted her eyes tightly in an attempt to block out


feeling. The stiff feather was applied in long steady drags, from heel

to toe tips, across the quivering wrinkled bare sole. Peggy wiggled her

toes quickly in hopes of changing her mind`s attention from the tickling

to the physical movement, but her tormentor was skilled, and persisted

with the tickling administrations in steady, unwavering motion.

Soon, the poor girl`s senses could no longer hold out, and she

began to laugh. The torturer immediately withdrew, as if to taunt poor

Peggy with the realization of her helplessness, and what was going to be

done to her. It is now time for the second man to administer his torture

too. On Peggy`s bound left foot, tickling, just under the toes, in short

staccato strokes with his horse hair brush. The sensations of this

tickling, sent Peggy crazy from the start. She began laughing very

hard. The laughing quickly turned to screams and pleading. After about

30 seconds, he too, withdrew. By now, Peggy was frantic. There was no

way she wanted that done to her again. She knew she could not stand to

be tickled. Tickling was one of her worst fears in life! And to be

tickled while bound helplessly, was just unthinkable. She would do

anything to free herself.

The crowd peered in amazement as the tormentors renewed their tickling

attack on Peggy`s bound, bare feet. Only this time, there would be no

stopping. The feather was sliding around the spasmodically wiggling toes

of one foot, while the brush was gently scrubbing the heel and instep of

the other. Peggy`s laughter increased in volume and pitch as the

tickling persisted. She was desperately trying to move her feet out of

the way of the tickling, screaming hysterically, laughing, crying and

begging, all at the same time. Her mind was racing in furious panic as

she prayed for the tickling of her feet to stop. She could not bear it.

Tears were stroking her hysterical, red face, and her limbs were growing


from the involuntary muscle spasms caused by the tickling torture!

Despite Peggy`s obvious Hellish agony, her tormentors were not letting

up! Instead, they were expanding their torture of this poor girl, to her

legs. They dropped their tickling tools, and began sliding their fingers

up her bare, soft legs, making sure to tickle the backs of her calves and

thighs. As one tickled her legs, the other started tickling her helpless

knees, kneading with abandon, just above the knee caps, which caused such

violent spasms of laughter, that Peggy figured someone would have to see

that she was being tortured for real!

The pretend Inquisitors were making mental notes of poor Peggy`s most

ticklish parts, returning to each, time after time after time. The

helpless creature was a pathetic sight of tortured female nerve endings.

The persistent tickling was rapidly turning this beautiful young woman

into a mindless hysterical muscle spasm!

The crowd was silent, and completely glued to the activity.

They all seemed amazed at the acting ability of this woman. How could

anyone stand that much tickling? Peggy`s eyes seemed to scream out at

the audience.






Peggy`s body and mind were on fire. Every nerve ending in her

5`8" frame had been lit on fire, like tiny fuses. Hundreds of thousands

of tiny fuses, all burning at the same time, and her entire nervous

system felt like it was going to explode! Never before had Peggy ever

felt torment like this. She had been tickled in the past, but only

briefly, and never with the animal intent that she was receiving now!

Her sensitive ribs were next on the list. Consistently prodded and poked

by unseen fingers, Peggy`s mid section and abdomen spasmed

uncontrollably. Her face was a mask of madness. The gag refrained all

attempts to release her pent up screams of laughter, pinning her head

helplessly to the post, where she could only sit immobile, wiggling the

few precious inches her bondage allowed.

Her red, tear blurred eyes blinked, and squinted rapidly under

her tormented duress. Her neck muscles peaked, and strained as her

tender throat unleashed burst, after burst of torture laughter. Her

stomach muscles tightened harder with each unrelenting tickling attack on

her incredibly ticklish rib cage. As her sadistic tormentors spent

minute, after eternal minute, tickling her helpless upper thighs, and

ribs, Peggy`s toes wiggled aimlessly at the gawking crowd. Her endless

toe wiggling cased gentle wrinkles on her pretty pink soles.

The fire Peggy felt throughout her trapped body, had now spread to her

nipples and loins. As the tickling continued without stop, moving back

down to behind her soft knees, she could feet her womanhood becoming

swollen and hot with excitement. It was beginning to throb and pulsate

like nothing she had ever felt before. It yearned to be touched, to be

satisfied, but all she would get, would be more. . .More tickling. Her

naked heels became the focal point of both tormentors, using their nails

to lightly scratch the delicate skin there. Her situation had become

dire at this point, and she was sure she would be tickled to death. The

crowd was eagerly savoring every second of this Hellish torture. Her

spectacle probed to be a fascinating, and entertaining sight for the


As the heel tickling progressed in intensity, Peggy`s mind began to go

numb. Her eyes were ill focused, and her pussy was unbearably swollen

with excitement. If only one of these tormentors would just accidentally

touch her there. She is sure she would come from just the slightest

brush of his hand. But. . .nothing. Nothing but tickling! The

tormentors have returned full strength to Peggy`s bound bare feet, paying

almost exclusive attention to her wriggling toes. Twenty fingers tickled

the wildly spasming toes, as Peggy found the strength for a new onslaught

of screaming laughter from the unbearable titillating tickling of her toes.

By this time, Peggy was just about ready to explode, whether she was

touched there, or not. Her body was operating at full overload

capacity. Her brain was burning with sensory overload, and her limbs and

diaphragm ached from excessive spasming. Her humiliation was peaking as

her head was pinned toward the peering crowd, and her bare, ticklish feet

and toes were being abused by the endless manipulation of them by these

sadist`s skilled fingertips.

She could not stand another second. Her nipples were clearly

visible through her burlap garment. They felt like they are going to pop

from the swelling, sexual tension. Peggy let out one final piercing

scream that was laced with a torrential orgasm, the likes she has never

experienced. Then, she passed out cold!

When she awoke, she was strapped to a rack, and could not move a single

muscle. Her arms were stretched high over her head, and her ankles were

locked in another set of stocks at the foot of the rack, again, revealing

her tender, bare feet for whatever abuse her tormentors might see fit.

Her body was twitching from the torturous tickling ordeal, and her

erogenous zones were tingling with sexual sensitivity. The gag had been

replaced with a cylindrical piece of cork, held in place with rope. From

the corner of her eye, Peggy could see the viewing window, only this

time, with a different crowd outside. The robed man picked up the

microphone, and began to speak:

"Ladies and gentlemen; of all the things you have seen tonight, few can

compare to what you are about to witness."

Peggy`s eyes sprang open with insane fear! Her mind could muster one


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