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The Curse of Men The Curse of Men

Duncan moved quietly through the heavy undergrowth, clad only in his traditional buckskin vest and pants. He was using all his skills as a hunter to remain unseen. He would need all those skills and more now. He wasnt just trying to bring down a deer or elk to help heed the village. Today Duncan was prey instead of predator.

He just wasnt ready to get married! Not even to a woman a beautiful as Hannah. After all, his Ceremony of Manhood had only been this past spring. But Hannah wouldnt take that for an answer, even after he had refused her in front of the entire village. Her need to always get her own way, her selfish single-minded determination, was another thing that made Duncan wary about marrying her. Hannah never seemed to care about what anybody else wanted.

It shouldnt have been a surprise when Hannah had called for the Great Hunt.

The Great Hunt was an ancient ritual of the Cepotai people. The legends said it had started during a time when the irresponsibility of the men had almost destroyed the tribe. The men had become so interested in hunting, war and in contesting each other in games of skill that they often stayed away from the village for months or even years at a time. Without the men, the women of the village were no longer blessed with babies. As the elderly passed away, the Cepotai people started to number less and less. Some women ended their fertile years never having given birth! It was feared that they would eventually vanish as a people.

So, in the legend, the women called upon the great Earth Mother to save the Cepotai. It was She who decided that if the men liked hunting so much, then they would become the hunted. The Earth Mother gave the women of the Cepotai a powerful weapon known as the Curse of Men. The women went out into the woods and, using the Curse of Men, forced the men back to the village. There they bound the men with oaths, forcing them to live in the village, to father children, and hunt only when the village needed the food.

Now the men and women of the Cepotai were equals, both working only for the village. It had been long years since a Great Hunt had been called for. Until now.

The rules of the Great Hunt were simple. Hannah pursued Duncan through the woods. If she could find him and use the Curse of Men to subdue him and bend him to her will, then Duncan would have to marry her. If Duncan could remain uncaptured for night and a day, he could go back to the village in triumph, free to marry who and when he would. That would be in only a few hours now.

Duncan crouched low and listened. He heard a few birds and chipmunks, but nothing that could have been a person. Duncan had the best ears in the tribe, and he knew not even a seasoned hunter could walk without him hearing. There was no way that Hannah, with only a small part of the skill of a hunter, could be moving anywhere close. Duncans heart was starting to hope that he had lost her completely.

And why not? All night, Duncan had used every trick he knew, doubling back on his trail, looping around muddy areas that would hold his footprints, using certain plants to mask his smell. There was no way an untrained girl could follow.

Still, he had better keep moving. There was no sense in letting Hannah catch up.

Soon, Duncan did hear a noise, the noise of running water. Ahead, a stream of crystal blue water cut through the green. Seeing it reminded Duncan of how thirsty his was. He hadnt taken a drink since last night, and the sun was now blazing high in the sky.

Duncan crept forward, leaving the shelter of the trees and heading for the river. The bank was barren, and he felt very vulnerable out in the open, but his thirst drove him on. Upon reaching the river, Duncan plunged his head into the icy water and drunk deeply.

A loud noise caused Duncan to jerk his head up suddenly. He was just in time to see Hannah running at him. She was so close, Duncan could clearly see her fiery red hair and green eyes sharp as daggers. Duncan had no time to even turn. Hannah launched herself through the air, slamming into his chest. The force from the blow knocked him to the ground, landing on his back, with Hannah landing on his waist.

Duncan should have been able to knock her off. After all, Hannah was as slender as a willow, and a full foot shorter than he was. While Duncan was not as bulk as some of the other men, he was broad in the shoulders, and his arms were like iron bars. He had once carried a buck several miles back to the village. Hannah had no hope of winning a wrestling match.

But Duncan was stunned from the fall for just a moment. That gave Hannah a chance to use the Curse of Men. She slipped her fingers beneath Duncans vest and started squeezing his ribs, tickling them furiously.

A wave of hysteria crashed over Duncan when Hannahs slender fingers hit his bare skin. Duncan started laughing loudly, squirming from side to side. The tickling drained his strength immediately, making his muscles feel like mud. Hannah might as well have been a black bear! Duncan couldnt move her an inch.

Still laughing, Duncan tried to grab Hannahs hands, but his arms felt like wet vines, and the attempt was so clumsy a toddler would have avoided it easily. Hannah kept on pinching his ribs, her hands climbing higher and higher on Duncans ribcage, forcing him to laugh harder and harder.

Silly man, Hannah gloated, Did you really think I would try to follow you through the forest? Her left hand stroked a rib that made Duncans entire body spasm, so she kept tickling it while her other hand looked for its mate. All I had to do was wait by the water, just like you hunters do when hunting deer, and let you come to me!

Desperate, Duncan wrapped his arms around himself, trying to shield his bare skin from Hannahs tormenting fingers. If he couldnt stop Hannah, maybe he could slow her down.

Duncan seemed to be succeeding. Hannah was blocked from some of Duncans worst spots. She kept tickling, but his laughter started lessening. Duncans mind started working again and a dim plan formed. Maybe he could outlast he Curse of Men and regain his strength. All he had to do was hold on and not let Hannah

Then Duncan felt a new set of hands grab him by the arms. They were small hands, barely fitting half way around his wrists, but without Duncans strength, their grip was like steel. They pulled Duncans arms away from his body and up over his head. With his sides now vulnerable again, Hannahs hands became whirlwinds, burrowing into his weak spots and driving Duncan wild with laughter once more.

HE ehe ehe eheh naawwoo heh eheheh heh faiiirrhehe eheh ehehe eh eheheh Hunnnnt he eheh ee ehh ehh one hehe one heheh. Nawwwooo hheheheh Nooooo heeheh heellllpp allowweed heh ee eheh!!!!

Lying on his back, Duncan saw the new face lean over him. It was Jane, a good friend of Hannahs. Havent you taught him that his opinion isnt wanted? Jane asked Hannah. Her long, dark hair brushed against Duncans chest, adding a little tickle of its own.

I just started tickling him, Hannah said, leaning closer to Jane, It takes time to teach proper obedience. The two friends then kissed softly on the lips. Even while he laughed, Duncan was appalled. Such intimacy between two women was unheard of among the Cepotai.

Jane moved back to sitting just behind Duncans head Well, you better get started, we only have a few hours until dark.

In that case Hannahs hands left Duncans ribs and started attacking his underarms. Now Duncan howled. With Jane holding his wrists, his armpits were completely open and vulnerable. Hannah danced her long fingers through the downy hair, grazing the skin beneath with her sharp fingernails.


Jane leaned in for a closer look, her face stopping only inches above Duncans. Youre barely touching him! Men are so weak. Hes really just a little boy, arent you Duncan? Yes, youre really just a little boy! Goochie goochie goo little boy! Jane kissed Duncan on his quivering lips before pulling back.

Every tiny movement of one of Hannahs fingers sent ticklish agony shooting down his arms. To have five fingers wiggling about in each underarm was almost beyond imagining. What made it even worse for Duncan was the loose grip Jane had on his wrists. Yet try as hard as he could, he didnt have the strength to break it. It was like having your legs pinned beneath a twig!

Men can take a spear wound to the stomach and keep on fighting, Hannah said, But a light touch under his arms makes them go wild. Watch this! She started scraping her fingernails across the tender flesh of Duncans armpits now. In response Duncan shrieked, and entire body shook, lifting Hannah a foot higher into the air.

Hannah went back to tickling lightly, and Duncans body crashed back to earth, his laughter resuming its earlier pitch. I can do this to you all night, Duncan, Hannah teased, I can tickle these pitties of yours soft or hard, slow or fast. What do you say?

Duncan could only keep roaring with laughter, spiking every now and then when Hannah dug in her nails harder. Already his muscles hurt as if had been running after a doe for an hour. He was whipping his head from side to side in distress, his face bright red and covered with sweat.

Tickling Duncan was having an interesting fringe benefit for Hannah. Sitting on his waist meant that Duncan was grinding his body against hers with every tickle. She found her own sexual excitement increasing with every moment. This only made Hannah tickle Duncan harder than before.

Oh, let me try, Jane begged. Duncan his arms were now pinned under the brunettes knees, leaving her hands free.

Be my guest, Hannah said, removing her hands and giving Duncan a moment to breathe.

But just a moment. Then Janes shorter, stronger fingers were scribbling around in the hollows beneath his arms. They swirled around the edges, vibrating crazily. It was a different tickle than Hannahs had been but no less effective, and Jane soon had him laughing every bit as hard.

Laugh for me baby boy! Laugh for Janie! She screamed even louder than Duncans laughter. Then she kissed him again on his wide-open lips, running her tongue around the edges.

Hannah had to giggle now, amused by her friends excitement. She was glad that Duncan had refused her now. This was far more fun than she could have imagined. Listening to Duncan squeal, watching him trying to get away so futilely, experiencing such control over himShe really didnt want it to end.

Even now, watching Jane tickling Duncans armpits, Hannah felt her fingers itch. She wanted to tickle Duncan more, especially as her own sexual desire kept growing from the bumping and grinding. Hannah waited as long as she could, listening to him scream, until she could wait no longer.

If you think hes laughing hard now, Hannah said at last, Just watch this. She plunged her fingers into Duncans belly, squirming her fingers over the smooth skin and digging them into the firm muscle beneath.

Duncan started cackling now, sounding like a hyena or monkey. It had an insane quality to it, as if he was losing the tickling was making him lose control of his senses. The new sound only excited Jane and Hannah more, driving them to tickle Duncan harder and harder.

It became almost a game between the two girls. First Hannah would tickle, then Jane, then both. They contested to see who could make him laugh harder or longer or more psychotically. Duncan got short breaks, but Jane and Hannah found they just couldnt keep their hands off their new toy, and would quickly start again.

The only long moments of silence would come when either Jane would kiss Duncan again, sealing her lips around his gaping mouth and running her tongue around his teeth, or Hannah would slip a finger into Duncans belly button. When that happened, Duncans laughter would dissolve in silent torment, with his lips fastened into a huge grin.

Finally, during a longer than usual break, Duncan surrendered.

No..heheh..no moreno moregive upwill marry you Hannah will marry you

Jane looked up in the sky. Still two hours until sunset. That was a lot easier than I thought it would be She was clearly disappointed, wanting to attack their prey once more.

You know Hannah said, still sitting on Duncans waist, He was right about one thing. We did break the rules, Jane. The Great Hunt is supposed to be one woman against one man. If he goes crying to the Council when we get back, they might his surrender doesnt count.

A gleam came into Janes eyes, Thats true. What are we going to do about it?

We need to establish a stronger hold on our new pet here, one the Council wont break, Hannah said, We need to embarrass him, shame him as a hunter so no one will want to come to his defense and risk staining themselves with Duncans dishonor.

Hannah climbed off of Duncans waist and took off his moccasins. Come over here, Jane, and help me get his pants off.

What?! Jane exclaimed, excited and alarmed.

Hes been poking me with something since we started, and I think its time we used it to our advantage.

Duncan had been lying in a haze of exhaustion and self-pity. Nothing could be worse, he told himself, than having to marry Hannah. He didnt listen to the girls conversation at all until he felt his pants start to slide down his legs.

Hey! What are you doing? He tried to shout in a voice that became a whisper. He tried to sit up, but after all the tickling, the Curse of Men had left his body unable to move. He could only watch as Jane and Hannah rendered him nude from the waist down.

Im afraid being engaged just isnt enough for me, Hannah said, Were going to consummate our marriage. Just think of this as our honeymoon!

What had been poking Hannah soon became evident. Duncans manhood was fully erect, lying between his legs as if ready for action. All three took a deep breath. Neither girl had seen one before, and Duncans had never been on display before. The gravity of the moment struck everyone. Hannah was not playing. She was taking a serious risk.

Hannahs plan suddenly became obvious to Jane. The Cepotai people were very conservative, valuing the family beyond all else. While pre-marital sex did happen, it was heavily frowned upon. In the eyes of many, the couple was already married. If the lovers showed signs of not undergoing the ceremony, they were usually strongly encouraged by the elders of the Council.

I have to get my pack, Hannah said, her eyes never leaving Duncans manhood, Dont let him get away and whatever you do dont let him get his strength back. She then reluctantly walked towards a grove of trees.

Thinking quickly, Jane picked Duncans buckskin pants off the ground. She tied one leg around his forearms, and the other around a nearby sapling. His arms bound, she lay down next to him and cuddled against him, running one finger down his neck.

You do know what shes going to do to you, dont you? Jane taunted, looking deep into Duncans eyes.

Please dont let her, Duncan whispered, Dont let her take that from meShe cantcant force me to do it. II just wont

Oh, Jane said smugly, She can and you will. She kissed him deeply while she slipped her fingers into his underarm again, forcing him into mad laughter in the middle of the kiss. Thanks to the Curse of Men, you dont have any choice in the matter.

Then Jane had an idea. She sat on Duncans thighs, facing his manhood. I wonder if this is ticklish? she asked in a teasing voice.

Uhno, not at all. Listen, please ehehe ehe ehe ehehehe e e ehe eehe arrgh ehehehe !!!! Duncan dissolved into giggles when Jane started flicking one fingernail under his testicles.

Not ticklish here, huh? Jane asked, What about now? She added a second finger quite close to the first, gliding over that most sensitive of skin.

Duncan laughed harder, desperately trying to wiggle his arms out of his bonds. He knew the buckskin pants were too thick to be tied tightly, but with his arms turned to jelly, he just couldnt pull them out. If he could just think clearly for one minute without that blasted tickling distracting him!

Maybe Ill stop if you tell me Im more beautiful than Hannah, Jane kept up her two-finger tickle, running her nails closer to the base of Duncans member.

He ehehe eheh morrrreehehhe eheheh beauuutifulll hehe eh e ehehheh Janeehheheh morrheheh beautiful hehe e ehehehheh than heh hheheeh ehehe Haaheheheh Haaannnahaha aha eheheh!!! Duncan broke down immediately, clearly having to fight left in him.

And what are you doing to my new husband? Hannah asked suddenly from behind. She gave Janes ribs a quick tickle, making her squeal. Do I need to teach you to keep your hands to yourself Jane?

No, no Jane said quickly, standing up. She had been taught lessons at Hannahs hands before and didnt want to repeat the ordeal. I was justkeeping him entertained.

Well thank you, but I think I can take it from here, Hannah said, carrying a small clay jar. She took Janes place sitting on Duncans legs, I think hell truly enjoy whats in here.

Hannah opened the jar and scooped out a white paste with her fingers. I brought this in case I got sunburned, but were about to find a much more fun use for it. She applied it to Duncans manhood, smearing it from base to head.

What do you want me to do? Jane asked.

Just keep tickling him so he doesnt regain his strength. Ill do the rest.

Jane nodded. She could go back to his ribs and underarms, but she wanted a new tickle. Looking down his legs, she saw Duncans bare feet. They looked soft and unbearably ticklish. Jane sat down directly in front of them, ready for the show.

Duncan opened his mouth, as if he was going to say something when his eyes became as wide as saucers. One glance told Jane that Hannah had started sliding her hand up and down his shaft.

Poor Duncan, it feels so good, doesnt it? How are you going to resist it my husband? Hannah teased, How are you going to hold out, especially when Jane starts to help.

Taking that as her clue, Jane began raking her fingernails down Duncans sole. One touch told her that his soles were as soft as the moccasins he normally wore. Jane began racing her nails up and down his arches, digging her nails in just enough to leave pink trails on his white feet.


Duncan was caught between the pleasure and the tickling. His body began bucking wildly, and sounds made by a human being started coming out of his mouth. He was clearly in agony. His screams were laughter willed with moans and groans. It was clear he was going to explode.

Slow down, Hannah cried out, moving her hand more leisurely up Duncans manhood, We dont want this over to quickly, And I still want to try this. Hannah slipped off her own moccasins and began wiggling her toes into his ribs.

Duncans laughter jumped higher and his moans decreased. The tickling was overtaking him again. It got worse when Jane started tickling his toes, running her fingertips lightly across their undersides. Duncan tried to scrunch his toes together, but the Curse of Men prevented even that. Jane had no problem bending them backward with her free hand.

Hannah started squeezing his manhood just a bit harder, swirling it in the palm of her hand. The moans started popping up in the middle of Duncans hysterical laughter more, and a deep purring noise was forming in his throat.

Hannah looked back at Jane and winked. She handed her the pot with the cream and motioned to Duncans toes. Hannah then thrust her legs as far forward as she could, just barely getting her big toes into Duncans underarms. She began grazing her toenails over the downy skin, making Duncan wail even louder.

To make matters even worse, Jane dipped her hand in the pot and covered her fingers in the lotion. She then slipped them between Duncans toes, caressing him there with greasy fingernails, sliding them over that never before touched skin.

Every cell in Duncans body was on fire now. He was trying so hard to resist. He knew any chance for freedom was gone if Hannah got her way. But the tickling drained more than his strength. Duncans willpower, his very identity seemed to be fading. How could hehow could he last

Hannah was now pumping his shaft as hard as she could, pleasuring Duncan almost as much as if she took him inside her. She kept tickling with her toes while Jane kept tickling his toes. The result was inevitable.

With a scream that frightened away every bird for miles, Duncan exploded. Then he fell into an exhausted sleep.

When Duncan woke up, the world was swaying from side to side. He soon realized that he was tied to a pole. His wrists were bound to one end and his ankles another, while his body was hanging in a U shape. His belly was almost touching the ground.

It was the same way hunters carried deer and elk back to the village. And just like that deer or elk, he was dressed as god made him, completely naked.

Please, he begged, Dont bring me back like this! Let me put my clothes back on! Let me walk in like a man!

Hannah was carrying the front end of the pole while Jane took the back. They carried it like hunters, resting it on their shoulders and steadying it with one hand. Duncan had to crank his neck to look at either girl. They looked like giants from his position.

I dont think so, Hannah laughed, You arent a man anymore. Youre my fiance. And after Jane and I bring you in like this, humiliated more than any hunter in village memory, there will be none on the Council who will want to take your side and say otherwise.

NO! Duncan screamed, picturing the shame as fellow hunters, men, women and children saw him like this.

Wed love to talk more about it darling, Jane said for the first time, But we cant risk having your strength come back and you breaking free. Nightfall is less than an hour away, and we just dont have time for games. So

She took her free hand and began tickling Duncans soles again. The way he was tied up, they were in a perfect position for her to do so.

Nawooo ehe ehehee e ehehehehe ehehe eehehe nawwwtt hehe ehe thisshehe eh wayayayhehe!! Duncan broke into laughter immediately and felt whatever small part of his strength might have returned vanish like the wind.

Jane was so preoccupied with Duncans feet that only Hannah noticed his manhood springing to life again, pointing to the forest floor.

And just maybe, she said to herself, Well give the village an encore of the show we just had!

And the two girls continued to the village, their prey in hand, the sound of Duncans laughter serenaded their every step.

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