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Icy air blew across Nathan's naked flesh, causing body to shake and goosebumps to appear on his skin. As his arms and legs quivered from the chill, Nathan heard his chains rattle, reminding him again of his helplessness. Nathan desperately wanted to lower his arms, to shield himself from the cold, but his arms and wrists were still firmly fastened to the wall behind him as they had been for the last week.

"Chained like a dog in my own castle," Nathan mumbled under his breath, feeling humiliated as well as frostbitten. It was just too much to take.

No, he couldn't give in to the humiliation. If he did that, despair would soon follow, then hopelessness. In the end, that path would end with Nathan submitting to the witch who'd stolen his kingdom away. He'd be damned before he'd do that.

Fortunately, all Kings of the Realm were taught how to remain in complete control of mind and body at all times. With a few deep breaths, Nathan no longer felt humiliation, cold or even shame at his nakedness. He was even able to block out the hunger that had been gnawing at him since he'd been imprisoned a week ago. At least the bastards gave him water, or he would have died days ago.

Nathan hung there, in perfect peace despite his horrendous situation, until he heard the sound of stone grinding on stone that meant his cell door was being opened. He looked up to see the new Lady of the Castle enter.

No matter what else you thought of Lucinda, you had to admit she was possibly the greatest beauty in the land. She was tall and slender, with a pale milky skin that contrasted with her jet black hair and dark eyes in a most exotic manner. Her shapely legs strode across the room in long, confident yet somehow sexy strides.

Nathan watched Lucinda as her eyes, hot and full of lust, practically drank in the sight of his bare flesh. That, combined with a dress so low cut and revealing as to be almost scandalous put Nathan in mind of a whore he'd seen by the harbor from his Royal Yacht.

No, Nathan shook his head to rid himself of the image. A common street whore couldn't have defeated his army and overrun his country in less than a month. She was a most ruthless and brilliant leader. Men in power had constantly underestimated her because of her beauty and promiscuity, and she'd used that to aid in her rise to power. Nathan had made that mistake once and lost his crown. If he made it again, he could lose much more.

"You Majesty," she said in a such and sultry voice laced with sarcasm, "forgive me if I don't bow, but I find myself overcome by your masculinity." She stopped no more than an inch from Nathan's helpless body and traced one finger over Nathan's biceps then across his chest. "I expected the king to be old and flabby, imagine how stunned I am by your youth and the...firmness of your body."

Nathan would have sooner have had a leach crawling over his body than endure that woman's touch, but he concealed his disgust. With his wrists manacled to the wall above his head, there was nothing he could do anywise.

"I hardly think I‚m in position to demand you show the customary respect," Nathan said simply.

"Nonsense," she said, dragging her finger lower, across Nathan's stomach, "According to the Council of Lords, you are still king. As a guest in your realm, shouldn't I bow to my lord and husband?" She ran her other hand through his sandy brown hair, pushing it out of his eyes, "And such a beautiful, gorgeous husband at that!"

"Husband?" Nathan asked, to stunned to hide his surprise. She was so close. Her perfume, absolutely intoxicating, filled his nostrils. He could almost feel her body pressed against his, her silky warmth against his cold, naked flesh. He had to focus! Focus!

"Well, not officially until the Council validates it," Lucinda practically purred, her finger still drifting lower, "Right now, news of our marriage is making its way there, carried by the Bishop himself. He agreed to perform the ceremony and fill out all of the necessary paperwork almost as soon as a sword was placed at his throat."

Nathan understood. Lucinda was an usurper, a conqueror. No matter how they felt about Nathan personally, the neighboring kingdoms would not look kindly on that. Soon, the Council of Lords would be organizing an army to crush her rebellion. But if Lucinda married Nathan, she'd jump from outlaw to Queen. She'd become the ruler in name as well as fact.

"That's your only chance, isn't it Lucinda?" Nathan said, "Your victory here will be short-lived indeed if you can't make your reign legitimate." The Bishop had always been weak, and it didn't surprise Nathan that he'd cowed to Lucinda so quickly. A Bishop's word would hold much weight with the Council.

"Maybe I just want to touch a man as stunning as you are? So naked, so helpless...How could I not want to make you mine?" She had a sly smile on her face, masking so much. Then she kissed him, lightly on the lips, making his head swim if just for a second.

"There's only one problem," Nathan continued, taking a deep breath to concentrate. "I crushed my royal seal under my boot before your thugs took me. Without that seal, the Council won't validate the marriage, not even with the oath of a Bishop."

"True," Lucinda said, her finger now at Nathan's waist, hovering there as if daring to go further, "Unless I can give proof that our marriage had been consummated. That along with the Bishop's oath should be enough."

"By the ancient laws, that is true," Nathan said, "but I'd rather have sex with a rutting pig than ever lie with you." Only his iron self-control enabled him to answer so. Her leg, soft and warm even beneath her silken skirt, was now pressed against his. Even though he knew her for a cobra, he wanted her.

"Are you so sure," Lucinda said teasingly, her finger now playing with the hair between Nathan's legs, "I think a honeymoon is in order. And I know many ways to please a man. You'd hardly be...disappointed."

With Lucinda's finger so close to Nathan's most sensitive areas, he felt an excitement start to build. Quickly, he used his training to block the feeling and keep himself calm.

"No matter," Lucinda said after it was clear Nathan wasn't going to respond, "We don't need to have sex. All I require is your seed. The mages at the Council can confirm that it is yours. The Council will than declare us legally married, and you, Your Majesty, will be mine."

She immediately started stroking Nathan's member with the obvious intention of forcing Nathan to surrender his seed there and then. "I could let a servant do this," Lucinda said softly, "But I'd rather have the pleasure myself."

Her touch was as soft as silk, smooth and firm. Nathan felt his member start to stiffen immediately, and started using his will to keep it limp. It was a struggle, as Lucinda was as skilled at pleasing men as she claimed, but Nathan's training was equal to the task. He had to enter a light trance, blocking most o his sensory input, but he did it. No matter how she stroked his penis, rolled it between her fingers or caressed it between her palms, it stayed limp.

The effort to do so, however, was exhausting. After she stopped teasing his member, Nathan felt as if he'd been running races all day. His breathing was hard, and sweat was dripping from his forehead.

"Well, well," Lucinda said, "Your will is indeed strong. I‚ve never known a man to resist my touch for so long. Infact, I must admit, if pleasure were my only weapon, I might be forced to admit my defeat. Fortunately, I do have a secret weapon. I will take great pride in breaking you, Your Majesty."

Without warning, Lucinda flicked her long fingernails beneath Nathan's testicle's. Confronted suddenly with a different sensation that he'd been struggling against, Nathan left out sharp, deep laughter.

"Ah, a chink in the armor," Lucinda had an evil grin on her face, "It seems that the mighty king is a bit...ticklish?"

It was useless to deny it. "How did you find out?" Nathan asked simply. "It wasn't easy, trust me. You‚ve taken very few lovers over the years. I tracked down a couple, but they were extremely loyal to you. No, it was an old nanny of yours who told me stories of the tickle games she played with you when you were a boy, and how you would laugh hysterically at even the lightest touch."

"That was before I learned how to control my mind and body," Nathan said.

"I know," Lucinda flexed her fingers as if getting them ready, "But I‚ve found that tickling can be quite a cross to bear. It'll be interesting to see how your Royal Willpower stands against it.

She leaned closer even still, pushing her body so tightly against her that he could feel every curve of her body, even her two rigid nipples. Lucinda whispered into his ear, tickling it with her breath, "You old nanny told me about the games you'd play, how she'd hold you down and tickle your feet until you begged for a chance to be good. She told me that once, she'd sat on you and let one of the maids from the kitchen tickle your toes while another wiggled her fingers under your arms. She said you screamed so loud that the guard came down sure that you were being murdered!"

Nathan remembered. Except they hadn't been games, they'd been punishments. One of the rules of protocol was that a royal prince could not be spanked or beaten when he misbehaved like other boys. The nanny had gotten around that rule by tickling young Nathan when he'd been bad. Many a time he'd wished for the paddle or the strap. No, it was always a feather between his toes, or sharp fingernails scraping down his sides. He still shuddered when he remembered those days. Now it seemed he was about to relive them.

Lucinda took a step back. "Let's begin, shall we?" With that, she reached out with both hands and attacked Nathan's ribcage. She kneaded his ribs, squeezing up and down each side. Nathan started bouncing up and down, at least as far as his chains would let him, as if he were in a carriage going down a bumpy road. But he didn't even smile.

Nathan felt the familiar tickling sensations at once. He tried to block it out, but only had limited success. The tickling seemed to trickle past through the cracks in his mental wall.

Lucinda methodically worked his ribcage, testing every inch, probing Nathan's ribs with long, tampered fingers. Soon she found a place, about half-way up on his left side, that made the king jump more than others.

"Here's the spot!" she cried joyfully, and began wiggling her fingers into it. A smile began to form on Nathan's face, and only got bigger when she found the same spot on his right.

Lucinda found Nathan's reaction was even stronger when she just poked at the twin spots with her index fingers. Soon, she had him shaking with more force, now as if he were caught in a tremor, and a grin so wide it showed half of his teeth. Lucinda too had a big smile on her face, but hers was more even than tortured.

"Tickle, tickle, tickle," she said playfully. Nathan's eyes were starting to get watery, and the strain of trying to resist the powerful feelings that were coursing through his body were beginning to show. The king was breaking.

With no warning, both of Lucinda's hands left Nathan's ribs, and plunged deep into the fuzzy hollows beneath his arms. Unprepared for the sudden change, the king emitted a deep bellow, than a steady giggle began poring from his mouth.

Lucinda kept twisting her fingers in those hollows, scraping her nails around the edges, then plunging them back into the center. She soon drew the king out into a deep-throated laughter.

Lucinda kept the king laughing hard for several minutes, then began to slowly pull his fingers up his arms until she was tickling Nathan's biceps. His laughter settled back into giggling, but, even though the tickling was much reduced, Nathan found he just couldn't stop.

"Now, my ticklish majesty," Lucinda said teasingly, "Let's se how close I can get to those furry underarms of yours before you start screaming." Lucinda started spider-walking her fingers up Nathan's arms, tracing the firms muscular lines, slowly wandering them closer to Nathan's body.

Nathan knew his mental defenses were crumbling. He was trying every mental trick and meditation technique he knew, but they were all failing. That damn tickling! It disrupted his concentration... it wormed its way past his strength! Now, with every inch that Lucinda's sharp fingernails got closer to his armpits, the more intense the tickling got, and the louder Nathan's laughter got as well. And he knew it would just get worse.

"Please... ha ha ha aha ha ahah ahah not not under under arms!!" Nathan heard the words come out of his mouth as if they'd been spoken by a stranger. A king never begged! But...but...

"I know," Lucinda said with mock sympathy, "It'll tickle so much! It'll tickle more this time than last, because now you know its coming. You fear it, and yet you can't stop it. The anticipation can drive you crazy!"

It was true. Nathan was laughing as loudly now as he had been when Lucinda had first started ticking his underarms, and her fingers were still at least an inch from them! How bad would it be? Sweat started form on Nathan's forehead, and a few tears in his eyes.

When the fingers did hit Nathan's underarms again, he went hysterical. He through back his head and bellowed with laughter. The turning, scraping, circling of those fingernails across his sensitive underarms was enough to drive him mad!

Lucinda kept tickling Nathan under his arms, occasionally swooping out to tickle his biceps or plunging down into his ribcage again, but always quickly returning to his armpits. She had done this enough to know how to keep pressure on a ticklee, how to let them get just enough air to keep from passing out, but not enough to recover their senses.

To her dismay, however, no matter how she made the king laugh, his member remained soft. No matter how much her screamed with laughter, Lucinda knew she hadn't broken him until it was rock hard. Time to step up the attack.

Keeping one hand tickling Nathan's underarm, she moved her other one down to his belly, and began lazily dragging one fingernail across the soft flesh in a figure-eight motion. "Let's see if the ticklish baby likes this," she said with glee.

Nathan was now using every inch of his concentration to kept from growing erect, therefor leaving himself totally vulnerable to the tickling. The stimulation of his stomach was more than he could bare. He literally threw back his head and screamed.


"I knew the baby would be ticklish on his belley-welly," Lucinda taunted, "All baby's are!" She now started tracing patterns on his stomach using all five nails. Nathan was a fit man, with muscles well developed from long hours of hunting and fighting practice, but he was fond of a good meal. His belly, therefore, had a thin layer of yielding fat on top of the firm muscles, making it extra tender. Lucinda played with that softness, pinched it between her fingertips and toyed with the light downy hair.

Nathan's face was the color of a tomato and a virtual river of tears were rolling down his cheeks. His laughter was bouncing off the walls, echoing in the small chamber and sounding like it was coming from 10 men. He was thrashing his head from side to side, in obvious agony.

Lucinda was his mirror opposite. Never had she known this much power, this much control, over a man this powerful. She could literally feel him cracking beneath her fingers, and loved it. What were the pleasure of ruling a kingdom from a remote castle, of having power over people she'd never meet or see, when compared to this! It was everything she'd dream that being general or a queen should be! It was almost...orgasmic!

Nathan's belly overlapped his waist just by half an inch, creating a small overhang. Lucinda found that this was even more ticklish then the rest of his belly. She ran her nails over it again and again, pushing the king even farther into hysteria. She noticed his knees were buckling, as if he no longer had the power to stand on his own two feet. She also noticed his penis was throbbing. It was time to push his majesty over the top.

As for Nathan, he was starting to fade from reality. Thoughts of kingdoms and politics were vanishing from his mind. The tickling, from those sharp nails whirling under his arms, to those five dancing wildly on his belly, was a more intense, powerful sensation then he'd imagined possible. No childhood punishment at the hands of some nanny could possibly have prepared him for the sheer torture of tickling at the hands of a master determined to shatter his will.

"I think my ticklish little baby wants it between his legs," Lucinda said lustfully, blowing into the kings ear, "I know da widdle baby wants to be tickled their, doesn't he? Answer me my woyal widdle baby! My husband!"

Then, for one second he had hope. Those damn fingers left his underarm. Conscious thought broke through the ticklish haze for just a moment. He resolved to hold out no matter how difficult it might be. Then those fingers returned squeezing his inner thigh, and he returned to being a mindless howling thing once more.

Lucinda kept wiggling the fingers of her right hand over Nathan's belly, while her left tried to find a weakspot on the kings thigh. As she suspected, it was as solid as a masonry block. But the inside of his thigh...There, the skin was supple, almost delicate. She raked her fingers up and down, pausing to squeeze here and there, forcing the kings laughter to even higher levels.

It was no longer a deep rumble, or even a scream. The sound coming from the king's mouth was a high-pitched screech, completely wild and hysterical. He sounded like a hyena, as notes that would have shattered glass effortlessly flowed from his mouth. No one would have believed a man that strong capable of emitting sounds like that.

Knowing it was time, Lucinda leaned in close. There was an insane, mindless look in the kings eye. Lucinda kissed him deeply. At first, he didn't respond or resist her, as Lucinda's tongue thrust between his lips. Soon, though, Lucinda felt his lips flex back, and a swipe of Nathan's royal tongue. Out of his mind with hysteria, with his defenses crumbled, Nathan finally responded as a man.

His member was a long as Lucinda could have hoped for. She kept the hand tickling Nathan's belly on his pert belly-button, enough to keep him fervent with laughter, and started stroking him with the other.

Nathan's eyes lit up, pleasure now warring with laughter, battling for control of his responses. He'd emit a squeal of laughter one moment and a deep moan the next. He'd shout a lusty "Yes!" followed by a tortured "No." He shook back in forth as far as his chains would let him. Sometimes a cry that was neither lust or laughter but some combination of the two would come forth, clearly showing his divided nature.

Lucinda whispered in his ear again, "You'll give in to be...you'll surrender! When you do, you'll be mine forever! A king who is tickle-slave to his queen!" and she licked his earlobe lovingly, pushing him farther towards surrender.

Somehow, part of Nathan's mind was still self-aware. It knew the dreadful consequences of what was about to happen but was powerless to stop it. Lucinda was as expert at giving pleasure as she was tickling, using long strokes, drawing out every inch of his need and desire. It was like someone going over a waterfall in a barrel. They could watch a horrible fate rush up at them, but helpless all the while.

Lucinda now had Nathan on the very edge. His vision blurred and the pleasure ran like electricity through his body. She was also, however, tickling his testicles again, using short flicks of her nails, to tickle him enough to stop him from climaxing. It was agony, hanging their, but Lucinda refused to push him over the top.

"Tell me you love me, my husband," she said in a commanding vice, "Tell me, or I won't let you have release! Tell me, or I'll tickle you for hours! Tell me you love me!"

Nathan may have resisted her final command for hours or seconds, he was never sure afterwards. But eventually, a voice that was his but betrayed everything that was him spoke.

"I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU MY WIFE!!! OH GAWD I LOVE YOU!!!" he bellowed. The final surrender.

With that, he was allowed to climax, shooting his seed all over Lucinda's dress. Afterwards he just hung from his chains, like a marionette, apparently completely lifeless.

"Well then," Lucinda said whipping her hand on her dress, "Was it that horrible my husband? Think how much trouble you'd have saved yourself if you'd submitted in the first place. Consider this your first lesson. Obey Lucinda in all things. She will win in the end, and all you is increase your own suffering."

Lucinda unfastened her dress and let it fall to the floor. She was completely naked underneath. She picked it up and handed it to a guard who had waited just outside of the doorway. "Send this to the Council of Lords. It will finalize my marriage, and give me control over all I see.," She pinched Nathan's cheek, "Just like my poor exhausted pet here." She then started giving the guard more specific orders on exactly what he was to say when he got there.

Nathan just hung there. He had surrendered to Lucinda on so many levels...The tickling had forced to surrender to her in body. The orgasm had been the surrender of Nathan's spirit. But the final cry of "I love you" had been the surrender of his heart. He had nothing left to resist the will of this evil woman. He was her slave, in every way imaginable.

"Oh and your majesty," Lucinda said, turning back to him, "Don't think I‚ve forgotten you. Have him taken to my bedroom. I have done the job of a dutiful wife, pleasing my lord," she said sarcastically, "As soon as you‚ve regained some strength, it will be time for you to return the favor."

Nathan knew he'd do as she asked. He was king no longer, just the play-toy of this powerful, evil woman. He'd give her all she asked.

"Your majesty," Lucinda called after the guards had unfastened his chains and were half carrying his exhausted form out of the dungeon, "I have a few hours to wait while you rest and tend to get bored easily. I will need a new playmate. Tell me, are your daughters as ticklish as you are?"

To Nathan's horror, before he even had time to consider the ramifications of that request, he heard his own voice betray him once more and answer.

"Extremely, my Lady."

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