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All Talk All Talk

"Alright, let's see 'em. Full house, jacks and fives."

"Ohh, you bastard. That beats one, two three eights."

"What can I say, it's an art..."

"But not four. Now what was that about poker being an art form?"

"Okay, officially, that wasn't nice babe."

"Yeah, but it was fun."

"Have I mentioned you've got a very evil side to your nature?"

"And don't you forget it. Besides, I don't hear you complaining when I let it out to play."

"Well it's very unfairly linked to a wonderfully creative side as well."

"Exactly, now stop stalling and get over here."

"Like this?"

"No, face down please, just hook your feet over the arm, that's it. Now hold still for a minute, I need to make sure this is done right."

"Umm, this is going to sound stupid but if you want the jeans off, would you mind doing it before you tie that rope in place? It's starting to get expensive to replace these things."

"Oh come on, I've only done that twice."

"Yeah, and both times I was wearing Levis."

"Well don't worry lover, I promise not to rip, tear, cut or in any other way remove those jeans by force tonight. In fact, I have a confession to make."

"Why does this sound bad?"

"Because you're paranoid?"

"No, that doesn't sound right."

"Because you're hoping it will be?"

"Ummm, no, not that either."

"Because you know me well enough by now to know that the one thing that turns me on the most is seeing you squirm in erotic agony?"

"Yeah, that's the one."

"In that case good news my dear, I'm not going to be playing nutcracker tonight. In fact, I'm not planning on touching you there at all."

"And that's the good news?"

"Ohhh yes, you see, I've got a little something I want to try out, in fact I've been wanting to do this for months now. Now stick your arms out, okay hold that for a moment... How's that feel?"

"A little tight."

"Really? How about now?"

"Ouch. A lot tight."

"Good, don't want you breaking loose now do we?"

"Well, 'we' might in fact want that, yes."

"We as in the royal 'We', you haven't got much say in this anymore."

I guess not.

Now, lets see where to begin, where to begin?

I know Im gonna regret asking this, but begin what exactly?

If I told you it wouldnt be a surprise now would it? Now do try and keep quiet my love, or you know whatll happen, dont you?

Youll give me a stern warning and let me go?


Youll make me pleasure you until you drop from exhaustion.

Oh, youll be doing that anyway, but no thats not quite the answer I was looking for.

Ah, by any chance would this answer involve a ball gag at some point?

Bingo. Any excess noise and youll be prevented from making any noise at all, thats rule one. Still, you should be grateful, I could have enforced total silence and believe me babe, you wouldnt have been able to keep to that rule.

Not to sound too macho or anything here, but what makes you think that? I mean, it wouldnt be the first time.

True, and Ill be the first to admit that you were magnificent at coping with that wax and ice treatment, but trust me, you wouldnt be able to get through this without breaking down.

Well, in that case, howd you like to make this interesting?

Im listening.

How about, if I stay silent during whatever it is youre planning on doing, youre mine next week.

All week?

The full seven days.

And if you fail?

Then you get me.

I hate to point this out, but Ive already got you.

You didnt let me finish. One session all day tomorrow, no safe words, no limits. You can do whatever you like, anything you desire. You can let that sadistic side of yours run wild without the leash you normally keep it on.

Are you serious?


Hmmm. No, no it wouldnt be fair, and I do so want this to be fair. I tell you what, Ill agree to that deal, but you are allowed to make noise. All youve got to avoid is one simple word.

And that word would be?


Stop, thats it?

Yep. Of course if you say it youre mine for the rest of the night, not just this hour-long session.

Okay, deal.

Alright, Ill just set the clock going and we can get on with this.

Would you mind putting it somewhere I can see it this time?

Why, dont you trust me?

Umm, Im tied hand and foot to a sofa, unable to move so much as a few inches in any direction, much less escape, and am totally helpless to stop you doing anything you want. I think its safe to say at this point that I trust you. Id just like to know how long Ive got to last, thats all.

Fair enough, and Ive got a little something extra for you as well. Tell me when youve got a good view.

That looks like a pretty good view to me.

Huh? Its still pointed at the ceiling, how can you see anything?

Oh, the mirror. Sorry precious, misunderstood you.

What? Oh you youre going to regret that one.

Its not my fault you wear such revealing tops, surely you cant blame me for being a little distracted?

Can, will and have. Now tell me when you can see the far wall in this, okay?

Right, hold it there.

Good, oh and by the way, this rather lame attempt to keep me talking now the clocks running, its not going to work.

I damn, didnt think youd catch on so quick.

Well, if you will keep underestimating me Now lets have a good close look at those feet.

My feet? Why, whats on your mind?

As I said, Its a surprise, but tell you what, youve got three guesses. Guess right and Ill tell you and wait two minutes before starting.

Okay ummmm youre going to. use wax?

Nope, too messy.

Ahhh, youre going to break out the crop?

No, and thats two down. One more and youre mine

Youre not you wouldnt not Bastinado?

Actually, I thought Id try tickling tonight?

What, what was thahahahahahah.

Ohhh, youre not ticklish are you my love? Oh dear, this is just awful, I thought this was going to be such an easy night for you, I wanted this to be a nice relaxing session, but if youre ticklish, well, this is just going to seem like an eternity.

Just, just a little bit lass. And you caught me by surprise

Good, you had me worried for a minute there. I mean, thisd just be hell on earth otherwise, my long, pointed nails running up and down and round and round your helpless soles like this, nowhere for you to go, nothing for you to do other than just lie there and try and take it. That would be just horrible if you were ticklish.

Good th...thing Im not then isnt it?

Oh absolutely. Did I ever tell you Im insanely ticklish on the soles of my feet?

Nooohohoh. You never mentioned thahahahat

God, I cant believe I never told you that. I mean, if someone did this to me, swirling these sharp little points around like this, tracing every little wrinkle and crease on both soles as they went, Id be in hysterics in like, two seconds dead. Seriously, Id be bucking and thrashing so hard itd break the sofa. Well, it would if Id ever let you tie me down and tickle me, so its probably a good thing its you down there instead of me. After all, itd be expensive to replace that sofa and as youre not ticklish we dont have to worry do we?


Sorry, what was that love?


I cant hear you if you keep your head buried in the cushion love.

Mmmph mmmph.

Still, I suppose you might as well take a nap, Ive cant let you go till the hours up, so you may as well grab - how long have we got left ah, forty three minutes of shut eye rather than listen to me babble on. Isnt that right?


Of course, if youre asleep, well theres not much point in me talking is there? Hmm, now lets see, what else could I be doing.? Hey, you know Ive always wondered what those toes of yours would taste like. Hold still, okay?


Good lord hun, whats wrong? You have a bad dream or something? Good job that ropes tight or youd have given me a good thump in the face with that one. Unless, of course that wasnt me that did that to you was it?


Hmm, still cant hear you when youre like that you know. Well, lets test it, if I just slide my fingers in here, there we go a finger for each toe, that seem nicely balanced. Now if I just wiggle like this

AHHHHAHAHAHAHAAAAHHHAHAHA! NO! Okay, okayokayokay, Im ticklish on my feet, Imgaaaahahahah, staaahahahah.

Sorry, what was that? That almost sounded like a word I know you dont want to say, but it couldnt have been could it?


Ooops, sorry love, forgot I was in mid-wiggle. Give me a sec, once these fingers get going it takes a bit to slow em down. There, now what was it you were trying to tell me, it wasnt stop was it?


Good, now that weve got that little warm up out of the way, time for the main event. Pick a number between one and four.


Pick a number between one and four or Ill start licking

Okay, umm, three.

Ohhhh, was that ever a bad move.

Huh, a bad bad move, why?

Because youve just given me my favourite tickle toy my love. See, feathers, brushers, fingers theyre all great, but theres only one thing thats guaranteed to send a victim insane. Think you can stand another thirty-five minutes of this when my inquisitive little fingers are replaced with. this?

NOOOO!!! God, no, please Mary, dont do it! Youll kill me!

Kill you? Its only an ice cube my dear, now you might want to brace yourself for this


I told you, theres no way youre getting through this without breaking. So ticklish, this must be agony for you, feeling that cold, cold cube passing over your sole, melting, dripping water down your feet, gathering round your toes Tell me, can you feel each individual drop or is it just a general all-over sensation?


Silent laughter already? Come on lover you know you cant take this for another half hour. After all, such ticklish little toes just call out to be played with, entertained and amused for ever and ever.


Besides, you know what seeing you thrashing like this does to me, so if you really think Im going to ease up youve got another thing coming. Come on, quit now, itll make things so much easier.


Alright, I was hoping youd be reasonable, but have it your way. Lets see what two at once does for your resistance.

OHFFFF.Ahhahahahahaha. NONononononoNONOnonono..STAhahahahah, stahahahahah.

Ohhhh, close one stud, but Ill let it slip for now. You know this is a damn attractive sight from back here, almost addictive actually. Seeing your entire body dance to my tune, watching each muscle clench and relax, maybe we should do this every week, an extra exercise routine? Got to be good for burning the calories if nothing else.


God I never thought thisd be so much fun, youre quite the challenge you know. So much determination, seeing you snap like this is just too good. How does it feel by the way? How does it feel to have your mistress tie you down and torment your poor helpless feet?


How does it feel to have a pair of ice cubes flying over your soles, exploring every single inch of skin?


How does it feel as that icy water drip, drip, drips down your soles and toes, one little drop at a time, tracing cold paths into those oh-so-sensitive places you wish youd never bared?


Oops, look at that, out of ice. Isnt that just awful? You know, all that works made me thirsty, quite parched as a matter of fact. Now where, I wonder, can I find a little cool, refreshing ice water to quench my thirst?

Oh..ohgodno, please, dont.

Oh look, theres a few drops still collected here, hold sti no, wait, we know you cant manage that dont we love? Well, if I hold you like this, there, now I know those drops will stay where they are until Ive had a chance to lick em up.


Mmm, are you sure my dear, Ive still got a few licks left in me you know.

STOP! PLEASE! StopstopstopstopSTOP!

Alright, its alright, its okay, Im here, come on back, come on.

Ohoh god.

Are you alright?

I I think so. Just, just give me a minute okay?

Hang on, hold still and Ill get you loose.

Oh thats better. Ahhh!

What is it?

Nothing, nothing, sorry just a bit stiff I guess, tried to get up a bit too quickly.

Here, drink this, slowly.

Thanks. God, you really werent taking any prisoners were you?

I couldnt, even in the face of all that, you got to the fifty minute mark. Any slow down and youd have beat me out easily.

Damn, really thought Id make that. So. I guess Im yours lass.

Yes, youre mine. And tomorrow Im gonna take you right up to your limits my love, your real limits, not the ones you stick to when were playing.

And tonight?

Tonight, well, tonights a different story. Strip and lie down on the floor, face up.

Like this?

Mmmmm, nice, now hold still, let me just slide on top here Now, arms above your head please.

Oh no, come on, not more tickling, please Ma I mean, Mistress.

Yep, but dont worry love, Ill be gentle, I dont want you to suffer this time.

Then mmmmm, then why tickle me?

Because I do want you to wriggle.

— ◊ — — ◊ —