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Tailgater Tailgater

I hate tailgaters. I said as I was slowly coming to a stop at the red light, at Pennlyn Pike and Skippack. I glanced in my rear-view momentarily, seeing the little car so close to me that I couldnt get a bead on the grill to see what kind of vehicle it was. I also noticed the female driver. Dumb broad, I thought to myself.

Thisll fix her I mumbled as I pushed down on the brake a little harder than I needed to.

The results were not as I expected. I figured she would see me slowing down suddenly, and hit her own brakes, or at least swerve.


Instead, she plowed into my rear end, suddenly doing twice the speed I was, and my head slammed back to the headrest. After both cars halted, I heard more than a few pieces of metal and fiberglass clatter to the ground.

I sat in my car for a few seconds, calming my immediately white-hot temper. Dont blow up, she rear ended you, she should have been paying attention, it cant be that bad anyway, you werent going that fast

I stepped out of my blue Dodge Viper, repeating these things over and over in my mind. When I got to the back of my car and saw the damage, it all disappeared.

WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU DOING?!?!? I screamed at the female driver. She was visibly shaking in her drivers seat, her knuckles white around the steering wheel of her slightly damaged Volvo.

The rear end of my precious was mangled. The bumper was laying on the pavement, severed from the body of the car, all of my rear lights were crushed, and half of the trunk was crumpled in. It wasnt going anywhere, even on its own 545 horsepower. After my yell, I noticed many people looking over at us. I again tried to calm myself, and I walked over to the womans driver-side door. She was pale as death, gripping her steering wheel like it would save her from a tornado.

I gently knocked on the window, and she yelped, jumping. Her face was smeared with what looked like lipstick, and in the passengers seat laid an open stick of the junk. SO thats why she wasnt paying attention to the road.

She looked at me, horrified at what I might do to her, and slowly rolled down her window.

Step out of your car, please.

If theres one thing I have learned from accidents, you never let a driver stay in their car if they just hit your $80,000 one.

She slowly stepped out of her car, revealing herself to me. She was shaking violently, and I felt a nearly parental urge to hug her and say its ok, she was so disturbed.

Hey, calm down, well take care of it, ok?

She looked up at me, then at the car, then at me again, and, surprising the hell out of me, started to beg.

Please sir, I am so sorry, please dont sue me!! Ill do anything, I dont have the money to afford this, I am so sorry, please! she whimpered.

Now, if I had been so inclined, I could have gotten her for half the worth of that car. But what she said struck me

I pulled out my cell phone and started to dial.

NO! Sir please, dont call the cops, Ill do whatever you want, but please dont get me arrested!!! This girl couldnt be older than 20, with long blond hair and baby blue eyes, like the ones you see in the movies. She was about half a foot shorter than me, and was dressed in a tie-die rainbow t-shirt and cutoff jeans. She wore sneakers, and ankle socks. I could just make out the elastic opening of the socks when I glanced down at her shoes. She was attractively slim, with a chest that caught eyes, but was proportional.

Calm down, girl! Im not calling the cops. Look at my car, it needs a tow. I said to her, as I held the phone up to my ear. Hold on a sec.

I spoke with Jason, the tow truck driver whom I had been friends with for years. He said, Aww, what happened now? Did a squirrel hit ya? (knowing how fragile fiberglass is, that might actually cause some damage.)

Fuh-nee. I got rear-ended. Care to come down and pick up my car, drag it to your shop? I told him where I was.

Yeah, Ill be there in ten.

I pressed the end key on the phone, and looked back down at the girls car. It was drivable, but not too easy on the eyes anymore.

I went to the passenger side of my Viper, and dug around in the glovebox. Pulling out a pen and a small pad of paper, I walked back over to the girl, whom I was beginning to like on account of her looks.

Okay, darlin, I want you to give me all your information. Name, address, home and cell phone numbers, date of birth, and insurance info. Okay?

She whimpered and nodded. Walking back to her car to rest the pad of paper on her hood, she began to write. Meanwhile, I started to formulate a plot.

After a couple of minutes, the girl brought back the paper pad.

Michelle Watkins, 426 Willow Grove Avenue, blah blah blahphone numbersborn on January 21st, 1983. So she was 20. How about that. Everything else was just insurance crap.

I said, You do understand that your insurance will probably quadruple itself, right? She started to cry. II knowI cant afford that*sniffle*Im so sorry Her tears fell to the pavement and evaporated on the hot tarmac.

The tow truck pulled up, and after 15 minutes, he drove off with my precious Viper, laying on his flatbed. Theyd have it fixed and ready to roll in less than a week.

Michelle was still crying, albeit softer than before. Ok, Michelle, calm down I patted her back. I wont get the insurance company into this, ok? I folded the piece of paper she wrote on and slid it into my back pocket.

She looked up at me, wiping away her tears, and said, Youyou wont?

No, I wont but I will ask you or a few things. Here is my address. I handed her a business card with my information on it. Be at my house at seven oclock sharp tonight, and we can work things out. Alright?

She finally stopped crying, looked up at me and said, Umok

I told her to get into her car, go home, and rest. She nodded and slowly stepped back into her Volvo, and drove away. I walked home, since it wasnt that far. On the way, I came up with many interesting ideas I would like to try.

* * *

Michelle showed up at my house earlier than expected, at about 6:50. I heard her car pull up, and looked out the window. It took her a few moments to spot my house, and when she did, she got out of her car and walked slowly up to my front door. She was wearing the same thing she had on earlier.

I let her ring the doorbell twice before I answered. Well, hello there. Glad to see you came by. Early, too.

I thought she blushed a little, probably out of embarrassment. Come in, have a seat. I motioned to the couch in the living room.

She sat down, and immediately asked me how we were going to settle this without bringing our insurance companies into it. She went on a rant about how little money she had, that she could pay it off if given enough time (she said something like 10 years or so), but that she really would never be able to afford a skyrocketing insurance policy. I listened to her go on and on for a few minutes before cutting her off.

Michelle, listen, I have a proposition for you. I suggest you listen to everything I have to say before you answer, this is very important. She nodded and said, Im listening.

I looked her dead in the eyes. (she had beautiful eyes) I have all your information. I know where you live, I know your phone numbers, and I know your insurance company. I have many friends in your particular company. Her eyes widened. ButI will consider not even mentioning this whole incident to them, if you agree to the following terms. First of all, are you ticklish?

She turned a shade of pale I hadnt though humanly possible without passing out. Y-y-yesI am

Obviously. Where?

Umm She was shaking as violently as she had been earlier that day. Everywhereum

Good, I said. Now listen up. We will agree on a certain amount of money that you will put to damages, and I will pick up the rest. Until that amount is paid off by you, if I call upon you to come to my house and be tickled, you will do so without hesitation. If you do not comply, I will call your insurance company and ruin you. Understood?

Michelle was stuck. I could tell she hated to be tickled, but she had to chooseand to her, it was apparently a small price to pay to keep her life in order.

Do we have a deal? I asked her.

yyes.its a deal. She said, her voice cracking.

I was prepared. I took out a sheet of paper that had everything I just said on it, and my signature. There was a place for her signature, also. She signed it, and I folded it again and put it back into my pocket. Lets get started shall we? If you agree to pay half of the damages, spread out over as long as you need them to be, we will call it even. Got it?

But that will take 5 years at least!!! she wailed.

You should have been paying attention to where you were going.

She gulped, and nodded. okay she said.

Now, lay down, with your arms over your head. I instructed. This surprised her; she hadnt expected me to begin so soon. I had to tell her again before she realized that I was serious. She laid down on the couch, and I went into a drawer of the end table.

Pulling out four scarves, I tied her wrists and ankles together, then tightly to the arms of the couch on both ends. She was shaking again.

Did you read any of the fine print at the bottom of that paper you signed?

She looked at me with a look of fear. N-No, I didnt.

It also states that I may remove any of your clothing for any reason at any time, and that I may tickle you wherever I want, however I want, with whatever I want, and for how ever long that I want. Also it says that any move you make to escape or draw attention to yourself while you are being tickled will constitute disagreement. Is that understood?

She started to cry again.

Dont worry Michelle, I wont hurt you, that I promise. After a few minutes she had calmed down, and I slowly started to drag my fingertips up and down her sides, through her tie die tee shirt. She squealed softly, still a little choked up from her crying, and wiggles a little bit on the couch.

Tell me where you are the most ticklish, Michelle, so I can avoid that spot.

She was a dumb blond. Hee hee, my, my feet and she kept giggling. I slowly let my hands wander up her shirt and stroked her bare sides.

Good, because I lied. I grabbed her ribcage and she screamed, then collapsed into a fit of hysterical laughter, her breasts bouncing slightly as she gasped for air. I spidered my fingers up and down her ribcage sadistically, making her arch up off of the couch, then flop back down when she couldnt hold that anymore.

I straddled her hips and tickled harder, forcing gales of laughter from her beautiful face. She had a sweet laugh, not one of those harsh or hee haw laughs. She sounded like a schoolgirl. And damn she was hot.

I tickled her ribs for a few minutes, and her tears began to fow again, but this time from the tickling. I stopped, giving her a moment to breathe.

*giggle*you said you wouldnt tickle mymost sensitive*gasp* spot.

I said, I lied. But that is for later. I said. I took hold of her t-shirt and pulled it up over her head, revealing that she was not wearing a bra. Her cheeks turned bright pink, and I had to laugh.

Dont laugh at me! This is embarrassing

Not nearly embarrassing as its going to get. Before she could react, I attacked her underarms, stroking and wiggling my fingers in her armpits wildly, causing her to scream again and again, and laugh and giggle like the cute girl she was.

Poor, poor Michelle. I almost felt bad for her, having been tied to the couch and her top removed. Adding salt to the wound, she was being tickled, mercilessly. I stroked her bare underarms quickly, scribbling my fingertips over her smooth flesh.

Is Michelle a ticklish little girl? I taunted. She hadnt the ability to respond, instead she wriggled like mad underneath me and laughed her pretty little head off.

I slowed down the stroking, so shed be able to speak, but not enough to give her much of a break.

I asked you a question, answer me now or lose your shorts and panties! I threatened.

Her eyes grew wide as dinner plates, even though she couldnt stop giggling. Y-y-yes I aaahahahahahaaaam, Im veeheheheheeeery ticklish! she squealed. I was only lightly stroking her pits, but she was so sensitive there that it was enough to keep her giggling quite a bit.

And does Michelle like to be tickled? I asked, already knowing what she would respond with.

NO! Hee hee, I mean, no, I dooohohohont like to be tiiiIIIIIAAAHAHAHAHAHAAA!! she screamed, as I muttered, Wrong answer! and dug into her pits again. She bucked violently, nearly pitching me off of her and the couch all together. I held on as I assaulted her underarms and started to tickle down her sides again.

* * *

After about twenty minutes her laughs we becoming harsh, so I decided to give her a break. I climbed off of her and walked slowly to the kitchen, listening to her giggles as she tried to compose her half-naked self again. I gathered a glass and a straw, and filled the glass with water. I brought it back into her and allowed her to drain half of the glass before taking it away. If she drank too much, shes ruin my couch before I was done with her.

Please mister, I dont think I can she hesitated, obviously feeling the reality of her predicament sink intakefive more yearsof thisplease mister, Ill do anything for you, just have mercy on me? I was almost convinced, but she wiggled in her bonds a little, and that destroyed any chance she may have had, as her breasts jiggled gently with her movement and her tummy flattened slightly.

No my dear, you will be my personal tickle slave until I getsixty percent of the payment for the damages.

But you said half!!! she protested.

I changed my mind. Now, you will agree. I gave her no chance to respond, instead I pinched her hips and squeezed my thumbs into her flesh. Her mouth shot open in a screaming laugh louder than earlier. I wiggled my thumbs wildly against her soft skin and she arched her back then slammed herself back down, trying in vain to get away, all the while screaming with insane laughter.

Sixty percent, tickle slave! I reminded her as I tortured her hips. She wiggled wildly and laughed like a madwoman. I just tickled harder.

After a few minutes I let her answer, and I heard just what I wanted to hear. Ohohokaysixty fucking percent! she yelled at me.

Oh, now you listen to me you little bitch, you will watch your tongue when you speak to me, or I will shut your mouth myself! I commanded her.

She obviously looked a little scared, but her ego was a little too big. She said, in a slightly less commanding tone, Fucking do it then.

Foolish girl, I said, simply. Ill have you know that my biggest fantasy is to have a pretty girl like you tied down and gagged, so I can tickle her at my will.

You damned pervert! she screamed, not having wanted to hear that.

Damn straight, I said, reaching into a drawer and pulling out a roll of duct tape. I unrolled a 6 inch strip, tore it off, and much to her protest, taped her mouth shut. I used three or four more strips to make sure it wasnt going to go anywhere, then to be really mean, I got a hand towel, folded it a few times, placed it under her hair on the back of her neck, and tightly taped it there, wrapping the ducts tape around her head three times, securing her tape gag in place. I took extra care to make sure none of her hair touched the adhesive of the tape.

She muttered something muffled under the tape, then tried to scream. Her gag was so well done that if I were two rooms away I couldnt have heard her. Her nostrils flared with each breath.

Ill be bluntare your tits ticklish?

Again, her eyes grew. She shook her head violently.

No? You better not be lying, bitch.

I started by tickling her sides again, right next to her tits, with very light, gentle strokes. She giggled slightly through the gag.

Are you lying to me? I gave her one more chance.

She nodded, and the game was on. I slowly let my stroking fingertips wander up her beautiful mounds of flesh, and as I stroked the edged of them, she giggled slightly louder.

Mmmphhhhmhmhmmhmhmmmm! she giggled. Her tits were jiggling quite a bit as she shook with the giggles.

I think my slave lied to me. Now shes going to get an hour of tit tickles. I said, looking her dead in the eyes, and watching the fear shoot through them. I quickened my tickling motions, letting my fingertips glide over her ticklish boobs. She squealed and giggled under the gag. I couldnt tickle her too heavily with the gag, shed suffocate, so I just lightly scrabbled my fingertips on her sexy tits.

Someones got an hour of teasing coming up, hasnt she? I teased. She moaned in despair under the tape. I tickled her jiggly breasts all over for half an hour, during which time her skin became covered with a fine sheen of sweat. Her blond hair was starting to matt to her face, and I pushed it out of her eyes. I paused the tickling.

Hmm, its only been thirty minutesand I still havent gotten to those nipples of yours yet. I looked down at them, and surprisingly, so did she. They were standing straight up. Michelles head fell back to the pillow, an Oh, no look on her sweet face as I started to lightly scratch her erect nipples with my short fingernails

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